💻 An x86_64 kernel in the works



a basic x86_64 kernel in the works.

cool stuff

  • written in rust
  • boots with any stivale2-compliant bootloader
  • framebuffer bitmap font renderer
  • pmm (bitmap allocator)


  • binutils
  • qemu
  • qemu-system-x86
  • rustup (for nightly)
    • lld
  • cc (for limine)
  • git
  • python3
  • mkfs
  • make
  • parted
  • psf2bsd (to build font)


x.py - BruhOS v0.1
USAGE: ./x.py [-v] subcommand

    clean    - clean out build files
    build    - build kernel
    hdd      - create and write to hard disk
    run      - emulate with qemu
    all      - clean, build, and run
    help     - display this message
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An x86-64 kernel with ~100% Rust (originally) in a week

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Linux ABI-compatible kernel written in Rust

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  • fix core thing

    fix core thing

    dont compile core every time, its annoying. looks like some kind of vscode thing; doesn't recompile when i just edit with nano and stuff. somethng to do with rust-analyzer. anyway, also try to target bare metal x86_64 uefi (tomatboot)

    opened by safinsingh 1
  • bruh


    fixes bruh closes https://github.com/safinsingh/BruhOS/pull/12


    8a6b1a8 Adds more bruh 51be78a Adds more bruh 00a54ef Adds more bruh 5f47e08 Adds more bruh 5b016eb Adds more bruh

    opened by khrj 0
Safin Singh
Hey! I’m a self-taught full-stack web developer and cybersecurity competitor.
Safin Singh
Rux - An x86_64 toy operating system kernel written in Rust

Rux - An x86_64 toy operating system kernel written in Rust. Rux is a port of the Hux kernel, my x86 32-bit single-CPU toy kernel written in C, following the OSTEP book structure and terminology.

Guanzhou Jose Hu 6 Feb 26, 2022
Let's write an OS which can run on x86_64 in Rust from scratch

rCore-Tutorial-v3 rCore-Tutorial version 3.5. See the Documentation in Chinese. news 2021.11.20: Now we are updating our labs. Please checkout chX-dev

rCore OS 6 Apr 1, 2022
An OS kernel written in rust. Non POSIX

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John Hodge (Mutabah) 618 Jan 8, 2023
A tiny 32 bit kernel written in Rust

rustboot A tiny 32 bit kernel written in Rust. I was inspired to download Rust and try to do this after seeing zero.rs - a stub that lets Rust program

Charlie Somerville 1.5k Dec 30, 2022
Experimental kernel for embedded devices written in Rust

bkernel is an experimental kernel for embedded devices written in Rust. I'm mostly trying out Rust now to see how it applies to kernel development. Pr

Alexey Shmalko 84 Dec 13, 2022
Open Source Rust kernel; Runs WASM and WASI as lightweight containers.

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null 32 Dec 4, 2022
Basic Rust kernel using Limine

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Quentincestino 16 Dec 23, 2022
A new operating system kernel with Linux binary compatibility written in Rust.

Kerla Kerla is a monolithic operating system kernel from scratch in Rust which aims to be compatible with the Linux ABI, that is, runs Linux binaries

Seiya Nuta 3.1k Jan 1, 2023
The official kernel for Popcorn OS, and operating system designed for handheld devices.

About Popkern is the kernel for Popcorn OS, an operating system designed for handheld devices. As such, the kernel is (to be) optimised at all levels

Team Scena 3 Sep 19, 2021
🍒 Small, simple, and fast kernel written in Rust. 🌸

?? Small, simple, and fast kernel written in Rust. ??

Cherry Developers 5 May 20, 2022