Generates a theme for Egui based on M3 color palettes.


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M3-EGUI (material-egui) is a library that takes an input color and generates a color palette using M3 colors. It then applies those colors to the Egui components.


cargo install material-egui

Adding to projects


material-egui = "*"

This can be done anywhere that CTX is available. The same can be done with Ui but this is not recommended

// input color, is_dark_theme, zoom scale
MaterialColors::new(String::from("F0F"), true, 1.5).apply(&ctx);

// if you'd like the ability to scale windows AND a better default scale, use this
MaterialColors::new(String::from("F0F"), true, 1.5).apply(&ctx, &mut self.zoom);


What features does this have currently?

  • material color design
  • dark and light theme support
  • hot reloading
  • Egui default components
  • wallpaper color picking
  • M3 animations
  • M3 styled components

Will this work on my project?

Yes it will, as long as you have the following minimum versions

egui = "0.26.2"
eframe = "0.26.2"

Why does (insert element here) look weird / unreadable text?

I have not tested every element combination and there is probably a few edge cases, make sure to create an issue for them to be resolved

How do I create use the error style?

You will need a scope and the error style changer, this is a temporary solution until I find a better one

// this scope applies error colors to all elements inside
    ui.scope(|ui| {
        MaterialColors::new(String::from("F0F"), true, 1.5).error_apply(ui);
        ui.button("Error button!")
// alternatively, if you already have your colors defined
    ui.scope(|ui| {
        ui.button("Error button!")


Special thanks to the Egui team, and the people who made material-colors who made this project possible.

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