Simple CI program for running fuzzing over TezEdge.


Fuzzing CI

This program is designed to run fuzzing on selected branches of a source project, restarting it as a new commit arrives.


cargo build


The most of configuration parameters for the program should be specified via a TOML configuration file (see below for details). The -c/--config option tells it what file to use.

To run the program as a webhook so it will be notified on pushes, the server subcommand should be used. It is also possible to specify a URL that allows to view coverage reports using the -u/--url parameter. If you need it to update the team via a Slack channel, an access token might be specified via an environment variable SLACK_AUTH_TOKEN (see below for Slack integration details)

SLACK_AUTH_TOKEN="xoxb-XXXXXXX" cargo run -- -c config.toml server --url

HTTP Endpoints

The application exposes two endpoints:

  • '/api' to work as a GitHub webhook.
  • '/reports' to serve static content of Kcov-generated reports.


The program is controlled by a TOML configuration file.

See the [config.toml] file for the details on possible parameters.

Webhook Configuration

To receive notifications from GitHub, a webhook should be added to the repository that we need to listen to (note that it might be a separate from the repository containing the fuzzing projects).

Open the repository settings, select Webhooks item and press Add webhook.

In the Payload URL enter the URL the app is accessible with, with /api path (e.g. http::/

In the Content type select application/json.

Press Add webhook, and you're set.

Nginx Configuration

A webserver might be configured to display Kcov reports. If that is Nginx, the sample configuration file can be used.

Slack Integration

A Slack app should be created to interact with a channel, see here. After the Slack application is created, its OAuth token should be specified via the slack.token configuration key or via SLACK_AUTH_TOKEN environment variable.

A Slack channel should be specified via parameter.


By default the program uses info logging level. Adding a single -d parameter turns on debug level logging, and another one -d parameter makes trace logging visible (only for debug builds).

cargo run -- -dd ...

Implementation Details

The application implements a GitHub webhook (currently only ping and push events). On each push event for the specified branch it starts fuzzing cycle for the head version of that branch.

Fuzzing Cycle

First, if the branch (its previous version) is in the process of fuzzing, all the fuzzers are stopped.

Then, the program checks out the fuzzing project. Currently this is done by running the script [].

After the fuzzing project is checked out, its fuzzing projects are prepared for fuzzing:

  • Kcov is run against the project, with fuzzing corpus as input, to get source coverage given by the corpus files.
  • Fuzzing project is built by running cargo hfuzz build.
  • Fuzzer is started for each of the fuzzing targets by launching cargo hfuzz run <target>.

Fuzzing Feedback

Currently only Honggfuzz is supported. It provides very nice feedback for a human user, but to make convertable to any different presentation some tricks are needed.

When honggfuzz is run with -v switch, it does not show that term feedback, but instead reports progress in the following form:

The first group of /-separated numbers are: ...

For us the most valuable number is the cound of covered edges.

Also by running the honggfuzz on a target shortly and then stopping it (e.g. by specifying a low number of iterations or a short period of time) we can see the total number of edges detected by it. So using that number and collecting covered edges as the fuzzing goes we can report current progress in the form of covered/total edges.

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  • Integrate fuzzing with other CI tools

    Integrate fuzzing with other CI tools

    Currently this tool acts as a GitHub webhook. It would be much robust to have it instead integrated with mature CI tools, like Drone or Jenkins, and provide more specific functionality of starting fuzzing and reporting.

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