Realtime audio processing / synthesis using Rust/WASM in the browser.


Rust Audio


This repo is my investigation into using Rust for creative audio coding on various platforms (e.g. desktop, web, etc.), but especially for targeting the web.

Granular Synthesizer Demo

Granular Synthesizer Demo


  • Update licenses / cargo tomls, directory names

  • Show hoverable tooltips for icon buttons

  • Enable sampling from multi-channel audio input

  • split granular synth into its own repo / separate website entry before adding more features?

  • Show recording buffer visualization (or at least some sort of indication recording is taking place)

  • Interpolate changes in Gain

  • Name downloaded file something more like: "name_of_audio_granulated.wav" or similar

  • Optimizations:

    • Add finished grains to a hashmap when finished to prevent the need for searching for spent grains on every frame
    • Improve which rand function we're using for better efficiency
  • Use newtype-style units to disambiguate calculations

  • Move audio PROCESSING into a Web Worker thread so that cpal merely has to request audio data at the appropriate time

    • Keeps main thread / audio processing from getting locked up by UI updates and vice versa
    • Keeps WebAudio context on the main thread (where it has to be)
  • Share a single audio context that is initialized (?) at init time?

  • Memoize decoded audio from previous files? To prevent stutter on change?

  • Enable dragging the current buffer selection window?

  • Web

    • Refactor visual representation of current audio buffer:
      • use an svg element?
      • probably would be best to use a canvas to do this
  • Common

    • Clean up any unused files in /common
    • Move audio handles in there?
  • CLI

    • Re-sample any audio files that don't match the current sample rate.
  • Native

    • Make a Native app using Tauri that relies on current web view with Rust running natively under the hood?
    • Use serde_wasm_bindgen instead of message passing between backend and front end to prevent JSON-ifying buffers?
  • More audio tools / effects:

    • Recording
    • Reverb
    • Delay

Visual effects: - WebGL: particles that react / correspond to audio grains - Show audio output as a sample window? - Or just show current amplitude output with simple bars

General Fixes:

  • Correct sample rate for mp3 audio for all environments.
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  • VST Plug-in Version?

    VST Plug-in Version?

    Hi there, I love the granular synth demo you built. Do you intend to create a VST version of it? If not, what's the license under which the code is licensed? I would be interested in creating a fork to continue the development of the plugin as a VST3 / Clap plugin (MIT Licensed, open source).

    opened by AlexW00 2
Austin Theriot
GitLab making it look like I don't code anymore.
Austin Theriot
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