Query textual streams with PromQL-like language

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pq - query textual streams with PromQL


  • Time Series - a stream of timestamped values, aka samples sharing the same metric name and, optionally, the same set of labels (i.e. a unique combination of key-value pairs).
  • Metric name - a human-readable name of a measurement. E.g. http_requests_total, content_length, etc).
  • Metric type - counter, gauge, histogram, and summary.
  • Label - a dimension of the measurement. E.g. method, url, etc.
  • Sample - aka data point - a (value, timestamp) tuple. Value is always float64 and timestamp is always with millisecond precision.
  • Instant vector - a type of expression evaluation - a set of time series (vector) containing a single sample for each time series, all sharing the same timestamp.
  • Range vector - a type of expression evaluation - a set of time series containing a range of data points over time for each time series.
  • Scalar and string - two other expression evaluation results.
  • Vector selector - expression of a form <metric_name>[{label1=value1[, label2=value2, ...]}][[time_duration]].


$ cargo test

$ cat | cargo run -- -d '([^\s]+)\s(\w+)\s(\d+)' -t '0:%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S' -l 1:name -m 2:age -- '-age{name=~"(bob|sarah)", name!~"b.*"}' <<EOF
2021-01-01T05:40:41 bob 42
2021-01-01T23:59:58 sarah 25
2021-01-02T00:00:02 bob 42
2021-01-02T00:00:03 sarah 26

# Expected output:
InstantVector(InstantVector { instant: 1609545598000, samples: [({"name": "sarah", "__name__": "age"}, -25.0)] })
InstantVector(InstantVector { instant: 1609545599000, samples: [] })
InstantVector(InstantVector { instant: 1609545600000, samples: [] })
InstantVector(InstantVector { instant: 1609545601000, samples: [] })
InstantVector(InstantVector { instant: 1609545602000, samples: [] })
InstantVector(InstantVector { instant: 1609545603000, samples: [({"name": "sarah", "__name__": "age"}, -26.0)] })
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