age-encrypted secrets for NixOS; drop-in replacement for agenix



ragenix provides age-encrypted secrets for NixOS systems which live in the Nix store and are decrypted on system activation. Using ragenix to create, edit and rekey secrets is possible on any system which has Nix installed—with particular support for NixOS and macOS.

ragenix is a drop-in replacement for @ryantm's agenix written in Rust. It aims at being fully compatible with its flake while offering more robust command line parsing, additional validation logic and solid tests.

As opposed to agenix, ragenix only strives for supporting Nix Flakes.


As ragenix seeks to replace agenix without breaking compatability, getting started with age-encrypted secrets or switching from agenix to ragenix is easy: just follow the original instructions from agenix while replacing references to with Everything else should remain the same as the ragenix package provides aliases for a) an agenix package and b) the agenix binary. The flake also exposes a NixOS module which is passed through from the agenix flake.

Create, edit and rekey secrets

ragenix resembles the command line options and behavior of agenix:

  • By default, ragenix looks for a Nix rules file in ./secrets.nix. You may change this path by setting the RULES environment variable accordingly. As a ragenix addon, you may also use the --rules command line option.
  • The Nix rules reference age-encrypted files relative to the rules file. For example, a ./secrets/secrets.nix file with the following content would instruct ragenix to look for mysecret.age in ./secrets/: { "mysecret.age".publicKeys = "age1hunh4g..."; }.
  • If a file given in the secrets rules does not exist:
    • --edit: the file is created prior to opening it for editing.
    • --rekey: the file is ignored.
  • ragenix opens a file for editing using $EDITOR. Again, you may use --editor instead of the environment variable.
  • Prior to editing/rekeying, ragenix verifies the validity of the rules file using this JSON schema. The schema is also available to third party applications with the --schema command line switch. For an example rules file, please refer to the agenix README or take a look at the files in the example directory of this repository.

The ragenix package also provides shell completions for bash, zsh, and fish. Make sure to install the package with either nix profile install github:yaxitech/ragenix, environment.systemPackages on NixOS or home.packages for home-manager.


We'd love to see PRs from you! Please consider the following guidelines:

  • ragenix stays compatible to agenix. Please make sure your contributions don't introduce breaking changes.
  • The secrets configuration happens through a Nix configuration.
  • New features should support both NixOS and macOS, if applicable.

The CI invokes nix flake check. Some of the checks invoke nix itself. To allow those tests to run nix, you have to enable the recursive-nix feature. On NixOS, you can put the following snippet into your configuration.nix:

  nix = {
    extraOptions = ''
      experimental-features = nix-command flakes recursive-nix
    systemFeatures = [ "recursive-nix" ];

Similar projects / acknowledgements

The agenix-cli project is quite similar to ragenix. In fact, it served as an inspiration (thanks!). Both projects have in common that they aim at replacing the fragile shell script with a version written in Rust. In contrast to ragenix, however, agenix-cli is not compatible to the original agenix. It uses a TOML configuration file to declare rules on a repository level (similar to .sops.yaml). While having a global rules file might be useful for some (particularly if you're looking to switch from sops-nix), we wanted to continue to define our rules using Nix expressions which reside in different directories.

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