Rust bindings for darknet


Rust bindings for darknet

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Darknet: Convolutional Neural Networks


  • rewrite the demo function used in yolo.c in rust


Link existing files and download training weights:

ln -s darknet-sys/darknet/data .
( mkdir trained_weights && cd trained_weights && \
  wget )

Run the example

cargo run --example yolo_detect_image
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  • Minor cleanup: edition + readme

    Minor cleanup: edition + readme

    Change edition to 2018, minor code changes.

    Add instructions on how to run the example, note that it is currently not working for me:

    HERE 2 HERE 3 HERE 4 Segmentation fault: 11

    Since this is WIP I assume that the example is not working for other people.

    opened by winding-lines 2
  • Need to somehow pass in a *mut *mut ::std::os::raw::c_char from a Vec<&str>

    Need to somehow pass in a *mut *mut ::std::os::raw::c_char from a Vec<&str>

    Inital implementation of an example of using yolo. It's completly untested and I need to work out how to make a *mut *mut ::std::os::raw::c_char from a Vec<&str>.

    opened by oliverfunk 0
Oliver Funk
Graduate mechatronics engineer now interested in quantum computing and it's applications. Currently doing my masters in low temperature nano-electronics.
Oliver Funk
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