Dip editor: Multi-platform Text editor purely written in Rust

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dip editor

Multi-platform Text editor purely written in Rust, supercharged by Bevy game engine and Dioxus UI framework.

  • heavily in development

Why Game Engine?

Bevy is known as a game engine but with its extensible plugin structure and remarkable ECS plugin, it could be used for not only games but anything such as this project.

What is Dioxus?



# Desktop
cargo run -p dip_desktop
  • Only depend on core_foundation for macos

    Only depend on core_foundation for macos

    Fixes issue #19


    bevy_dioxus_desktop would not build on Windows because core_foundation was not limited to the macos target.


    Updated bevy_dioxus_desktop to only use core_foundation as a dependency on macos.

    Further Work Needed

    Ensure bevy_dioxus_desktop still builds on macos.

    opened by ImDanTheDev 2
  • PoC: Version Manager Plugin

    PoC: Version Manager Plugin

    Close #130

    • [x] Bootstrap Plugin
    • [x] Setup BundleConfigPlugin
      • [x] Replace ConfigPlugin macro with struct with type parameter
    • [x] Where to place bundle repository in local file system?
      • specify in bundle config
      • $HOME/Library/Application\ Support/dip/bundle.toml
    • [x] Merge config file value with cli arguments
    • [x] PoC of apply system with common tools just to see how it ends up
      • [x] Tailwind CSS
      • [x] Node.js
    • [x] trait Bundler and trait VersionManager
    • [x] Shim ($PATH)
    • [x] Cleanup
      • [x] resource.rs: may not be possible without putting build handler back
      • [x] tool.rs
      • [x] bundle config.rs
    opened by JunichiSugiura 1
  • Docs: Add Obsidian handbook

    Docs: Add Obsidian handbook

    User story

    As a developer, I want a handbook that describes everything about dip organization. Everyone related to this project even not an engineer should be able to read or edit easily.

    • Single source of truth
      • Inspired by Gitlab Handbook
      • Docs, wikis, meeting minutes, everything should be documented here
      • If you happened to explain the same thing again and again to different people, it means you are missing handbook page
    • Markdown + git
      • No vendor lock-in
      • Flexible technical stack
    • Obsidian compatibility
      • Easy reading/editing experience for both dev and non-dev people
    opened by JunichiSugiura 1
  • Expose config builder as resource

    Expose config builder as resource

    • #115

    requires: https://github.com/mehcode/config-rs/pull/379

    To allow developers to configure custom config sources from systems.

    This PR also replaces config_plugin attribute macro with ConfigPlugin derive macro. All attribute options are still available via ConfigPlugin's builder methods.

                .default_paths(false) // default: true
                .env_prefix("APP")  // default: ""
                .env_separator("___") // default: "__"
                .default_from_str(include_str!("config/default.yaml")) // default: include_str!("config/default.toml")
                .default_file_format(config::FileFormat::Yaml) // default: Toml
    #[derive(ConfigPlugin, Debug, Deserialize)]
    struct Config {
        // ...
    // add custom source to builder
    fn add_config_source(mut builder: ResMut<ConfigBuilder<DefaultState>>) {
        *builder = builder
    fn log_config(config: Res<Config>) {
        println!("{:#?}", *config);
    opened by JunichiSugiura 1
  • Config support

    Config support


    • [x] config_plugin macro
    • [x] default file source included in binary
      • [x] default path: config/default.toml
      • [x] override default config file path and file type by macro attributes
    • [x] override config file with ENV
    • [x] look for user config file and override default config
      • [x] default
        • ./{CARGO_PKG_NAME}
        • $HOME/.{CARGO_PKG_NAME}
        • $HOME/.config/{CARGO_PKG_NAME}/{CARGO_PKG_NAME}
        • $HOME/.config/{CARGO_PKG_NAME}
      • [x] override user config file path
    • [x] override by environmental variable
      • [x] prefix
      • [x] separator
    opened by JunichiSugiura 1
  • The configuration file is $HOME/bundle or ~/Library/Application Support/dip/bundle ?

    The configuration file is $HOME/bundle or ~/Library/Application Support/dip/bundle ?

    os: macOS Big Sur 11.7.2 & Intel core

    cargo install dip (version 0.2.1) It was '~/Library/Application Support/dip/bundle' that worked.

    setting files = 'https://github.com/nuovotaka/TakahiroNatsume/tree/main/bundle' I don't think they installed Homebrew and nodejs. They did post a link.

    スクリーンショット 2022-12-20 10 25 18 スクリーンショット 2022-12-20 10 25 37 スクリーンショット 2022-12-20 10 26 15
    opened by nuovotaka 3
  • v0.2.1(Dec 19, 2022)

  • v0.2.0(Dec 17, 2022)

    v0.2 is a big update. Many things changed including package name itself. This is the first somewhat usable version but many things are still missing for practical usage. I will continue incrementing v0.2.x including breaking changes until we cover enough use cases.


    • UiAction Plugin (rebrand from CoreCommand) #40
    • Introduce CLI Plugin #76
    • Rename packages to dip #94
      • ~v0.1: bevy_dioxus
      • v0.2~: dip
    • async/await support #114
    • Configuration support #115
    • CLI: Bundle subcommand #129
    • Version Manager Plugin #130

    Bug Fixes

    • Infinite render cycle on application mode #33
    • app.update() gets called too often in Application mode #39
    • 1 frame delay on ui #46
    • Remove unnecessary redraw request #59


    • Upgrade dependencies #30
    • Refine global state API #31
    • Export dioxus and bevy as sub module #37
    • Change file names from kebab-case to snake_case #49
    • Separate Virtual DOM logic from DioxusPlugin #50
    • Use trace instead of debug for even loop related logs #56
    • UiStage should be exported from core instead of desktop #57
    • Add CI action to check Rust format #63
    • Revise channel library (switch to mpsc) #70
    • Insert ui state as resource and system to react to changes #71


    • Add TodoMVC example to showcase practical usage #38


    • Add sequence diagram about rendering cycle in docs #52
    • Change domain to dip.tools #77
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.1.1(Jul 16, 2022)


    • Set global state from core via fermi #8

    Bug Fixes

    • Release build issue #15
    • Windows build issue #19


    • Provide keyboard_event option via DioxusSettings and get rid of JS file #9


    • Provide example for window management #10


    • Write docs with examples at least for exposed modules #2
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
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