rseip (eip-rs) - EtherNet/IP in pure Rust



rseip (eip-rs) - EtherNet/IP in pure Rust


  • Pure Rust Library
  • Asynchronous
  • Extensible
  • Explicit Messaging (Connected / Unconnected)
  • Open Source

How to use

Add rseip to your cargo project's dependencies



Read tag from Allen-bradley CompactLogIx device

rseip::Result<()> { dst.put_u16_le(self.0); Ok(()) } fn bytes_count(&self) -> usize { 2 } } ">
use anyhow::Result;
use byteorder::{ByteOrder, LittleEndian};
use bytes::{BufMut, BytesMut};
use rseip::{client::Client, codec::Encodable, frame::cip::*};

pub async fn main() -> Result<()> {
    let connection_path = EPath::from(vec![Segment::Port(PortSegment::default())]);
    let mut client = Client::connect("").await?;
    let mr_request = MessageRouterRequest::new(
    let resp = client.send(mr_request, connection_path).await?;
    assert_eq!(resp.reply_service, 0xCC); // read tag service reply
    assert_eq!(LittleEndian::read_u16(&[0..2]), 0xC4); // DINT

struct ElementCount(u16);

impl Encodable for ElementCount {
    fn encode(self, dst: &mut BytesMut) -> rseip::Result<()> {
    fn bytes_count(&self) -> usize {

Please find more examples within examples.



Related Projects

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    Ethernet/IP compatible library for .NET implementations

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    A Lightweight Ethernet/IP API written to interface with Rockwell ControlLogix/CompactLogix Controllers.

  • OpENer

    OpENer is an EtherNet/IP stack for I/O adapter devices. It supports multiple I/O and explicit connections and includes objects and services for making EtherNet/IP-compliant products as defined in the ODVA specification.

  • cpppo

    Communications Protocol Python Parser and Originator -- EtherNet/IP CIP

  • Backtrace


    template instance: Template { instance_id: 1575, handle: 13998, member_count: 233, object_size: 1411, struct_size: 1868 } thread 'main' panicked at 'assertion failed: self.remaining() >= dst.len()', ../.cargo/registry/src/ stack backtrace: 0: rust_begin_unwind at /rustc/6a705566166debf5eff88c57140df607fa409aaa/library/std/src/ 1: core::panicking::panic_fmt at /rustc/6a705566166debf5eff88c57140df607fa409aaa/library/core/src/ 2: core::panicking::panic at /rustc/6a705566166debf5eff88c57140df607fa409aaa/library/core/src/ 3: bytes::buf::buf_impl::Buf::copy_to_slice at ../.cargo/registry/src/ 4: bytes::buf::buf_impl::Buf::get_u16_le at ../.cargo/registry/src/ 5: <rseip::client::ab_eip::template::decoder::DefaultDefinitionDecoder as rseip::client::ab_eip::template::decoder::DefinitionDecoder>::partial_decode at ./src/client/ab_eip/template/ 6: rseip::client::ab_eip::template::TemplateRead<T,D>::call::{{closure}} at ./src/client/ab_eip/ 7: <core::future::from_generator::GenFuture as core::future::future::Future>::poll at /rustc/6a705566166debf5eff88c57140df607fa409aaa/library/core/src/future/ 8: rseip::main::{{closure}} at ./src/ 9: <core::future::from_generator::GenFuture as core::future::future::Future>::poll at /rustc/6a705566166debf5eff88c57140df607fa409aaa/library/core/src/future/ 10: tokio::park::thread::CachedParkThread::block_on::{{closure}} at ../.cargo/registry/src/ 11: tokio::coop::with_budget::{{closure}} at ../.cargo/registry/src/ 12: std::thread::local::LocalKey::try_with at /rustc/6a705566166debf5eff88c57140df607fa409aaa/library/std/src/thread/ 13: std::thread::local::LocalKey::with at /rustc/6a705566166debf5eff88c57140df607fa409aaa/library/std/src/thread/ 14: tokio::coop::with_budget at ../.cargo/registry/src/ 15: tokio::coop::budget at ../.cargo/registry/src/ 16: tokio::park::thread::CachedParkThread::block_on at ../.cargo/registry/src/ 17: tokio::runtime::enter::Enter::block_on at ../.cargo/registry/src/ 18: tokio::runtime::thread_pool::ThreadPool::block_on at ../.cargo/registry/src/ 19: tokio::runtime::Runtime::block_on at ../.cargo/registry/src/ 20: rseip::main at ./src/ 21: core::ops::function::FnOnce::call_once at /rustc/6a705566166debf5eff88c57140df607fa409aaa/library/core/src/ops/ note: Some details are omitted, run with RUST_BACKTRACE=full for a verbose backtrace.

    opened by GeneL 6
  • Future cannot be sent between threads safely

    Future cannot be sent between threads safely

    I have worked through the example you provided in the ReadMe, and it works great! I can read/write tags without a hitch.

    The issue arises when I attempt to create a background task to handle the reading/writing of tags. Rust Analyzer gives me the following error:

    future cannot be sent between threads safely
    the trait `std::marker::Send` is not implemented for `dyn std::future::Future<Output = Result<rseip::client::ab_eip::TagValue<i32>, ClientError>>`rustc
    [, 32): ]()future is not `Send` as it awaits another future which is not `Send`
    [, 21): ]()required by a bound in `tokio::spawn` 

    However, in the docs, it specifically says that ClientError is Send and TagValue is Send so long as T is also Send. This might just be my inexperience with tokio, but I am wondering if you could shed some light on how to do this properly.

    Here is my sample code:

    use rseip::client::ab_eip::*;
    use rseip::precludes::*;
    async fn main(){
        tokio::spawn(async move {
    async fn background() -> Result<()> {
        let mut client = AbEipClient::new_host_lookup("")
        let tag = EPath::parse_tag("test_car1_x")?;
        println!("read tag...");
        let value: TagValue<i32> = client.read_tag(tag.clone()).await?;
        println!("tag value: {:?}", value);
        client.write_tag(tag, value).await?;
        println!("write tag - done");

    Thank you in advance!

    opened by aruddy-slb 3
  • Can not read a large template

    Can not read a large template

    let template = client.find_template(tag_info.1).await?; println!("template instance:\n{:?}", template);

    These statements work for a small (<500 bytes) templates, but do not work for a large (>500 bytes) templates:

    let info = client.read_template(&template).call().await?;
    println!("template definition:\n{:?}", info);
    opened by GeneL 3
  • Future goals

    Future goals

    I happened across this lib just about the time you made your first commit. I am impressed by the rapid development.

    I am wonder what your future plans/goals are for this lib.

    I actually started writing some code to use your early work to read the template / structure data out of the processor. I then took another look at the repository, and BAM......already there!!!!! Impressive!!!!

    opened by klmurphy72 1
  • Float values

    Float values


    I really appreciate this crate. Thank you for putting it together.

    I am new to Ethernet/IP and I have a question.

    When trying to read float type tags, I get a compiler error saying that Encode Decode are not implemented for f32. What's the best way to read and write f32 values for REAL type tags on AB PLCs?


    opened by crimsondamask 0
  • I was not able to read a tag value in a controller..

    I was not able to read a tag value in a controller..

    I was not able to read a tag in a controller with this command:

    let mut client = AbEipConnection::new_host_lookup("xx.xx.xx.xx", OpenOptions::default()).await?; println!("read tag...{:?}", client); let tag1 = EPath::from_symbol("Cfg_LoSeverity"); println!("read tag...{:?}", tag1); let value: TagValue = client.read_tag(tag1.clone()).await?; println!("read tag...{:?}", value); client.close().await?;

    This is the output: read tag...Connection { addr: xx.xx.xx.xx:44818, origin_options: OpenOptions { o_t_connection_id: 0, t_o_connection_id: 0, priority_tick_time: 3, timeout_ticks: 250, connection_serial_number: 6332, vendor_id: 255, originator_serial_number: 4294967295, o_t_rpi: 16960, t_o_rpi: 16960, timeout_multiplier: 3, connection_path: EPath([Port(PortSegment { port: 1, link: b"\0" }), Class(2), Instance(1)]), o_t_params: ConnectionParameters { redundant_owner: false, connection_type: P2P, variable_length: Fixed, priority: High, connection_size: 504 }, t_o_params: ConnectionParameters { redundant_owner: false, connection_type: P2P, variable_length: Fixed, priority: High, connection_size: 504 }, transport_direction: Server, transport_class: Class3, transport_trigger: Application, large_open: false }, connected_options: None, service: None, seq_id: 0 }

    read tag...EPath([Symbol("Cfg_LoSeverity")])

    Error: Custom { kind: "custom", msg: "forward open failed" }

    opened by GeneL 1
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