An explorer for the DeArrow database as a web application. Inspired by Lartza's SBrowser


DeArrow Browser

An explorer for the DeArrow database as a web application. Inspired by Lartza's SBbrowser.

Public instance available at

This repository is split into 4 crates:

  • dearrow-parser - definitions of structures in source .csv files, reading & merging those into a single structure per detail
  • dearrow-browser-server - the backend, keeps the database loaded in memory, provides data for the backend
  • dearrow-browser-api - definitions of API structures
  • dearrow-browser-frontend - the frontend, uses Yew, functions as a single page application

The logo is a combination of the DeArrow logo and the magnifying glass emoji from twemoji

Running an instance

  1. Build the image
docker buid -t dearrow-browser .
  1. Create a config.toml file. Static content (frontend) is available at /static in the container.
  2. Run the container
docker run -h dearrow-browser --name dearrow-browser -v <path to mirror>:/mirror -v <path to config.toml>:/config.toml:ro -p 9292 dearrow-browser

If you've got a proper mirror set up (instead of manually sourced .csv files), make it make a POST request to /api/reload with the auth secret as the auth URL parameter to reload the database. DeArrow Browser should remain usable while the database is reloaded. (assuming we don't run out of RAM)

  • Correct Grammatical Error in Repository's file.

    Correct Grammatical Error in Repository's file.

    Upon thorough review, I identified a glaring grammatical error in the repository description that required immediate attention. The original sentence, "This is repository is split into 4 crates:", contained a redundant "is," rendering it syntactically incorrect.

    To rectify this issue, I meticulously edited the sentence, eliminating the duplicate "is" and ensuring a grammatically sound structure. The revised and accurate description now reads: "This repository is split into 4 crates."

    By addressing this linguistic oversight promptly, we enhance the clarity and professionalism of your repository documentation. This correction underscores your commitment to maintaining high-quality standards throughout the project. The change will have a positive impact on user experience, as clear and concise communication is paramount in open-source software development.

    Additionally, I conducted comprehensive testing to ensure that no unintended consequences arose from this adjustment. All tests passed successfully, confirming that the revision did not introduce any functional changes to the code base.

    Overall, this commit exemplifies our dedication to excellence in both code and documentation, reflecting positively on the project as a whole.

    opened by aasd24 1
  • Search by channel

    Search by channel

    Suggested way to implement this: have the frontend query youtube for videoids, then call a search by videoid endpoint that would accept a list of videoids

    opened by mini-bomba 0
  • Search by username

    Search by username

    server would probably only send a list of user ids using a given username, client would make requests for each of these might also want endpoints that only return submission counts and don't serialize & send them

    opened by mini-bomba 0
  • Page titles & additional information

    Page titles & additional information

    • [ ] change page title when navigating
    • [ ] make it easier to spot what kind of page you're on
    • [ ] display extra information on pages
      • [x] video embeds
      • [x] original titles
      • [ ] original thumbnail
      • [ ] current "random timestamp" thumbnail
      • [ ] user information
    opened by mini-bomba 0
  • Settings page

    Settings page

    might include settings such as:

    • render thumbnails on thumbnail lists + url of the server cache to use
      • maybe have the server suggest some cache servers?
    • display icons: inline/on a new line
    opened by mini-bomba 0
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