egui port to Car Thing (and maybe an alternative Car Thing UI?)

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This project contains a port of egui to the Spotify Car Thing although in the future I also plan for it to contain a custom Car Thing UI.

Technical information

  • Display/Touchscreen:
    • It's actually a portrait touchscreen
      • Seems like no way to rotate in hardware:
        • /sys/class/graphics/fb0/rotate doesn't seem to work
        • /sys/class/graphics/fb0/osd_reverse only flips/mirrors it (so it doesn't help either)
    • echo 1 > /sys/class/graphics/fb0/osd_clear can be used to clear the display
  • A branch of winit with KMS/DRM is used:
    • The KMS/DRM portion of the branch is not actually being used because the Car Thing doesn't support KMS/DRM.
      • The Car Thing supports FBDev instead (but I don't actually use that either, I use EGL directly)
    • Instead, it is being used because it supports libinput.
    • Other changes:
      • needed to config a custom calibration matrix in libinput to rotate the touchscreen
      • libinput Touch::Frame event is ignored (in the original implementation it was mapped to TouchEnd which doesn't make sense, that's not what it means)
      • xkb_compose is disabled, it caused runtime errors and we don't need it on the Car Thing anyways cause it doesn't have a keyboard
  • I have forked egui:
    • egui_glow rendering backend is used
      • OpenGL shader had to be modified to rotate everything (cause the touchscreen is rotated)
      • Calls to glViewport and glScissor has to be modified to be rotated as well
      • Custom rendering is still broken, I'm not sure how to fix that as I don't think there is a way to tell OpenGL to rotate everything rendered by custom renderers.
        • Maybe have custom renderers render to an intermediate buffer and then rotate that when copying it to the output framebuffer?
  • I have forked glutin:
    • A modification of the Android backend is used because it is similar to the graphical config of the Car Thing
    • KMS/DRM support is NOT used because again, the Car Thing is more similar to Android in that respect
  • builds and deploys the program using my Car Thing buildroot
    • You will probably have to modify it so it uses the correct paths and adb
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