Egui node graph is a featureful, customizable library to create node graph applications using egui

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Egui Node Graph

There you have it! Now go build your next awesome node graph thing in Rust ๐Ÿฆ€

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Egui node graph is a featureful, customizable library to create node graph applications using egui. The library takes care of presenting a node graph to your users, and allows customizing many aspects of the interaction, creating the semantics you want for your specific application.

Features and goals

This crate is meant to be a solid base for anyone wanting to expose a node graph interface to their users. Its main design goal is to be completely agnostic to the semantics of the graph, be it game logic, audio production, dialog trees, shader generators... we have you covered!

The purpose of this library is to draw your graphs and handle the common user interaction, like adding new nodes, moving nodes or creating connections. All the additional functionality is provided by the user by means of custom user types implementing several traits.


To see a node graph in action, simply clone this repository and launch the example using cargo run. This should open a window with an empty canvas. Right clicking anywhere on the screen will bring up the node finder menu.

The application code in the example is thoroughly commented and serves as a good introduction to embedding this library in your egui project.

A note on API visibility

Contrary to the general tendency in the Rust ecosytem, this library exposes all types and fields that may be remotely relevant to a user as public. This is done with the intent to be as flexible as possible, so no implementation details are hidden from users who wish to tinker with the internals. Note that this crate forbids use of unsafe so there is no risk of introducing UB by breaking any of its invariants.

That being said, for the most typical use cases, you will want to stick to the customization options this crate provides for you: The generic types in the GraphEditorState object and their associated traits are the main API, all of the other types and fields in this crate should be considered an implementation detail. The example project contains a detailed explanation of all the customization options and how are users supposed to interact with this crate.

Finally, this does not change the fact that this crate follows semantic versioning, as is usual in the Rust ecosystem. Any change to a public field is still considered breaking.

Use cases

Egui node graph is the library powering the graph user interface of Blackjack, a 3d procedural modelling software built in Rust using egui, rend3 and wgpu. Main interface of blackjack Are you using this crate for something cool? Add yourself to this section by sending a PR!


Contributions are welcome! Before writing a PR, please get in touch by filing an issue ๐Ÿ˜„

  • Will blackjack use egui_node_graph ?

    Will blackjack use egui_node_graph ?

    The reason I am asking : After playing and extending a bit the provided egui_node_graph_example I started to dive into the next stage: Adapting a minimal version of the blackjack PolyAsm based graph compiler, so I can do node traversal and finally get some executable instructions. Unfortunately this is a bit outside my comfort zone and I ran into an error about wrong lifetimes and at several places I was not comfortable what I was doing to get things to compile and I was also in doubt how to adapt blackjack NodeData to egui_node_graph Node<NodeData>.user_data.

    Anyway, if you plan to make blackjack use egui_node_graph, then I probably could figure out myself how to get my minimal compiler example to work, otherwise a minimal working example of something like a graph compiler would be great.

    opened by rsaccon 7
  • change non recurring DFS

    change non recurring DFS

    I changed the implementation to non-recurring DFS. This will do the following well.

    1. This implementation does not use recursion, so it does not cause a stack overflow even if the number of nodes is large.
    2. #21


    opened by kkngsm 5
  • Color Matters (e.g. support light mode)

    Color Matters (e.g. support light mode)

    Now, if change to light mode : Light mode before modification

    This makes the right-click popup text unreadable. So I made the following modifications to accommodate light mode. Light mode after modification I would like to hear your opinions on the colors.

    This modified branch is kkngsm@fffdaebe8b5807528444056805429d1bb3c594cb

    opened by kkngsm 5
  • Visual Enhancement: Bezier Curves

    Visual Enhancement: Bezier Curves


    first of all, this library is a great starting point for anyone wanting to do nodegraphs. So thanks for releasing it!

    The Editor currently uses straight lines to connect the nodes. But Bezier Curves look so much nicer :)

    Luckily egui is adding support for cubic bezier curves. But since this is sadly only in their git, I am doing this writeup so once it ships, the implementation is straightforward.

    Here I have linked a demo on how bezier curves can be set up to look like they do in other editors. You can move the endpoints to see how it feels. Notably, the control points are half the distance (s in the demo) away from the endpoints, but on the same y coordinate.

    So, what has to be done here in the node graph?

    In egui_node_graph/src/; Instead of:

    painter.line_segment([src_pos, dst_pos], connection_stroke);

    Something like:

    let s = 0.5 * src_pos.distance(dst_pos);
    let control_pos1 = pos2(src_pos.x + s, src_pos.y);
    let control_pos2 = pos2(src_pos.x - s, src_pos.y);
    painter.add(Shape::CubicBezier(CubicBezierShape {
        fill: Color32::TRANSPARENT,
        closed: false,
        stroke: connection_stroke,
    opened by DrRuhe 5
  • Buttons drawn on (after) the graph doesn't working.

    Buttons drawn on (after) the graph doesn't working.

    If change it as follows, the switch doesn't work.

    fn update(&mut self, ctx: &egui::Context, _frame: &mut eframe::Frame) {
        let graph_response = egui::CentralPanel::default()
            .show(ctx, |ui| {
                    .draw_graph_editor(ui, AllMyNodeTemplates, &mut self.user_state)
        egui::TopBottomPanel::top("top").show(ctx, |ui| {
            egui::menu::bar(ui, |ui| {
    opened by kkngsm 4
  • return disconnect responses before removal response

    return disconnect responses before removal response

    Currently egui_node_graph returns the node removal response before disconnection responses during node deletion. User code is likely to want to clean up connections before running any logic that handles node removal directly. This PR re-orders the responses so that disconnect responses are emitted before the removal response. This PR should be considered as introducing a breaking change, and one that isn't protected by types. As such it could lead to bugs in user code that depended on the old order. Still I think this is a more logical ordering so I am submitting this PR for consideration. Thank you.

    opened by bpostlethwaite 4
  • Fix #26 - use lambdas/a struct instead of macros

    Fix #26 - use lambdas/a struct instead of macros

    As discussed in #26 - using lambdas / structures instead of macros. I think this is much easier for someone to reason about at a glance, especially as it doesn't introduce any new syntax or semantics. The first block was trivial, but the second block required me to introduce a temporary struct Evaluator to hold all of the relevant state.

    I think the first block is uncontentious, but the second one might be a bit harder of a sell due to the increase in LoC. I think it's worth it, but you might not ๐Ÿ˜…

    opened by philpax 4
  • Hide close button of node widget

    Hide close button of node widget

    I'm working on my render graph editor. There are two special nodes called Input and Output. They should exist for all my node graphs, can not be created by the user, nor can be deleted.

    I want to hide the close button for my Input/Output node. Currently I found no existing way to do this.

    There can be a method fn can_delete(&self) -> bool for NodeDataTrait, so the nodes can decide whether it is deletable.

    I implemented it on my fork. I can make a pr if you like.

    opened by huisedenanhai 3
  • Change from DFS to BFS

    Change from DFS to BFS

    I changed the implementation from DFS to BFS. This will do the following well.

    1. This implementation does not use recursion, so it does not cause a stack overflow even if the number of nodes is large.
    2. Infinite loop countermeasure #21
    3. Easy to follow the process for those seeing the implementation for the first time(It might depend on the person.).
    opened by kkngsm 3
  • Make node finder search bar case insensitive

    Make node finder search bar case insensitive

    Just a simple quality of life feature to make the node finder search bar case insensitive by default. I'm fairly new to rust and open-source in general but excited to follow the development of blackjack and maybe contribute in the future. Really cool idea.

    opened by matthijsjanssens 3
  • Fix some small stuff

    Fix some small stuff

    Fixes panning outside of the editor area, and being able to open a new finder by clicking inside the finder window. Also makes it so the finder area is always on top. It seemed to disappear when clicking twice in a editor area for some reason.

    Tested in my program and seems to work.

    opened by fkaa 3
  • Hierarchical design and many-to-many connections

    Hierarchical design and many-to-many connections

    Happy new year!

    I've finally managed to finish the redesign that I proposed in this thread, and now here's the PR for it!

    To accomplish the goals that I set out to achieve, I had to do almost a total rewrite of the library although I tried to keep it as spiritually close to the original as I could. Given how extreme this rewrite is, I won't be offended at all if you decide to reject this PR. Either way it was an extremely valuable exercise for me.

    To help you decide whether you actually want these changes, here's a list of pros and cons:


    • The UI is much more flexible
      • Developers can inject their own custom nodes and ports
      • Colors for the general look and feel can be customized
    • It is easy to set connection limits for both input and output ports, or make their connections limitless
      • This means developers can set their input nodes to accept 1, N, or unlimited inputs
    • It is easy for application users to see what the limits are and to choose which connections to disconnect
    • Migration to this new API isn't too terrible (imho), the example application can be used as a reference
    • I personally think the API is overall simpler to use, but obviously I'm biased when I say that


    • Massively changes the API
    • Ports are now inside of the node body instead of at the edge (see screenshot)
      • I do not prefer this change, but I couldn't figure out a way to make the node > port > hook hierarchy work without egui automatically wrapping the ports and hooks into the body of the node Screenshot from 2023-01-02 02-39-01

    After really getting into the weeds on this effort, I have a few conceptual concerns about using egui to produce node graphs.

    • As you've mentioned elsewhere, zooming is very challenging and not something that egui presently supports out of the box
    • Getting a desirable level of flexibility/extensibility involves some very convoluted trait relationships
    • egui is a very useful and powerful tool for developing conventional UIs, but I feel like we're rapidly approaching the limit of what it can support nicely. I'd like to incorporate more complex 2D rendering into my node graphs, but I have some doubts that egui is cut out for that.
    • I'm concerned about how well the immediate mode rendering will actually be able to scale if I want to use it for very large complex projects

    For all of the above reasons I'm thinking about exploring the possibility of developing a node graph editor on top of kayak_ui which is made for the bevy engine. I feel optimistic that with the benefits of an ECS and a retained mode rendering pipeline there will be a lot more opportunity to produce large scale, complex, aesthetically pleasing node graphs.

    opened by mxgrey 2
  • Incorrect draw order

    Incorrect draw order

    I have two, possibly related, issues with UI ordering

    1. Cables are above nodes

    Cables should render behind nodes. As you can see, if they are in front, it can look pretty janky. Screenshot 2022-11-12 at 1 41 47 PM

    2. Attempting to select a node selects most back node when layered

    If I click on the title "ObjRender", it brings the "Expression" node to the front. I expect the UI to reflect what I can interact with. "Expression" should only be selected if I click where I can see it, on the left. Screenshot 2022-11-12 at 1 50 47 PM

    opened by edeetee 1
  • Right click output - create node and connect

    Right click output - create node and connect

    If you right click a node output, it should show the add node ui, then automatically connect the added node to the clicked output if compatible.

    I'm happy to pick up this work.

    opened by edeetee 1
  • The example doesn't work with version 0.3.0

    The example doesn't work with version 0.3.0

    The example doesn't work with version 0.3.0. Are you gonna release a new version? or maybe add some more documentation to make it easier to get started?

    opened by TheKnarf 3
  • Cannot use more than one node_graph in an egui app

    Cannot use more than one node_graph in an egui app

    NodeIds use slotmaps to hold references. Slotmaps return the same sequence of IDs for a given KeyType.

    For example this runs with no panics

    use slotmap::SlotMap;
    fn main() {
        let mut sm1 = SlotMap::new();
        let mut sm2 = SlotMap::new();
        let sm1_key1 = sm1.insert("foo");
        let sm2_key1 = sm2.insert("bar");
        assert_eq!(sm1_key1, sm2_key1);

    Egui Node Graph statically assigns the same KeyType to the node_graph slotmap and therefore multiple node_graphs in the same process will return the same keys. Since these keys go into the same "global" egui widget key-space egui complains about identical keys.

    opened by bpostlethwaite 1
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