Rust - JWT Authentication with Actix Web


Rust - JWT Authentication with Actix Web

In this article, we will delve into the implementation of JWT authentication in Rust, covering all crucial steps from generating and verifying JWT tokens with the HS256 algorithm, to registering users, signing them in, logging them out, and safeguarding private routes.

Rust - JWT Authentication with Actix Web

Topics Covered

  • Run the Actix-Web JWT Project Locally
  • Setup the Rust Project
  • Setup Postgres and pgAdmin with Docker
  • Load the Environment Variables
  • Create the SQL Queries and Run the Migrations
  • Create the Database Model
  • Create the Response Structs
  • Create the JWT Actix-Web Middleware Guard
  • Implement the JWT Authentication Flow
    • Register User Route Handler
    • Login User Route Handler
    • Logout User Route Handler
    • Get Authenticated User Route Handler
    • Merge the Route Handlers
  • Register the Routes Config and Add CORS
  • Test the JWT Authentication Flow
    • Create a New User
    • Sign-in User
    • Access Protected Route
    • Logout User

Read the entire article here:

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