Non-Linear Ray Casting



Non-Linear Ray Casting


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Niklas Korz
Vulkan rendering sandbox for raytracing

sol-rs ☀ sol-rs is a small rendering toolkit for Vulkan, with a focus on real-time raytracing (which is not currently available via other APIs such as

Éric Renaud-Houde 55 Jun 1, 2021
A modern 3D/2D game engine that uses wgpu.

Harmony A modern 3D/2D game engine that uses wgpu and is designed to work out of the box with minimal effort. It uses legion for handling game/renderi

John 146 Apr 16, 2021
A curated list of wgpu code and resources.

Awesome wgpu A curated list of wgpu code and resources. PRs welcome. About wgpu matrix chat

Roman Frołow 167 May 26, 2021
Experimental type-safe geometric algebra for Rust

Projective Geometric Algebra This library is a Rust code generator, generating the mathematics you need for a geometric algebra library. I made it mos

Emil Ernerfeldt 17 May 26, 2021
RTS game/engine in Rust and WebGPU

What is this? A real time strategy game/engine written with Rust and WebGPU. Eventually it will be able to run in a web browser thanks to WebGPU. This

Thomas SIMON 218 May 31, 2021
High performance Rust ECS library

Legion aims to be a feature rich high performance Entity component system (ECS) library for Rust game projects with minimal boilerplate. Getting Start

Amethyst Engine 1.1k Jun 10, 2021
Basic first-person fly camera for the Bevy game engine

bevy_flycam A basic first-person fly camera for Bevy 0.4 Controls WASD to move horizontally SPACE to ascend LSHIFT to descend ESC to grab/release curs

Spencer Burris 25 Jun 7, 2021
Scion is a tiny 2D game library built on top of wgpu, winit and legion.

Scion is a 2D game library made in rust. Please note that this project is in its first milestones and is subject to change according to convience need

Jérémy Thulliez 42 Jun 13, 2021
Rust bindings for GDNative

GDNative bindings for Rust Rust bindings to the Godot game engine. Website | User Guide | API Documentation Stability The bindings cover most of the e

null 1.6k Jun 11, 2021