An Async SDR Runtime for Heterogeneous Architectures

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An experimental asynchronous SDR runtime for heterogeneous architectures that is:

  • Extensible: custom buffers (supporting accelerators like GPUs and FPGAs) and custom schedulers (optimized for your application).

  • Asynchronous: solving long-standing issues around IO, blocking, and timers.

  • Portable: Linux, Windows, Mac, WASM, Android, and prime support for embedded platforms through a REST API and web-based GUIs.

  • Fast: SDR go brrr! Apache 2.0 licensed Build Status

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FutureSDR supports Blocks with synchronous or asynchronous implementations for stream-based or message-based data processing. Blocks can be combined to a Flowgraph and launched on a Runtime that is driven by a Scheduler.

  • Single and multi-threaded schedulers, including examples for application-specific implementations.
  • Portable GPU acceleration using the Vulkan API (supports Linux, Windows, Android, ...).
  • User space DMA driver for Xilinx Zynq to interface FPGAs.


Since FutureSDR is in an early state of development, it is likely that SDR applications will require changes to the runtime. We, therefore, do not recommend to add it as a dependency in a separate project but to clone the repository and implement the application as binary, example, or sub-crate.


An example flowgraph with a periodic message source, sending five messages to a sink:

use anyhow::Result;
use std::time::Duration;

use futuresdr::blocks::MessageSink;
use futuresdr::blocks::MessageSource;
use futuresdr::runtime::Flowgraph;
use futuresdr::runtime::Pmt;
use futuresdr::runtime::Runtime;

fn main() -> Result<()> {
    let mut fg = Flowgraph::new();

    let src = fg.add_block(MessageSource::new(Pmt::Null, Duration::from_secs(1), Some(5)));
    let snk = fg.add_block(MessageSink::new());

    fg.connect_message(src, "out", snk, "in")?;




Contributions are very welcome. Please see the (work-in-progress) contributing guide for more information. If you develop larger features or work on major changes with the main intention to submit them upstream, it would be great, if you could announce them in advance.


The FutureSDR project adheres to the Rust Code of Conduct. It describes the minimum behavior expected from all contributors.


This project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

Using this license is in contrast to the large majority of Open Source SDR applications and frameworks, which are mostly AGLP, LGPL, or GPL. In a nutshell, this means that there is no money to be made from relicensing the project for commercial use, since this is already allowed by Apache 2.0. Furthermore, companies can use (parts of) the project and integrate (adapted) versions in commercial products without releasing the source or contributing back to the project.

The main motivation for this license is that

  • it better fits the Rust ecosystem
  • it eases adoption; one can use (parts of) the code with close to no strings attached
  • using Open Source and not contributing back (for the time being) seems better than not using Open Source at all


Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in FutureSDR, shall be licensed as Apache 2.0, without any additional terms or conditions.

  • Add pedantic clippy lints

    Add pedantic clippy lints

    Fix some pedantic options for clippy lints


    No issues with code, just ran padantic clippy over the project to get to understand the code a bit better.

    Cool project, excited to play around with this!

    opened by wcampbell0x2a 3
  • ZeroMQ PubSink & SubSource

    ZeroMQ PubSink & SubSource

    Why ZeroMQ? ZeroMQ is by default in GNU Radio Companion.

    ZMQSubSource & ZMQPubSink as blocks I would like to have blocks to publish stream & receive stream from other systems.

    Underlying ZMQ rust lib? I have done an experiment with zmq library which is blocking one. Should we consider using async-zmq (non blocking) or the more idiomatic libzmq (but unmaintained).

    Additional context Having those would enable tests where only part of a chain is migrated to FutureSDR. For instance, it could enable to split a chain between GNU Radio and FutureSDR until FutureSDR had all the mandatory blocks of the overall chain.

    opened by loic-fejoz 2
  • feature/ZeroMQ


    Add ZMQSubSource and SMQPubSink for streaming over ZeroMQ protocol which is also by default in GNU Radio. I think I have made it as a feature activated by default. It also come with two binaries (one receiver, one emitter) that can talk to each other and/or with GNU Radio.

    Apparently the topics is not settable in GNU Radio thus I have not provided way to set it. Maybe I should?

    Close #3

    opened by loic-fejoz 2
  • feature/constblock



    Because GNU Radio tutorials are using basic blocks applying some constant operation (AddConst, MulConst), we should add this feature. See also the discussion 6.


    • Shared code for operations requiring 1 constant.
    • Implementation for Addition and Multiplication based on closure.
    opened by loic-fejoz 2
  • clippy: ptr_as_ptr

    clippy: ptr_as_ptr


    Change casts that don't change mut to .cast<T>().

    opened by wcampbell0x2a 1
  • Feature/soapysdr args

    Feature/soapysdr args


    SoapySDR inputs are hardcoded and should be user defined.


    Add custom freq/sample_rate/gain SoapySdr Block

    Add freq/sample_rate/gain to the SoapySdrBuilder. This allows the freq/gain/sample_rate to be set in the init() function once the soapySDR library has the context of the device.

    This was tested on a HackRF One device.

    Enable soapysdr logging

    This changes the following output:

    [INFO] Opening HackRF One #0 57b068dc214b4c63...

    into the following:

    FutureSDR: INFO - Opening HackRF One #0 57b068dc214b4c63...
    opened by wcampbell0x2a 1
  • Feature/soapysdr filter

    Feature/soapysdr filter


    Add filter for choosing sdr at startup of flowgraph.


    Add SoapySdrBuilder::filter()

    opened by wcampbell0x2a 1
  • FM Receiver example

    FM Receiver example


    See how FutureSDR can be applied on simple example such as an FM Receiver. Also testing the AudioSink as stated in #4


    While we add discussion on Discord and other alternatives implementation, we come up with the idea that an Apply block with a mutable closure would be sufficient.

    opened by loic-fejoz 0
  • AudioSource & AudioSink

    AudioSource & AudioSink

    AudioSource & AudioSink The AudioSource & AudioSink blocks are one of the basic blocks of a lot of tutorial.

    underlying library? cpal could be a candidate as the underlying library. Being a newbie in Rust, I do not know much about the state of such audio crates. NB: I have tried to provide such a block but I am stuck with some requirement from cpal of having 'static callbacks.

    opened by loic-fejoz 2
An Async SDR Runtime for Heterogeneous Architectures
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