Rust On the FLY completion for neovim

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Rust On the FLy completion engine for Neovim.

Why Rust?

It's 2021. I think the question you should be asking yourself is "Why NOT Rust?!?? (btw)"


  • All configuration should be done on the Lua side of things.
    • I will pretend vimL doesn't exist as much as possible at the moment.
    • All completion is done via functions. I don't like variables. They are hard to deal with.
  • Able to add completion sources via Lua
  • Able to add completion sources via Rust (I don't know if this is possible, but it seems cool)
    • Related to this might be the ability to add things via any remote plugin... idk.
  • Snippets & related expansion
    • I don't know how complicated we'll get with these, but I want to do some stuff with snippets so that I can figure out how we can implement the right stuff in Neovim core :)
  • Builtin sources
    • Builtin LSP
    • Buffer
      • Fuzzy buffer completion with bonus points for being close to the cursor
    • File
    • ... your ideas here
    • Can we bundle neovim, access the C codes for some completion sources and use them "async"-y from neovim itself...?
      • Could be a fun project for messing around with C & Rust interop.
  • Only changing libraries

    Only changing libraries

    Let me know if you disagree with any of my changes. This pr mostly just deletes all the stuff I did in the previous one and just changes the libraries. I changed from async_std to tokio. Instead of using the #[tokio::main], which just expands to building the runtime with defaults, I am building the runtime manually to enable the threaded_scheduler. Futures is usually added for more async abstractions. For logging you seemed to be using simple-logging which is unmaintained so I changed to the more popular simplelog which has the option to log to a file which I used. directories-next is added to be able to find the proper directories to store the log file.

    opened by oberblastmeister 0
  • Comparison and possible deprecation in favor of coq_nvim

    Comparison and possible deprecation in favor of coq_nvim

    The project goal should be evaluated as coq_nvim has as goal the very same goals.

    Python is already more dense and still the project has 6.5k LOC Python. Link here:

    It would probably make more sense to evaluate what can be optimised in coq_nvim and provide libraries for it rather than rewriting those 6.5k LOC.

    opened by matu3ba 0
  • self-profiler to minimize input delay

    self-profiler to minimize input delay

    nvim-compe has no self-profiling, which makes it unfeasible to minimize input delays. However, Rust or Zig can easily do this.

    I would consider lua also not a good choice for "hard" real-time requirements like with completion-suggestion on typing (get as much information as fast as possible from different sources in ideally sub-ms time), but at least we have something working "quite okay, unless you are too impatient".

    This becomes notable, when I type too fast and do corrections continuing typing. Then it has heavy lags (up to 2-3seconds).

    The same occurs with completion-nvim.

    opened by matu3ba 0
  • Resolve `completionItem/resolve` request

    Resolve `completionItem/resolve` request

    I don't know if this should be implemented in a completion plugin or upstream, but I'd love if rofl could resolve completionItem/resolve so it can auto-import stuff for me (it's tedious to import stuff manually and sometimes codeactions doesn't work). This is one of the reason why I like nvim-compe, it would be great if rofl.nvim also supports this :)

    opened by elianiva 0
  • Method brackets autocompletion

    Method brackets autocompletion

    Some language servers like typescript-language-server don't support autoinserting braces for methods. Pyright doesn't support lsp snippets at all. So it would be nice to have an option for braces autocompletion.

    opened by kuator 0
  • Can we use linter for all rust code?

    Can we use linter for all rust code?

    Hey guys!

    Would be nice to have some lint and format standard on all rust code to improve the readbility and improve the code as soon as possible. Can we use something like clippy and rustfmt on the pipeline process? I can made a PR to integrate these tools.


    opened by lucastrvsn 3
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