docx-you-want is a tool to convert a PDF document into a .docx file

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docx-you-want is a tool to convert a PDF document into a .docx file ... in an unusual way. Since these two formats are inherently different, it is impossible to get a .docx file from a PDF without a noticeable difference in their appearances. docx-you-want on the other hand, sort of preserve the look of the original PDF.

What does it really do?

  1. It calls Inkscape to convert every individual page of the PDF into SVGs, thus preserving its look. This means to run it, inkscape should be installed and in your PATH.
  2. Then it inserts those images into a minimal .docx file, adding a PNG version of each also so that programs that don't support SVG in a .docx file have something to fall back on.
  3. Finally, it zips the files and gives you the .docx (you want?).

When to use this tool?

Hopefully never.

However, if someone asks you to send them a .docx version of your document and refuses to accept the PDF version that you only have, consider using it. The next thing should be the person being very sad about your fake .docx document and wondering: is this really the .docx he wants?

Why Rust?

My bad.

I really should have written it in bash or Python, none of which, including Rust, I am good at, though.

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