Opinionated Rust authentication library.




  • Prevent user enumeration. All routes should be protected against user enumeration, for now we should at least protect against basic enumeration based on responses.
  • Prevent phishing attacks.


Getting started is very simple, create a new instance of the Auth struct and mount it on to Rocket.

use mongodb::Client;
use rocket;
use rauth;

async fn main() {
  let client = Client::with_uri_str("mongodb://localhost:27017/")

  // Pick a suitable collection, make sure you set it up correctly
  // as written below in "Database Migrations".
  let col = client.database("rauth").collection("accounts");

  // Set any options, such as the public base URL or your email
  // verification options.
  let options = rauth::options::Options::new();

  // Create a new instance of the Auth object.
  let auth = rauth::auth::Auth::new(col, options);
    .manage(auth) // Mount rAuth state.
    .mount("/", rauth::routes::routes()) // Mount rAuth routes.

How does rAuth work?

rAuth uses email / password combinations to authenticate users and nothing else, this might not be what you're looking for but I personally prefer this format.

  • If you need usernames, you need to handle this on your end.

When a user signs in, a new session is created, every single device a user logs in on has a unique session.

  • This means a user can then log themselves out of old sessions or otherwise see where they are logged in.

Example from Revolt App

Internally rAuth stores emails with and without special characters, +..

  • This means we can support plus signing without allowing the same email to sign up multiple times.
  • In the case of Gmail, all emails with dots are forwarded to those without them, this can lead to some unfortunate situations.
    • Generally, we treat all emails with dots as their non-dot counterpart when checking if an email exists.
    • This may inconvenience some users but I would rather avoid situations like above or duplicate accounts.
  • When logging in, the email given is checked against the original email and nothing else.

Database Migrations

You need to manage the database migrations yourself.

Creating the database.

rAuth needs a collection and two indexes to operate optimally.

db.create_collection("accounts", None);
  doc! {
    "createIndexes": "accounts",
    "indexes": [
        "key": {
          "email": 1
        "name": "email",
        "unique": true,
        "collation": {
          "locale": "en",
          "strength": 2
        "key": {
          "email_normalised": 1
        "name": "email_normalised",
        "unique": true,
        "collation": {
          "locale": "en",
          "strength": 2


Currently no migrations are available, but they will be added here as needed.

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  • Add check for for email validation

    Add check for for email validation

    There doesn't seem to be a check to validate if email has be verified when EmailVerification has been enabled:


    I'm using the latest version of the Revolt Chat app, and email verification does not work. Users are able to login before completing the email verification step: https://github.com/revoltchat/delta/blob/997d1fffc032719bf42632af2805d1f69de8e428/src/main.rs#L88

    I also don't see where UnverifiedAccount Error is being raised within the code:


    Created pull request: https://github.com/insertish/rauth/pull/33

    note: never programmed in Rust before, but hopefully this will shortcut the process of getting this issue resolved

    opened by davidmroth 1
  • Licensing?


    I assume this is an oversight, but RAuth doesn't currently appear to have a license file in the repository or the Cargo.toml, so I'm unsure as to whether I can use this library in my own projects or not.

    opened by ashhhleyyy 0
  • Two-factor Authentication

    Two-factor Authentication

    Add different MFA methods.


    • [ ] Add trusted handover / QR code login.

    1FA (requires email specified)

    • [x] Password
    • [ ] Add email OTP 1FA login.
    • [ ] Add security key 1FA login.

    2FA (requires email + password specified)

    • [ ] Add email OTP 2FA login.
    • [x] #20
    • [ ] Add security key 2FA login.
    opened by insertish 18
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