A save editor for Mass Effect Trilogy


Trilogy Save Editor

A save editor for Mass Effect Trilogy


A bit late but just in time !

This software is similar to Gibbed's save editors (and forks) but adds a lot of stuff.

  • Mass Effect 1 (yay!) with about a hundred plots.
  • A lot of new plots for ME2/3 (including N7 and DLC Weapons)
  • Multiple bonus powers support for ME2/3
  • Some fixes (ME2 Squad appearance)
  • Mass Effect Legendary support
  • Free (as freedom) and open-source software with CeCILL license

The goal was to have an editor for all 3 games before the Legendary Edition was released. That's done.


I spent days digging into their code to figure out how to parse Unreal files (for ME1) and saves from ME2/3. Without them I could not have done anything.

  • Linux Support

    Linux Support

    How feasible is supporting Linux in this?

    Since ME:LE (and other ME games) runs over Proton (currently with a lot of patches required) and some people may prefer Linux over Windows for their gaming, a save editor might be wanted for them (and me) as well.

    opened by lyssieth 17
  • ME1 Autosave won't load (Linux)

    ME1 Autosave won't load (Linux)

    Unexpected end of file, some data in your save are unexpected or your save is corrupted ? Save again and retry. If this error persists, please report bug with save attached


    opened by ensiform 9
  • Save as ME2 functionality

    Save as ME2 functionality

    Apparently there is a way to import an LE2 save into ME3 (OT). I do not know the flags that need to be flipped but I know some people already do this. Would you consider adding "Save as ME2" functionality for LE2 saves for people who want to play the game in LE1 -> LE2 -> ME3(OT) order? I'm guessing the hard work of noting the flag differences between the saves has already been done. With no multiplayer assets in LE we may never see a full Miranda mod or a full EGM additional squadmate implementation for LE3. Thanks for your consideration.

    opened by davidwlhf 7
  • Maxed Out Renegade Bar Through Editor; Intimidate Points Bar Won't Increase Anymore

    Maxed Out Renegade Bar Through Editor; Intimidate Points Bar Won't Increase Anymore

    Title says it all. Increased the Renegade score to 400, and now the Intimidate bar won't increase any further. I've changed the value to be much higher, lower then higher again, etc. Nothing is working. How do I fix this?

    opened by Pasdeseul 6
  • Black screen on start

    Black screen on start

    Hello, I don't know why but I've a black screen with a error message when I start the editor. I've downloaded the required files Visual C++ and I tried to start with the cmd command but still nothing...

    TSE error

    opened by Skzenku 6
  • Program won't start on virtualized Windows

    Program won't start on virtualized Windows

    When attempting to start this program on Windows 10 running on VMware Fusion, the following terminal window appears for a few fractions of a second after which the program crashes.

    Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 8 15 18 bug 
    opened by Juhannuspukki 6
  • [ME3LE] Marking bonus powers in the save file does nothing

    [ME3LE] Marking bonus powers in the save file does nothing

    As the title says, once your local_profile file in the Saves directory gets corrupted, loading any save from any career with bonus powers marked as unlocked and avaialble doesn't do anything -- the console for purchasing them in the Medbay is empty.

    I guess this is more of a feature request -- there should be a way to edit local_profile as well (old local profile editor for the original ME3 cannot decompress the new file), and set the bonus powers to unlocked.

    opened by levicki 5
  • ME1 Changes - Achievements?

    ME1 Changes - Achievements?


    I'm wondering if the changes we can make to ME1, in particular, can help activate achievements? For example, romancing someone? I forgot to romance someone in ME1, if I edited my save, saved it and reloaded it in the game, would it activate the achievement for me? I just beat the game, so I really don't want to go back just for 1 achievement. lol

    opened by Dorzalty 5
  • Export ME2LE save for importing in old ME3.

    Export ME2LE save for importing in old ME3.

    Could add an option to export an ME2 LE save in the ME 2 format, so that it could be imported in the old ME3.

    As I see it, the only difference between the 2 formats is "me1_import_rewards: Me1ImportRewards," and the save version number. I was able to get an ME2 Le save to import into old ME3 by just skip serializing that Me1ImportRewards stuff and changing the version number.

    Best regards.

    opened by NakedValue 4
  • "accepted spectre reinstatement" flag broken

    Checking this flag doesn't actually do anything. Either this flag was somehow broken when implementing it in the save editor or another flag somewhere was missed that needs to be activated at the same time as the supposedly faulty flag in order for Shepard's spectre status to get upheld and not "reinstated", perhaps a flag somewhere that says that the "Citadel: The Council" mission was complete. Or it could be an integer, who knows.

    I've checked all the flags that say I played ME1 and ME2 and that the save was "imported" from ME2, in addition to the flags that say Anderson was chosen as the councilor, and the council was saved. This issue is not new, I've also encountered it in Gibbed's ME3 save editor (both the original and the various forks), and I've done extensive testing on both the PC and Xbox 360 version of ME3, using different combos of relevant flags on or off, to confirm this issue.

    It's strange because when you actually import a file from ME2 where spectre reinstatement was accepted, Shepard's spectre status is upheld but when you try to simulate having "imported" a ME2 file using the trilogy save editor (in additon to Gibbed's save editors) with the same plot point as above, this flag for some reason is broken

    opened by swordclash117 4
  • 360 save games support?

    360 save games support?

    Here are two samples (courtesy by The Tech Game). Of course I understand if this is too much of a work, though if you could at least get them to convert to pc format.. I always liked the idea of making people ascend, if I can explain.

    opened by mirh 4
  • Steam Deck support via Flatpak

    Steam Deck support via Flatpak

    I've recently gotten a Steam Deck, which playes Mass Effect Legendary Edition perfectly, and was wondering about running Trilogy Save Editor on it.

    I came across this thread https://github.com/KarlitosVII/trilogy-save-editor/issues/7 and was able to build the project without any issues on a regular Arch Linux setup, using these commands:

    pacman -Sy rustup  
    rustup default stable  
    rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown  
    npm update  
    cargo install cargo-make trunk  
    cargo make release  

    So I thought it would be easy enough to copy across or follow the same steps on the Deck, being as it's Arch Linux based too.

    However, the Deck's root filesystem is locked down, so regular system packages can't be installed through the package manager (at least, not out of the box - I assume there's a workaround somewhere). So I can't install the dependencies required to build the project, or the libraries required to run it. Copying the built Linux executable across to the Deck resulted in an error of not having libwebkit2gtk installed, but I wasn't able to install it.

    Perhaps I could get it working by copying libraries from another machine into the directory, or by finding a way around the file system lockdown, but it's all getting a bit manual. Since I was trying to help someone less Linux-savvy with it, I didn't want the steps to be complex or risky.

    The recommended way of installing and running software on the Steam Deck is Flatpaks. I don't know a whole lot about these, but I assume that it'd be possible to set up a Flatpak manifest to build Trilogy Save Editor into a container that includes all the dependencies and libraries.

    I'm probably going to look into this myself next week. But I was wondering if you or anyone else had any insight, or had tried this before at all? If not, I'll give it a go myself, would a pull request be welcome to include Flatpak build files?

    Failing all of that, hopefully this may serve as a guide for anyone else in the future that's trying to get it working on the Steam Deck!

    opened by wjoe 0
  • PS4 SAVE

    PS4 SAVE


    I have not managed to identify with file I can use to make modifications with the SAVEDATA of the PS4.

    Or is it necessary to do something else before just using the software?

    opened by Palitorche 1
  • Feature request: No way to export Headmorph data individually

    Feature request: No way to export Headmorph data individually

    The feature request: Without knowing the backend issues this might run into, I'm missing a way of saving individual Headmorph parameters as spreadsheet data, like xml or json or csv, such as the "LOD" tabs, or "Morph Features".

    Making this possible would potentially allow people to import custom Shepard designs and create NPCs from them with way less steps, and I've already asked the Legendary Explorer team to look for ways to import from TSE's headmorph reading.

    Not counting on this, but it would be sweet.

    opened by linkenski 0
  • [ME3LE] How to edit War Asset descriptions?

    [ME3LE] How to edit War Asset descriptions?

    You can un-authorize Spectre Terminal requests in the Raw Plot section, but this doesn't seem to update the description in the specific War Assets entry. Is there a way to update the descriptions in each War Asset manually? You can already edit the number of points for each Asset in Raw Data > Player > War Assets.

    opened by OrangeBurrito 1
  • Legendary Edition, ME2, Project Firewalker-Prothean Ruins, Investigate Dig Site

    Legendary Edition, ME2, Project Firewalker-Prothean Ruins, Investigate Dig Site

    Legendary Edition, ME2, Project Firewalker-Prothean Ruins, Investigate Dig Site not working. It's checked in the TSE as completed, but still shows up on my "Assignments". I went to the planet, scanned and found the site, but it won't let me land or show it as completed. The rest of the game is also 100% done.

    Also, Tali died in the ending, even though everyone was loyal. Chose the correct team members, Tali (Tech) & Miranda (Lead). Then Miranda (Lead) and Mordin to escort. Not sure why Tali died.

    Please assist.

    Thank you, RLG ME-2 Assignment stuck

    opened by rgiuffre 0
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