Key derivation and cryptographic signing functionality for Ethereum applications (ethers-rs)



ethers-signer-factory is a Rust crate that provides functions for key derivation and signing of Ethereum transactions and messages.


  • Key Derivation: Compute derived keys from a master key using HKDF-SHA512.
  • Address Generation: Calculate the Ethereum address associated with a derived key.
  • Transaction Signing: Sign Ethereum transactions using a derived key and obtain the generated signature.
  • Message Signing: Sign Ethereum messages using a derived key and obtain the generated signature.
  • Typed Data Signing (EIP-712): Sign EIP-712 typed data using a derived key and obtain the generated signature.

Getting Started

To use ethers-signer-factory in your Rust project, add it as a dependency in your Cargo.toml file:

ethers-signer-factory = "2.0.0"


use ethers_signer_factory::{get_derived_key, get_wallet_address, sign_transaction, sign_message};
use ethers_contract_derive::{Eip712, EthAbiType};
use ethers_core::types::transaction::eip2718::TypedTransaction;
use ethers_core::types::{TransactionRequest, Address};

async fn main() {
    let key: [u8; 64] = [0u8; 64];
    let salt: [u8; 64] = [0u8; 64];

    let info = "some_key_id";

    // Example 1: Derive a key.
    let derived_key = get_derived_key(&key, &salt, info).expect("Key derivation failed");

    // Example 2: Get an Ethereum address from the derived key.
    let wallet_address = get_wallet_address(&key, &salt, info).expect("Wallet creation failed");

    // Example 3. Get a Signer Wallet from the derived key.
    let chain_id = 1;
    let _wallet = get_signer(&key, &salt, info, chain_id).expect("Signer creation failed");

    // Example 4: Sign a transaction.
    let tx = TypedTransaction::Legacy(TransactionRequest::default().from(wallet_address));
    let signed_tx =
        sign_transaction(&key, &salt, info, &tx).expect("Transaction signing failed");


    // Example 5: Sign a message.
    let message = "Some message to sign";
    let signature = sign_message(&key, &salt, info, message).expect("Message signing failed");


    // Example 6: Sign Typed data.
    #[derive(Clone, Default, EthAbiType, Eip712)]
    struct TestTypedData {
        value: u32,

    let test_payload = TestTypedData { value: 1 };
    let signature = sign_typed_data(&key, &salt, info, &test_payload)
        .expect("Sign typed data failed");



This code is licensed under the MIT License.

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  • v2.0.0(Oct 16, 2023)

    Changed sign_transaction to return Signature object, introduced sign_typed_data for EIP-712 typed data signing, and added get_signer method.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v1.0.1(Sep 14, 2023)

    The v1.0.1 release provides a comprehensive set of functions for key derivation and signing operations tailored for Ethereum applications.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
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