Rust SDK for interacting with the Nile.

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Nile API Rust Client

This is a POC Rust client for the Nile API.


Source the Nile environment variables into your environment.


use std::env;

use dotenv::dotenv;
use nile_client_rs::{EntityInstance, InstanceUpdate, NileClient};

async fn main() -> Result<(), Box<dyn std::error::Error>> {
    let username = env::var("NILE_DEVELOPER_EMAIL").expect("NILE_DEVELOPER_EMAIL must be set");
    let password = env::var("NILE_DEVELOPER_PASSWORD").expect("NILE_DEVELOPER_PASSWORD must be set");
    let workspace = env::var("NILE_WORKSPACE").expect("NILE_WORKSPACE must be set");
    let entity_name = env::var("NILE_ENTITY_NAME").expect("NILE_ENTITY_NAME must be set");
    let org = env::var("NILE_ORGANIZATION_NAME").expect("NILE_ORGANIZATION_NAME must be set");

    let mut client = NileClient::default();
        .authenticate(username, password)

List all instances of an entity in a workspace

let instances = client.get_instances(&workspace, &entity_name).await?;
println!("instances: {:#?}", instances);

Poll for all events for an entity in a workspace

let events = client.get_events(&workspace, &entity_name, 0, 20).await?;
println!("events: {:#?}", events);

Update attributes on an existing instance

let mut updates = Vec::new();

// update the number of pods
let pod_ct = InstanceUpdate {
    op: "replace".to_owned(),
    path: "/numPods".to_owned(),
    value: "5".to_owned(),

// update database status
let status_update = InstanceUpdate {
    op: "replace".to_owned(),
    path: "/status".to_owned(),
    value: "Up".to_owned(),

// send the updates to the Nile
let status: EntityInstance = client
    .patch_instance(&workspace, &org, &entity_name, &instance_id, updates)
println!("status: {:#?}", status);
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  • Dry error log

    Dry error log

    -single response/error-handling function outside of NileClient struct, called on by NileClient methods. -error logging and custom response according to method causing issue

    opened by EvanHStanton 0
  • derive Serialize on some event structs

    derive Serialize on some event structs

    Make it easier to serialize the data in these structs, and makes the attributes on an EntityInstance public so that they can actually be useful outside this crate.

    opened by ChuckHend 0
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