The Loop programming language


Loop Language

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A dynamic type-safe general purpose programming language

Note: currently Loop is being re-written into Rust. Meaning that while this change is happening not all features of Loop are implemented.

In this repository, you will find the lexer, parser, compiler and virtual machine.

Get started (usage)

  1. Download a pre-built binary from the releases section for your platform
  2. Run ./loop to start the REPL environment or
  3. Run ./loop FILENAME.lp to run a specific file.

Get Started (development)

  1. Make sure you have Rust installed
  2. Clone the repository git clone
  3. Enter the repository cd loop
  4. Run the command cargo run
  5. The Loop shell should now popup



  • Add comments to code

    Add comments to code

    Currently most of Loop does not have comments explaining what functions actually do. To use Rust's docgen we want to add comments to code.

    An example of a good comment is this:

    // Adds two numbers together and returns the result
    /// # Example
    /// ```
    /// // Value will be 300
    /// let value = add_numbers(100, 200);
    /// ```
    fn add_numbers(a: i32, b: i32) -> i32 {
        a + b

    Comments can contain markdown with examples, as seen above. We use the following standard for these comments:

    (The same as the Rust STD library).

    documentation good first issue help wanted 
    opened by kanersps 4
  • Implement the code explainer

    Implement the code explainer

    When this function is called, it prints a very beginner friendly explenation of the code. Example 1:

    explain {
        var f = fn(x) { x + 2 }


    Functions ' f ' has a parameter called ' x ', when ' f ' is called the value of ' x ' is being upped by 2 and that value is returned

    Example 2:

    explain {
        var x = true;
        if ( x ) { x = false; }


    A variable called ' x ' is created with the value: ' true '. Then there is an if statement. If the condition of the if statement equals ' true ', ' x ' gets assigned the value of ' false '.

    opened by WouterPennings 1
  • JIT-conditionals


    This PR makes if-then-else work inside JIT-ted functions.

    A few caveats:

    • Chaining doesn't work (if-then-else if-else if-else-if-else etc)
      • Internally this should be optimized to a switch instead
    • It's only possible for a simple expression (& one parameter only)
    • You can not use blocks, only a single expression that must return either an integer or float
    opened by kanersps 0
  • tweak: re enable CI using Github Actions

    tweak: re enable CI using Github Actions

    Prerelease and production builds (eg deployment) will run via Jenkins. However general CI (testing & linting) will run via GitHub actions due to the better integration options.

    opened by kanersps 0
  • Restyle tweak: updated readme

    Restyle tweak: updated readme

    Automated style fixes for #102, created by Restyled.

    The following restylers made fixes:

    To incorporate these changes, merge this Pull Request into the original. We recommend using the Squash or Rebase strategies.

    NOTE: As work continues on the original Pull Request, this process will re-run and update (force-push) this Pull Request with updated style fixes as necessary. If the style is fixed manually at any point (i.e. this process finds no fixes to make), this Pull Request will be closed automatically.

    Sorry if this was unexpected. To disable it, see our documentation.

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  • Go to Gitlab for issues

    Go to Gitlab for issues


    We moved to Jira for our issues.

    If you are an open-source contributor, and thus do not have acces to our Jira. You then need to create an issue in GitLab. We will review the issue and if important enough we will move it to Jira. Bugs will always be put in Jira. Features request might not, if we do not think it is a good idea to implement it in Loop.

    We do not recommend working on a feature request if it is not accepted into Jira. It will probably be rejected.

    opened by WouterPennings 0
The Loop programming language
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