Library + CLI-Tool to measure the TTFB (time to first byte) of HTTP requests. Additionally, this crate measures the times of DNS lookup, TCP connect and TLS handshake.


TTFB: CLI + Lib to Measure the TTFB of HTTP/1.1 Requests

Similar to the network tab in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, this crate helps you find the timings for:

  • DNS lookup (if domain is specified, i.e. no IP is given)
  • TCP connection start
  • TLS handshake (if https/TLS is used)
  • Initial GET-Request
  • TTFB (Time To First Byte)

It builds upon the crates trust-dns-resolver for modern and secure DNS resolving of domains and native-tls for handling TLS v1.2/1.3.

Cross Platform

CLI + lib work on Linux, MacOS, and Windows.

Usage Binary/CLI tool

Install with cargo install ttfb. It takes one argument and passes it to the library. The string you pass here as first argument is the same as for the library function.

Additionally, the CLI takes a -k/--insecure option.
Example: $ ttfb -k

Usage Library

The library exposes the function ttfb(url: String). The string can be for example:

  • (defaults to http://)
  • (defaults to http://)
  • (defaults to http://)

Example Output

If you installed the CLI and invoke it like $ ttfb, the output will look like:

TTFB for (by [email protected])
PROPERTY        REL TIME (ms)   ABS TIME (ms)
DNS Lookup    :         0.755           0.755  (probably cached)
TCP connect   :        35.484          36.239
TLS Handshake :        36.363          72.603
HTTP GET Req  :         0.011          72.614
HTTP Resp TTFB:        76.432         149.046

Rust version

This crate was developed and tested with rustc-nightly 1.55 and rustc-stable 1.53. It should work with older versions too, because I don't use special features in the code. Maybe the other libraries could block older compilers, I'm not sure.

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  • [Bug] ttfb doesnt allow

    [Bug] ttfb doesnt allow

    ttfb -k ""
    Invalid URL! https can only be used when a domain name is given. IP addresses don't work.

    This isn't true, any valid SSL cert that contains IP addresses in the Subject Alternative Name fields are considered secure (see image and website as an example as to why this isn't true)


    opened by 12932 2
  • Fix typo

    Fix typo

    When trying ttfb it produces ERROR: Can't establish HTTP/1.1-Connection! failed to fill whole buffer instead of the expected output.

    opened by Byron 1
  • also add content download time (requires http/1.1 header parsing)

    also add content download time (requires http/1.1 header parsing)

    will be more complicated, because it needs HTTP header parsing.. content encoding could be chunked for example..

    I need to know the contents length, because the "read_to_end" (EOF) doesn't work well. Some servers even do not send the EOF (program gets stuck)

    opened by phip1611 0
Philipp Schuster
Hello, I'm Philipp. I'm studying computer science at TU Dresden and I love coding. I'm especially interested in operating systems and low-level code.
Philipp Schuster
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