An LC-3 virtual machine written in Rust for learning purposes.

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    is possible write a backend for this VM on LLVM?

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Rodrigo Araújo
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Rodrigo Araújo
vore is a virtual machine management tool focused on VFIO set ups.

vore is a virtual machine management tool focused on VFIO set ups. with a minimal TOML file you should be able to get you should be able to create a VFIO-focused VM.

eater 9 Jul 28, 2021
Secure and fast microVMs for serverless computing.

Our mission is to enable secure, multi-tenant, minimal-overhead execution of container and function workloads. Read more about the Firecracker Charter

firecracker-microvm 16.1k Sep 17, 2021
Rust API to the OS X Hypervisor framework for hardware-accelerated virtualization

hypervisor-rs hypervisor is a Rust library that taps into functionality that enables hardware-accelerated execution of virtual machines on OS X. It bi

Saurav Sachidanand 50 May 23, 2021
Rocker is a minimal docker implementation for educational purposes.

Rocker is a minimal docker implementation for educational purposes inspired by gocker. Rocker uses linux kernel features (namespace, cgroup, chroot etc.) to isolate container processes and limit available resourses.

Daiki Miura 15 Jul 5, 2021
Ethereum Virtual Machine implementation

Fast EVM implementation with full async support. Port of evmone to Rust.

Artem Vorotnikov 74 Sep 14, 2021
Advanced Rust quantum computer simulator

quantum Advanced Rust quantum computer simulator. Motivation Quantum is a quantum computer simulator written with the following design goals in mind:

Ben Eills 176 Aug 12, 2021
StarWM is an extensible window manager written in Rust.

StarWM is an extensible, floating and tiling, X window manager for Linux-based operating systems written in Rust.

StarWM 12 Sep 12, 2021
RailCar: Rust implementation of the Open Containers Initiative oci-runtime

railcar - rust implementation of the oci-runtime spec What is railcar? railcar is a rust implementation of the opencontainers initiative's runtime spe

Oracle 1.1k Sep 3, 2021
Rust bindings for the unicorn CPU emulator

unicorn-rs THIS PACKAGE IS DEPRECATED AND NO LONGER MAINTAINED. Rust bindings are now included with unicorn and will be maintained there from now on.

null 121 Aug 23, 2021
Vagga is a containerization tool without daemons

Vagga Vagga is a fully-userspace container engine inspired by Vagrant and Docker, specialized for development environments. Note version 0.2 changed f

Paul Colomiets 1.7k Sep 7, 2021