Blazing 💥 fast terminal-ui for git written in rust 🦀



Blazing fast terminal client for git written in Rust


  • Fast and intuitive keyboard only control
  • Context based help (no need to memorize tons of hot-keys)
  • Inspect, commit, and amend changes (incl. hooks: commit-msg/post-commit)
  • Stage, unstage, revert and reset files and hunks
  • Stashing (save, apply, drop, and inspect)
  • Push to remote
  • Branch List (create, rename, delete)
  • Browse commit log, diff committed changes
  • Scalable terminal UI layout
  • Async input polling
  • Async git API for fluid control


For a RustBerlin meetup presentation (slides) I compared lazygit,tig and gitui by parsing the entire Linux git repository (which contains over 900k commits):

Time Memory (GB) Binary (MB) Freezes Crashes
gitui 24 s 0.17 1.4 No No
lazygit 57 s 2.6 16 Yes Sometimes
tig 4 m 20 s 1.3 0.6 Sometimes No


I do most of my git usage in a terminal but I frequently found myself using git UIs for some use cases like: index, commit, diff, stash and log.

Over the last 2 years my go-to GUI tool for this was fork because it was snappy, free, and not bloated. Unfortunately the free part will change soon and so I decided to build a fast and simple terminal tool to help with features I use the most.

Known Limitations

Currently, this tool does not fully substitute the git shell, however both tools work well in tandem.

gitui currently lacks essential features in git like push, pull, and checkout. The priorities are the basics (add, commit), and on features that are making me mad when done on the git shell, like stashes and hunks. Eventually, I will be able to work on features that could lead to making gitui a one stop solution to get rid of the shell entirely - but for that I need help - this is just a spare time project right now.

All support is welcomed! Sponsors as well! ❤️


For the time being this product is in alpha and is not considered production ready. However, for personal use it is reasonably stable and is being used while developing itself.

Arch Linux

There is an AUR package for gitui:

git clone
cd gitui
makepkg -si


sudo dnf install gitui


Available in dm9pZCAq overlay

sudo eselect repository enable dm9pZCAq
sudo emerge --sync dm9pZCAq
sudo emerge dev-vcs/gitui::dm9pZCAq

Homebrew (macOS)

brew install gitui

Scoop (Windows)

scoop install gitui

Chocolatey (Windows)

choco install gitui

Nix (Nix/NixOS)


nix-env -iA nixpkgs.gitui


nix-env -iA nixos.gitui

Release Binaries

Available for download in releases

Binaries available for:

  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Windows



Cargo Install

The simplest way to start playing around with gitui is to have cargo build and install it with cargo install gitui


To run with logging enabled run gitui -l.

This will log to:

  • macOS: $HOME/Library/Caches/gitui/gitui.log
  • Linux using XDG: $XDG_CACHE_HOME/gitui/gitui.log
  • Linux: $HOME/.cache/gitui/gitui.log

Color Theme

gitui should automatically work on both light and dark terminal themes.

However, you can customize everything to your liking: See Themes.

Key Bindings

The key bindings can be customized: See Key Config on how to set them to vim-like bindings.

Road(map) to 1.0

These are the high level goals before calling out 1.0:

  • upstream branches (#453)
  • simple pull (only for ff-merge) (#319)
  • merging with conflicts (#485)
  • log search (commit, author, sha) (#449,#429)
  • file history log (#381)
  • more tag support (#483)
  • file blame (#484)
  • visualize branching structure in log tab (#81)


  • Per line staging

    Per line staging

    Currently we can stage things only hunk by hunk or whole file at once. It would be nice to have ability to stage only current line or bunch of selected lines.

    Flow would look like something like this: We focus on diff panel and navigate to a hunk we want to work with. Select lines we want to stage with arrows and some modifier key (is tui allow that kind of thing?) and press [S]tage button. If there were no selection stage current line.

    Inspired by git-cola behavior, but it's a gui app.

    opened by non-descriptive 30
  • fix core-editor ignored (#414)

    fix core-editor ignored (#414)

    clean branch this time - i think.

    This fixes the following issues

    • core.editor config value ignored
    • config.get_str always fails (add new helper function)
    • external editor fails to launch if it has spaces in it (vscode on windows I'm looking at you)


    • I tried real hard to fix the 2 other config.get_str (in commit) but could not. I dont know enough about error conversions. I got it working but then clippy shot me down. I did verify that they always fail. If is set this will still return "unknown".
    • I did not fix the parsing of editor commands args that may have spaces in them (as per comments in the code)
    opened by pm100 27
  • Change diff renamed files

    Change diff renamed files

    This Pull Request closes #1038.

    It changes the following:

    • Add status change on rename
    • Change diff title to represent rename
    • Change diff to show only rewrites on rename

    I followed the checklist:

    • [X] I added and fixed current unittests.
    • [x] I ran make check without errors
    • [X] I tested the overall application
    • [X] I added an appropriate item to the changelog
    opened by Mifom 26
  • Add popup for file history

    Add popup for file history

    This adds a popup for showing the history of a single file. The PR is already in a state that should give you an idea of how the final version could look like.

    There are a few issues that would need to be resolved before this can be considered ready:

    • Gathering the commit history is very slow, compared to running git log -- <path> on the command line. I will investigate and have a look at how git as well as tig do things to get an idea of how to speed things up.
    • I will manually test the new popup to make sure the history matches git log (I already have one minor discrepancy on my list).
    • commands does not return navigation commands for self.list yet.
    • When I had the commit almost prepared, I noticed that the “Log” tab shows commit details on Enter, to the right of the log. Do we want that same behaviour here?

    Looking forward to your feedback!

    opened by cruessler 24
  • pre-commit hooks do not run

    pre-commit hooks do not run

    I have been usuing gitui quite regularly for a few weeks and I am in love with it. The only downside is that pre-commit hooks are not running and sometimes I don't see errors until they hit CI.

    Describe the bug pre-commit hooks do not run.

    To Reproduce Create a commit in a repo with pre-commit hooks installed.

    Try with a sample pre-commit.

    pip instal pre-commit
    pre-commit sample-config > .pre-commit-config.yaml
    pre-commit install

    Expected behavior pre-commit hooks run after the message is entered.

    Screenshots If applicable, add screenshots to help explain your problem.

    Context (please complete the following information):

    • wsl/Debian 9
    • docker/stretch
    • GitUI Version: 0.10.1
    bug help wanted windows 
    opened by WaylonWalker 24
  • Branch popup

    Branch popup

    Implements a branch popup which can be accessed by pressing 'b' in the status tab. branch_popup A new branch can be created by pressing 'c' while the branch popup is open and a branch can be checked out by selecting the branch and pressing enter.

    This does currently work but it is still a work in progress.

    Linked to #91.

    opened by WizardOhio24 23
  • v0.22.0 => increased app startup time

    v0.22.0 => increased app startup time

    Hi @extrawurst,

    First, thanks for this great piece of software, it truly is the best of the CLI Git clients!

    Just want to make an observation regarding the 0.22 release: I really appreciate the update with the great new features (yes! (, but I noticed that there is now a significant delay on startup for relatively small repos (1500 Commits):

    • Launching gitui with an immediate quitting on that 1500 commit repo went from an average of : 0,094 (v0.21) up to 0,746 (v0.22).

    Is that expected? (ie: the price to pay for the new features)


    opened by MartinVincent 22
  • Linux builds, please?

    Linux builds, please?

    I currently use lazygit, but have a few gripes with it.

    I understand that this project is in very early stages, but I'd still want to try it.

    Having linux builds like other rust tools would be great, thanks!

    enhancement help wanted 
    opened by dufferzafar 21
  • It should support auto login for push

    It should support auto login for push

    Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. When I use git command, I don't have to type the user name and password everytime for push. Because I saved my password by credential helper.

    Describe the solution you'd like If the user is using a credential helper feature, the gitui should not ask a user name and password

    opened by computerphilosopher 20
  • Add search bar at bottom of revlog

    Add search bar at bottom of revlog

    Closes #429, Closes #449, (part of 1.0 todo list)

    Adds a search bar at the bottom of the log tab which allows for searching commits. It works, but I'm not sure what keys are best for accessing this. Go to log tab then press s (suggested in #449), the search box will pop up and be in focus, type to search, the results will appear in the log where the arrow keys can scroll through them. Press esc to close the search box, then esc again to cancel the search and return to all commits.


    • [x] Async filtering
    • [x] Filter by sha (with :s)
    • [x] Filter by author (with :a)
    • [x] Filter by message (with :m)
    • [x] Filter by tag (with :t)
    • [x] Support for complement (i.e. not) filtering (with :!)
    • [x] Support for union filtering (with ||)
    • [x] Support for intersection filtering (with &&)
    • [x] Support case sensitive filtering (with :c)
    • [x] Support brackets and nested brackets in search
    • [x] Make a wrapper around git_log which supports filtering and have revlog use that instead of git_log, not going to implement because it might not be better right now

    Within the search:

    • :s xxx filters only shas for xxx
    • :a xxx filters only authors for xxx
    • :m xxx filters only messages for xxx
    • :t xxx filters only tags for xxx These can be combined to :sam(any order works, so :asm or :sma works as well) to search for all, which is equivalent to putting nothing at the start

    Complement filtering is possible with :!, which returns anything not containing what was searched for, for example to get all commits whose messages do not contain 'fix' or 'remove':

    • :!m fix &&:!m remove

    Case sensitive filtering is possible with :c, for example, to find messages which contain 'Fix' and do not contain 'fix':

    • :c Fix

    This also adds support for intersection filtering using &&(i.e only if 'x' and 'y'), for example, to find commits where author name contains 'richard' and the commits message has 'fix' in it:

    • :a richard&&:m fix

    And support for union filtering using ||(i.e or), for example to find any commits whose message contains 'fix' or 'move' or any commits which contain aabb':

    • :m fix ||:m move || aabb (notice spaces at start and end are irrelevant, they are trimmed, but : must come before a space if filtering by something).

    Intersection is currently always higher priority than union, for example, to find commit message which contain 'fix' and 'readme' or contain move = :m fix&&:m readme || move which is equivalent to ((:m fix&&:m readme) || move ).

    And so, for a more complex query:

    • :m fix && :m revlog ||:a richard &&:m status ||:s aabb ||:mc Remove || :!cm bigger

    For another example, show the commits which have tags where the commits contain 'pre' or ('fix' and 'CD'):

    • :t &&(:m pre ||(:m fix&&:m CD))

    Some screenshots





    opened by WizardOhio24 20
  • Use gitui with remote repositories

    Use gitui with remote repositories

    Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. I would like to push and pull from remote branches.

    Describe the solution you'd like Potentially a tab beside Status and Log called Remote, the functions would be pull, push, fetch, and anything to do with remote branches.

    The functionality to push a local branch of some name to a remote branch of some other name like git push origin localdev:feature_remote should be included. I'm not a git poweruser, so I don't require much from remotes, I'm sure other people would have better ideas.

    Describe alternatives you've considered Ctrl+C to quit gitui, git push, gitui

    opened by alistaircarscadden 20
  • sort and search in branch list

    sort and search in branch list

    Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. In our code repo, we have a lot of branches. I only care about some branches: the main, branches with my name, and recent updated branches.

    In the current branch window, it is sorted by the branch name. This makes me very hard to find the main, I need to a few page down (and maybe a few page up) to find it.

    Describe the solution you'd like

    1. Sort the branch list not only by branch name. We can add another button to sort it with the most recent commit time.
    2. in the branches windows, add a / function to filter the branch name. It could be simple text match or a regular expression.

    Describe alternatives you've considered

    For finding the recent branches, the graph view can help a lot. I noticed that there is already an issue for it:

    And for finding a branch, in our practice, we use a folder-like branch name convention: a/b/c. If the branch window can show it as a tree view, it will also help.

    Additional context n/a

    opened by srayuws 0
  • Change editor

    Change editor

    I want to cheange the text editor.

    A option to change the editor, on one hand it could be a conf in .config/gitui/config.toml or add a (hidden) settings tab to modify what it is neccesary for the user.

    What is your opinion about this? Do i miss something?

    opened by Talleyrand-34 1
  • vim like keybindings not working on mac

    vim like keybindings not working on mac


    i would expect hjkl keys to work. Instead 'h' always brings up help menu and no motion with the other keys.

    running with '-l' flag and i don't see a log about reading the key config file. makes sense as I threw in an

    edit_file: Some(( code: Char('I'), modifiers: ( bits: 1,),)),

    and 'e' is what triggers the edit action, not (shift i) 'I'.

    these are the files in the config dir


    • key_bindings.ron
    • key_config.ron
    • theme.ron

    am i doing something silly (?) bc the instructions are fairly straightforward and i've double checked a couple of times.

    mac: 12.6 monterrey alacritty 0.10.1 (2844606) gitui 0.22.1

    opened by jacobono 3
  • Gitui takes a long time to start under Windows Linux Subsystem

    Gitui takes a long time to start under Windows Linux Subsystem

    Describe the bug Under WLS you need to (unexpectingly?) use the Window's gitui.exe. It eventually comes up, but takes 20+ seconds to do so.

    To Reproduce

    1. Start a WSL shell
    2. Run 'gitui'

    Expected behavior 'Lightning fast' startup ;-)


    • Windows 11, Ubuntu 20_02.2 LTS
    • GitUI 0.22.1

    Additional context Not sure if gitui is intended to be used in this setting, but alas.

    bug help wanted windows 
    opened by tbee 3
  • [WIP] Status fetch

    [WIP] Status fetch

    This Pull Request fixes/closes #1471.

    It changes the following:

    • adds the Fetch command to the status window

    I followed the checklist:

    • [ ] I added unittests
    • [x] I ran make check without errors
    • [x] I tested the overall application
    • [ ] I added an appropriate item to the changelog


    This is a WIP. Looking for feedback. Adding the Fetch command to the window was easy. Now, the Fetch popup has been designed to fetch all. This is what the current version is doing, hence the warning for unused branch string. It is possible:

    • remove the branch string and keep fetch_all as the command
    • implement the branch fetching in fetch_popup

    What would you suggest?

    opened by alensiljak 2
  • CI Feature: Implement pull request preview environments

    CI Feature: Implement pull request preview environments

    Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. GitUI does not have full stack previews on their PRs, so I would like to support GitUI by implementing Uffizzi preview environments. Disclaimer: I work on Uffizzi.

    Describe the solution you'd like Uffizzi is a Open Source full stack previews engine and our platform is available completely free for GitUI (and all open source projects). This will provide maintainers with preview environments of every PR in the cloud, which enables faster iterations and reduces time to merge. You can see the open source repos which are currently using Uffizzi over here

    Uffizzi is purpose-built for the task of previewing PRs and it integrates with your workflow to deploy preview environments in the background without any manual steps for maintainers or contributors. We can go ahead and create an Initial PoC for you right away if you think there is value in this proposal.

    • [ ] Initial PoC

    Describe alternatives you've considered

    Additional context

    opened by waveywaves 2
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