This project attempts to allow the creation of reusable egui-themes

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Note this project is considered to be experimental and -- while used in personal projects -- may have API breaking changes without warning until 0.1.0 where this repo will start following normal Cargo's Semantic Versioning for API changes.

This project is to help create reusable themes that can be serialized into and from egui. This way it should be much easier to track, design and skin egui natively inside of egui.

This library also strives to be embeddable into any existing application and was built with the intent of embedding itself as an editor script in Godot Engine leveraging godot-egui

While egui already has the ability to natively make changes to the settings directly by using Context::settings_ui() this is not necessarily optimal for theme creation. This tool seeks to optimize this process.

This library is available as a native application which can be built using cargo build or cargo build --release and run natively or embedded in a game engine, such as the sample available with godot-egui

Embedding in other applications

This library is built with egui and can be run as a widget in any egui application. To do so, include this application as a dependency in your Cargo.toml file and use the StylerState and EguiTheme types directly directly.

Road Map

  • Improve UX for the theme and font editor
  • Stablize the API for version 0.2.0
  • Enhance the Theme Previewer to move away from the using the Demo widget gallery and be more comprehensive
  • Theme inspector
  • Small set of selected default themes


Contributions to should be made in the form of GitHub pull requests. I will be happy to review and include any additional changes that make sense for the project.

Please make sure to run cargo fmt and cargo clippy before submitting your pull requests. To keep the main repository as clean as possible, please also ensure that the repository has any warnings from the compiler fixed. Also, as egui does not require any use of unsafe at this moment, unsafe is considered to be forbidden

All contributions freely made to this projects are licensed as per the terms of the MIT License.

  • Investigate using snap to decrease stored theme sizes.

    Investigate using snap to decrease stored theme sizes.

    Snap may be a good format for the Egui-Theme to allow it to be compressible.

    This should be a feature flag as it may not be necessary in all applications.

    In addition to the necessary feature flags, the EguiTheme should store an extra field mentioning the version it was created with and whether or not it is compressed.

    If the compression is not enabled for a compressed EguiTheme emit an error letting the parser know that it cannot decompress it without the feature flag, otherwise if compression is enabled it can optionally decompress if it is indicated to be compressed.


    • [ ] Test to see space savings, no point in implementing it if there's no savings.
    • [ ] Determine if the runtime data can be stored as compressed memory.
    • [ ] Implement snap as feature flag
    • [ ] Implement additional meta-data to the Ron file.
    • [ ] Add all the compression information as an inner type.
    opened by jacobsky 3
  • egui version is outdated

    egui version is outdated

    egui has changed a few things around in 0.16 and will change a few more things like font families in 0.17 . this library doesn't work with egui 0.16 or the present master (0.17 in future) branch.

    any chance that this will get updated to work with those versions?

    I really like the style editor btw. feels so clean when editing a style.

    opened by coderedart 2
  • Clean up dependencies

    Clean up dependencies

    While it is currently fine one thing that is bothering me is that anyone embedding egui-stylist into an application will get stuck with all the other dependences like eframe/epi and rfd when building the library. Since this is essentially useless for anyone, I need to find someway to strip out those dependencies where possible.

    Option 1 - Feature flags. I can create a feature called "native" or something like that which will be used to select conditionally compiled dependencies.

    Option 2 - Strip the binary out of the egui-stylist crate entirely and put all that stuff into a "egui-stylist-native" crate where the dependencies are added. The dependencies would be "egui-stylist-native" depends on "egui-stylist" depends on "egui-theme" and then anyone using egui-stylist will only have egui as a dependency.

    I'll give option 1 a try first since it would be the smallest code change. Option 2 will happen if I can't get it to work at all.

    opened by jacobsky 2
  • Theme output in wasm32

    Theme output in wasm32

    Currently wasm32 doesn't have support for saving due to rfd not supporting saving of files.

    Instead wasm32 should allow for downloading. I need to figure out how to make this work.

    duplicate enhancement 
    opened by jacobsky 2
  • panic during build from another library panic during build from another library

    Compiling egui-theme v0.2.0 Compiling egui-theme v0.2.0 error: failed to run custom build command for egui-theme v0.2.0 (

    Caused by: process didn't exit successfully: target\debug\build\egui-theme-5d36fe45501b0c36\build-script-build (exit code: 101) --- stderr thread 'main' panicked at 'cargo egui-stylist-e6bf6e53cf74bd30\fd07db1\egui-theme/../Cargo.lock should exist before the build kicks off: Io(NotFound)', C:\Users\Kyle.cargo\git\checkouts\egui-stylist-e6bf6e53cf74bd30\fd07db1\egui-theme\ note: run with RUST_BACKTRACE=1 environment variable to display a backtrace warning: build failed, waiting for other jobs to finish...

    opened by jacobsky 1
  • Add a version tag to theme

    Add a version tag to theme

    This may break existing themes, but we can probably keep it optional. There should be a few optional tags that should be added to the themes. Themes should indicate which version of the theme they were created as, and it should be possible to convert older themes into newer theme formats.

    I will need to do some research to determine how best to work on this.

    • [x] Research how this is generally done in specifications.
    • [x] Determine how to best support compatibility between versions in rust
    • [x] Add the necessary parameters to the EguiTheme struct.
    opened by jacobsky 1
  • Preview enhancements

    Preview enhancements

    The preview is currently just using most of the widget demo.

    It needs some additional widgets, windows and other demo stuff so that you can get a better handle on just how the theme configuration is working.

    In addition, it would be nice if you could watch the demo change as you tweak the settings.

    opened by jacobsky 1
  • Set up crate publishing CI task

    Set up crate publishing CI task

    See title. I don't want to do anymore crate publishing by hand. Using a CI runner will be the best way to ensure that I don't make any silly mistakes, like trying to publish the binary.

    opened by jacobsky 0
  • Support WASM32

    Support WASM32

    Currently WASM32 is not supported due to no good way to save data. This will not be fixed before 0.1.0 as the native gui and the embeddable GUI are

    • [ ] Support wasm32 build
    • [ ] Support EguiTheme export in wasm32
    • [ ] Support EguiTheme importing in wasm32
    enhancement wontfix 
    opened by jacobsky 1
  • 0.2.0(Jun 4, 2022)

    The focus on this release is supporting egui 0.18 as well as reworking the EguiTheme format. This results in breaking changes that will require any exported fonts to be completely recreated. This should be the last time that this is required.

    In addition egui-stylist has made the necessary changes to support the new text_styles formats and text option changes.

    Supported version of egui is 0.18

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 0.1.1(Oct 30, 2021)

    This release is intended to bump the version of godot-egui to v0.15.0

    While there should be no API breaking changes, there is a change egui-themes created for egui 0.14.2, will have references to the old font that changed, they will need to be migrated using the new migrations module.

    A migrations tool in egui-stylist will be released at a later date.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 0.1.0(Sep 24, 2021)

    This release marks that the initial experimentation phase of this crate is now completed and that this crate will strive to follow Cargo SemVer Compatibility to the best of it's ability.

    Change Log:

    • Side by Side preview to enable actively viewing the theme changes.
    • Stablized Egui Theme API with future migration support in mind.
    • Various bug fixes.
    • Better UX for the theme editor.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
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