Detect whether the current terminal supports rendering hyperlinks

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Detects whether the current terminal supports hyperlinks in terminal emulators.

It tries to detect and support all known terminals and terminal families that support this. If a declaration is wrong, missing, or could be improved, please send a PR!


The API is super simple!

use supports_hyperlinks::Stream;

if supports_hyperlinks::on(Stream::Stdout) {
    println!("This terminal supports hyperlinks on stdout");
} else {
    println!("No hyperlinks, please");

And that's it!

  • Support env var to force hyperlinks on (or off)

    Support env var to force hyperlinks on (or off)

    There should be a way for me, as a user, to explicitly request hyperlinks (or turn them off). Declaring an env var for this is the obvious choice.

    Requesting would be for if my terminal supports it but the code hasn’t been updated for it, or if the env var normally used to detect it has been modified (e.g. if I use Kitty and ssh to another machine, I have to reset my TERM as xterm-kitty is not in standard terminfo databases, but doing so means my terminal can’t be detected as Kitty anymore).

    Turning it off is for false positives (e.g. my terminal doesn’t support it but has inherited an env var that is used to detect support).

    opened by lilyball 0
  • A negative match on one test should not stop the rest

    A negative match on one test should not stop the rest

    Right now, if one of the env vars tested exists but doesn’t pass the requisite test, it doesn’t check the rest. This can cause false negatives.

    For example, if I launch kitty from TERM_PROGRAM is set to Apple_Terminal (Kitty doesn’t set this var), but TERM is set to xterm-kitty. This crate will return false though as it checks TERM_PROGRAM first and doesn’t even look at TERM if it’s set.

    More generally, the issue is this crate tests vars that are not guaranteed to be set by the terminal emulator, and therefore might have been inherited. This can cause false positives too, such as if a supporting terminal launches one that doesn’t support it but doesn’t set TERM_PROGRAM, but that’s less of an issue as hyperlinks degrade gracefully.

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