A Bevy plugin for loading the LDtk 2D tile map format.



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( Tileset from "Cavernas" by Adam Saltsman )

A Bevy plugin for loading LDtk tile maps.


use bevy::prelude::*;
use bevy_ldtk::*;

fn main() {

fn setup(commands: &mut Commands, asset_server: Res<AssetServer>) {
        // Spawn a camera
        // Spawn a map bundle
        .spawn(LdtkMapBundle {
            // Specify the path to the map asset to load
            map: asset_server.load("map1.ldtk"),
            config: LdtkMapConfig {
                // Automatically set the clear color to the LDtk background color
                set_clear_color: true,
                // You can specify a scale or leave it set to 1 for 1 to 1 pixel size
                scale: 3.0,
                // Set which level to load out of the map or leave it to 0 for the default level
                level: 0,
                // Tell the map to center around it's `Transform` instead of putting the top-left
                // corner of the map at the origin `Transform`.
                center_map: true,


When the map layers are spawned, the bottommost layer is spawned at the transform coordinate of the LdtkMapBundle's Transform component. Each layer after the bottom layer is placed one unit higher on the Z axis. To have your sprites for players, etc. appear on top of the rendered map, their Z axis translation must be higher than the map transform + the layer number that you want it to appear above.

Bevy Versions

Bevy Version Plugin Version
0.4 0.2, 0.3
master 0.3 with the bevy-unstable feature ( see below )

Using Bevy From Master

You can use this crate with Bevy master by adding a patch to your Cargo.toml and by adding the bevy-unstable feature to this crate:

# Bevy version must be set to "0.4" and we will
# override it in the patch below.
bevy = "0.4"
bevy_ldtk = { version = "0.3", features = ["bevy-unstable"] }

bevy = { git = "https://github.com/bevyengine/bevy.git" }

Note that as Bevy master may or may not introduce breaking API changes, this crate may or may not compile when using the bevy-unstable feature.


  • An efficient renderer that only uses 4 vertices per map layer and lays out tiles on the GPU
  • Supports hot reload through the Bevy asset server integration
  • Heavily commented code to help others who want to see how to make their own tilemap renderers.


The plugin is in relatively early stages, but it is still rather functional for many basic maps

  • Many features are not supported yet:
    • multiple overlapping autotile tiles
    • tilemaps with spacing in them
    • levels in separate files
  • Occasionally some slight rendering artifacts between tiles. Not sure what causes those yet.

If you run into anything that isn't supported that you want to use in your game open an issue or PR to help prioritize what gets implemented.


Bevy LDtk is licensed under the Katharos License which places certain restrictions on what you are allowed to use it for. Please read and understand the terms before using Bevy LDtk for your project.

  • Use map data in systems

    Use map data in systems

    Hi :) How do I access the map from a system? I am new to bevy so I might have missed something. My first try was to use map: Query<LdtkMap> but that didnt work.

    Basicly I want to get from the map the entities to draw them as needed. And the required information is stored in the map.

    opened by MTRNord 20
  • Pixel Bleeding Between Tiles

    Pixel Bleeding Between Tiles

    On one map, which I unfortunately can't share because of non-free assets, has an issue when zooming in and out in the display_map example, where there will be a brief flash of bleeding pixels in between the tiles. I believe this is due to mipmapping or level of detail as it seems to be related to zooming in and out only and tends to be accompanied by a drop in frame rate.

    First we need to get a map to re-produce with and second we need to figure out what's causing the issue.

    bug help wanted 
    opened by zicklag 6
  • webgl not supported

    webgl not supported

    It looks like this library can't run on webgl due to something with the shaders. I know this library is not supported anymore officially, but I'm wondering if there is a way to support webgl with this library. Happy to contribute a fix, just need some guidance.

    opened by gzzo 5
  • Make it work with bevy 0.5

    Make it work with bevy 0.5

    Thank you for this library. Hope this is helpful. I wasn't sure if you wanted to try to keep the special configuration attributes in place for the transition to 0.5 or not. I removed them in my branch.

    opened by iarebatman 3
  • Properly Handle Overlapping Auto-tiles in the Same Cell

    Properly Handle Overlapping Auto-tiles in the Same Cell

    It is possible for there to be multiple auto-tiles overlayed in the same cell of an LDtk layer. This is not currently handled correctly and causes some trouble for us because of the way that we spawn one chunk per LDtk layer. We are going to have fix this in order to properly display many LDtk maps:


    opened by zicklag 2
  • ldtk_rust 0.4.0 (ldtk 0.8.1) support

    ldtk_rust 0.4.0 (ldtk 0.8.1) support


    I'm new to the ldtk & bevy world, but i noticed that i couldn't parse maps created with ldtk 0.8.1 so i made some patches in order to make it work. There isn't an official release of ldtk_rust 0.4.0, but there is a tag on their github and master supports 0.8.1, so i am using that for now.

    I see there is some issue with the "both flip", but i'm not sure if/how it worked before so maybe you can hint. Colors seem to be weird as well, although i'm not sure if this is a problem with my patch or me not setting a proper background with bevy?

    See rendered in bevy: image

    Versus in ldtk: image

    Maybe this will be useful once it is actually released, if not feel free to close!


    opened by linde12 2
  • Make All LDtk Sample Maps Render

    Make All LDtk Sample Maps Render

    For the sake of this issue we are just counting that the map renders the default level correctly, not counting issues caused by multi-file map loading or multiple levels.

    • [x] AutoLayers_1_basic.ldtk
    • [x] AutoLayers_2_stamps.ldtk
    • [x] AutoLayers_3_Mosaic.ldtk
    • [ ] AutoLayers_4_Advanced.ldtk
    • [x] Entities.ldtk
    • [ ] Test_file_for_API_showing_all_features.ldtk
    • [x] Typical_2D_platformer_example.ldtk
    • [x] Typical_TopDown_example.ldtk
    • [x] WorldMap_Free_layout.ldtk
    • [x] WorldMap_GridVania_layout.ldtk

    Out of scope for this issue:

    • SeparateLevelFiles.ldtk
    opened by zicklag 1
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