Completely OBSOLETE Rust HTTP library (server and client)



This library is DEAD. It was a useful experiment and is now being replaced under the scope of the Teepee (experimentation grounds at the present) and Hyper (actual, usable HTTP stuff) projects.

For some more information on what’s happened/happening with it all, see

YOU SHOULD NOT USE THIS LIBRARY AT ALL. If you want to use HTTP, I recommend you use Hyper for the moment.

  • Switch to rust-url

    Switch to rust-url

    Fixes #57.

    I’m making a branch of Servo based on this. I’m not sure if you want it, but here it is.

    This adds a dependency on , which itself depends on The appropriate -L flags need to be passed in RUSTFLAGS.

    rust-url itself uses Cargo, but I’ve made a Makefile for Servo. (Servo wants cross-compiling, which is not supported by Cargo yet.)

    opened by SimonSapin 24
  • Publicize ResponseWriter fields

    Publicize ResponseWriter fields

    Currently, Request and ResponseWriter do not impl Clone. As a workaround, a new Request can be made from the fields of an existing one, but there is no such workaround with ResponseWriter due to its private fields.

    This PR exposes writer and headers_written so that a new ResponseWriter can be made from an existing ResponseWriter that will write to the same BufferedStream.

    The use case for this is in extending rust-http to deal with multiple handlers, or a chain of handlers. Specifically, it helps to make frameworking more accessible by allowing wrapping of the Request and ResponseWriter into framework-defined structs, something that has been an issue for me.

    The only thing that is actually added here is prepending the field definitions with pub.

    opened by zzmp 16
  • Remove mut ~str, use std::strbuf::StrBuf

    Remove mut ~str, use std::strbuf::StrBuf

    Per mozilla/rust@d8e45ea7c054b4ad6fb82ec3a9fcf1736b4d7260 this ports all uses of ~str as temporary vectors to use StrBuf instead.

    There are places where I'm doing lots of really fiddly type juggling inside functions that could absolutely be ported to just use StrBuf as the interface, but this would break compatibility outside of them (insofar as it does already- this library totally explodes on a post d8e45ea7c rust)

    opened by richo 13
  • Consider unboxing Response::headers

    Consider unboxing Response::headers

    Currently, Response::headers is a Box<HeaderCollection> and I can't see why it should be rather than just a HeaderCollection stored in Response, which could be boxed or unboxed depending on the needs of the response consumer.

    opened by reem 11
  • Update README.rst

    Update README.rst

    I don't know what about your system but Arch, rust-git:

    $ ls target/examples 
    apache_fake  client  hello_world  info  one_time_server  request_uri
    $ ls target/test
    ls: cannot access target/test: No such file or directory
    opened by AlexTalker 6
  • Fix OpenSSL error when using HTTPS

    Fix OpenSSL error when using HTTPS

    There was an SSL handshake failure that occurred when attempting to perform an HTTP request to certain https addresses. I've been using rust-http in my version manager for the Rust compiler, and when I attempted to perform a HTTP GET on any Rust download the connection would fail with an OpenSSL error. (For example:*)

    I cleaned up the error messages in rust-openssl to make it more clear what was happening and then diagnosed that without the SNI the request would fail. It is a very simple fix, and setting the hostname on the SSL session seemed to be enough.

    The code that was failing can be found here:

    opened by jroesch 6
  • Build failure on Windows

    Build failure on Windows

    $ cargo build --verbose
         Running `rustc src\encoding\ --crate-name encoding --crate-type lib -
    g -C metadata=c1d6b666cb4ac9e8 -C extra-filename=-c1d6b666cb4ac9e8 --out-dir C:\
    Users\Austin\Documents\GitHub\rust-http\target\deps --dep-info C:\Users\Austin\D
    encoding -L C:\Users\Austin\Documents\GitHub\rust-http\target\deps -L C:\Users\A
         Running `rustc src\ --crate-name openssl --crate-type lib -g -C metad
    ata=f591436d05d56a5c -C extra-filename=-f591436d05d56a5c --out-dir C:\Users\Aust
    in\Documents\GitHub\rust-http\target\deps --dep-info C:\Users\Austin\Documents\G
    itHub\rust-http\target\.fingerprint\openssl-f591436d05d56a5c\dep-lib-openssl -L
    C:\Users\Austin\Documents\GitHub\rust-http\target\deps -L C:\Users\Austin\Docume
         Running `rustc C:\Users\Austin\.cargo\git\checkouts\rust-url-1e22af4233079a
    1e\master\src\ --crate-name url --crate-type lib -g -C metadata=f240ab718d
    c73e52 -C extra-filename=-f240ab718dc73e52 --out-dir C:\Users\Austin\Documents\G
    itHub\rust-http\target\deps --dep-info C:\Users\Austin\Documents\GitHub\rust-htt
    p\target\.fingerprint\url-f240ab718dc73e52\dep-lib-url -L C:\Users\Austin\Docume
    nts\GitHub\rust-http\target\deps -L C:\Users\Austin\Documents\GitHub\rust-http\t
    arget\deps --extern encoding=C:\Users\Austin\Documents\GitHub\rust-http\target\d
         Running `rustc src\http\ --crate-name http --crate-type lib -g -C met
    adata=ea12ae0b12ae4f65 -C extra-filename=-ea12ae0b12ae4f65 --out-dir C:\Users\Au
    stin\Documents\GitHub\rust-http\target --dep-info C:\Users\Austin\Documents\GitH
    ub\rust-http\target\.fingerprint\http-ea12ae0b12ae4f65\dep-lib-http -L C:\Users\
    Austin\Documents\GitHub\rust-http\target -L C:\Users\Austin\Documents\GitHub\rus
    t-http\target\deps -L C:\Users\Austin\Documents\GitHub\rust-http\target\native\h
    ttp-ea12ae0b12ae4f65 --extern url=C:\Users\Austin\Documents\GitHub\rust-http\tar
    get\deps/liburl-f240ab718dc73e52.rlib --extern openssl=C:\Users\Austin\Documents
           Fresh openssl v0.0.0 (
           Fresh encoding v0.1.0 (
           Fresh url v0.1.0 (
       Compiling http v0.1.0-pre (file:///C:/Users/Austin/Documents/GitHub/rust-http
    Failed to run custom build command for `http v0.1.0-pre (file:///C:/Users/Austin
    Could not execute process `./` (status=never executed)
    Caused by:
      OS Error 193: %1 is not a valid Win32 application.

    Tried in MinGW and MSYS. Fresh Rust and Cargo nightly:

    $ rustc --version
    rustc 0.12.0-pre-nightly (325808a33 2014-09-08 20:51:14 +0000)
    $ cargo --version
    cargo 0.0.1-pre-nightly (763e216 2014-09-08 22:28:48 +0000)

    Running ./ directly works just fine. Exits normally, no output.

    opened by abonander 6
  • Added Cargo

    Added Cargo

    This PR adds Cargo and also changes make to use target as a build directory to be consistent and to allow the two build systems to be interchangeable.

    Cargo.toml's treatment of the codegen step is not ideal right now, as it treats is as a ./configure-like step as opposed to treating it as code, which means that it runs every time you run cargo build. I don't see a way around this as Cargo is not extremely flexible right now (or at least is not documented as so).

    opened by reem 6
  • Use packaged openssl crate

    Use packaged openssl crate

    Using the git reference means users can't have e.g. rust-http and rust-postgres as dependencies as rust-postgres has already changed to the packaged version. This then leads to two 'different' crates linking the same native crate.

    opened by Ryman 5
  • testing and get this build error on rust-http

    testing and get this build error on rust-http

    cargo 0.0.1-pre-nightly (56852db 2014-11-14 23:33:33 +0000) rustc 0.13.0-nightly (d91a015ab 2014-11-14 23:37:27 +0000)

    did these $ cargo new --bin $ cd $ cargo build

    then this. screen shot 2014-11-17 at 3 15 41 am

    opened by talnetd 5
  • Build failed with error -  mismatched types: expected `collections::string::String`, found `time::TmFmt<'_>`

    Build failed with error - mismatched types: expected `collections::string::String`, found `time::TmFmt<'_>`

    eax@fujitsu:~/temp$ git clone
    Cloning into 'rust-http'...
    remote: Counting objects: 3860, done.
    remote: Compressing objects: 100% (14/14), done.
    remote: Total 3860 (delta 1), reused 0 (delta 0)
    Receiving objects: 100% (3860/3860), 999.52 KiB | 210.00 KiB/s, done.
    Resolving deltas: 100% (2186/2186), done.
    Checking connectivity... done.
    eax@fujitsu:~/temp$ cd rust-http/
    eax@fujitsu:~/temp/rust-http$ ls
    Cargo.toml  codegen  comparisons  COPYRIGHT  documentation  examples  LICENSE-APACHE  LICENSE-MIT  README.rst  src
    eax@fujitsu:~/temp/rust-http$ cargo build -v
    warning: an arbitrary build command has now been deprecated.
             It has been replaced by custom build scripts.
             For more information, see
        Updating git repository ``
        Updating git repository ``
        Updating git repository ``
       Compiling encoding-index-japanese v1.0.20140915 (
         Running `rustc --crate-name encoding-index-japanese --crate-type lib -g -C metadata=483043e85d4a33ad -C extra-filename=-483043e85d4a33ad --out-dir /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps --dep-info /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/.fingerprint/encoding-index-japanese-483043e85d4a33ad/dep-lib-encoding-index-japanese -L /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps -L /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps -Awarnings`
       Compiling encoding-index-singlebyte v1.0.20140915 (
         Running `rustc --crate-name encoding-index-singlebyte --crate-type lib -g -C metadata=bea7b3e2495b3c3b -C extra-filename=-bea7b3e2495b3c3b --out-dir /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps --dep-info /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/.fingerprint/encoding-index-singlebyte-bea7b3e2495b3c3b/dep-lib-encoding-index-singlebyte -L /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps -L /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps -Awarnings`
       Compiling openssl v0.0.0 (
         Running `rustc src/ --crate-name openssl --crate-type lib -g -C metadata=fbe75530f7eda428 -C extra-filename=-fbe75530f7eda428 --out-dir /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps --dep-info /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/.fingerprint/openssl-fbe75530f7eda428/dep-lib-openssl -L /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps -L /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps -Awarnings`
       Compiling encoding-index-korean v1.0.20140915 (
         Running `rustc --crate-name encoding-index-korean --crate-type lib -g -C metadata=deaa17992fade0b3 -C extra-filename=-deaa17992fade0b3 --out-dir /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps --dep-info /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/.fingerprint/encoding-index-korean-deaa17992fade0b3/dep-lib-encoding-index-korean -L /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps -L /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps -Awarnings`
       Compiling encoding-index-simpchinese v1.0.20140915 (
         Running `rustc --crate-name encoding-index-simpchinese --crate-type lib -g -C metadata=2dc900f172f1b6eb -C extra-filename=-2dc900f172f1b6eb --out-dir /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps --dep-info /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/.fingerprint/encoding-index-simpchinese-2dc900f172f1b6eb/dep-lib-encoding-index-simpchinese -L /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps -L /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps -Awarnings`
       Compiling encoding-index-tradchinese v1.0.20140915 (
         Running `rustc --crate-name encoding-index-tradchinese --crate-type lib -g -C metadata=31c5a3802fca9dba -C extra-filename=-31c5a3802fca9dba --out-dir /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps --dep-info /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/.fingerprint/encoding-index-tradchinese-31c5a3802fca9dba/dep-lib-encoding-index-tradchinese -L /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps -L /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps -Awarnings`
       Compiling http v0.1.0-pre (file:///home/eax/temp/rust-http)
         Running sh
       Compiling encoding v0.2.0 (
         Running `rustc /home/eax/.cargo/git/checkouts/rust-encoding-aceee0e55a114022/master/src/ --crate-name encoding --crate-type lib -g -C metadata=8745cc083d450456 -C extra-filename=-8745cc083d450456 --out-dir /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps --dep-info /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/.fingerprint/encoding-8745cc083d450456/dep-lib-encoding -L /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps -L /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps --extern encoding-index-simpchinese=/home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps/libencoding-index-simpchinese-2dc900f172f1b6eb.rlib --extern encoding-index-korean=/home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps/libencoding-index-korean-deaa17992fade0b3.rlib --extern encoding-index-tradchinese=/home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps/libencoding-index-tradchinese-31c5a3802fca9dba.rlib --extern encoding-index-japanese=/home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps/libencoding-index-japanese-483043e85d4a33ad.rlib --extern encoding-index-singlebyte=/home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps/libencoding-index-singlebyte-bea7b3e2495b3c3b.rlib -Awarnings`
       Compiling url v0.1.0 (
         Running `rustc /home/eax/.cargo/git/checkouts/rust-url-1e22af4233079a1e/master/src/ --crate-name url --crate-type lib -g -C metadata=921578b148f50e06 -C extra-filename=-921578b148f50e06 --out-dir /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps --dep-info /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/.fingerprint/url-921578b148f50e06/dep-lib-url -L /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps -L /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps --extern encoding=/home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps/libencoding-8745cc083d450456.rlib -Awarnings`
         Running `rustc src/http/ --crate-name http --crate-type lib -g -C metadata=75bda6d0676a064c -C extra-filename=-75bda6d0676a064c --out-dir /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target --dep-info /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/.fingerprint/http-75bda6d0676a064c/dep-lib-http -L /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target -L /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps -L /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/native/http-75bda6d0676a064c --extern openssl=/home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps/libopenssl-fbe75530f7eda428.rlib --extern url=/home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps/liburl-921578b148f50e06.rlib`
    src/http/headers/ 733:63 error: mismatched types: expected `collections::string::String`, found `time::TmFmt<'_>` (expected struct collections::string::String, found struct time::TmFmt)
    src/http/headers/         self.to_utc().strftime("%a, %d %b %Y %T GMT").unwrap()
    error: aborting due to previous error
    Could not compile `http`.
    Caused by:
      Process didn't exit successfully: `rustc src/http/ --crate-name http --crate-type lib -g -C metadata=75bda6d0676a064c -C extra-filename=-75bda6d0676a064c --out-dir /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target --dep-info /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/.fingerprint/http-75bda6d0676a064c/dep-lib-http -L /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target -L /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps -L /home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/native/http-75bda6d0676a064c --extern openssl=/home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps/libopenssl-fbe75530f7eda428.rlib --extern url=/home/eax/temp/rust-http/target/deps/liburl-921578b148f50e06.rlib` (status=101)
    eax@fujitsu:~/temp/rust-http$ rustc --version
    rustc 0.13.0-nightly
    eax@fujitsu:~/temp/rust-http$ cargo --version
    cargo 0.0.1-pre-nightly (8cc600a 2014-11-07 21:15:52 +0000)
    eax@fujitsu:~/temp/rust-http$ uname -a
    Linux fujitsu 3.13.0-32-generic #57-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jul 15 03:51:08 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
    eax@fujitsu:~/temp/rust-http$ cat /etc/lsb-release 
    DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS"
    opened by afiskon 5
  • Poor performance when HTTP keep-alive is disabled

    Poor performance when HTTP keep-alive is disabled

    I observe that throughput for a simple 'Hello, world' server drops by about 10x when the client does not use or support HTTP keep-alive. My 8-core i7 manages about ~28k req/s with keep-alive and ~2.4k req/s without.

    I expected some TCP setup/teardown overhead but, according to perf record, most CPU time can be traced back to the spawn() call in src/http/server/ I see expensive system calls to clone(), mmap(), mprotect(), and so on, all originating from imp::thread::create() from the standard library. A thread pool would probably help alleviate that.

    opened by bnoordhuis 0
  • Explain what limitations are there for posting

    Explain what limitations are there for posting

    The source code comment says:

    If you wish to send a request body (e.g. POST requests), I'm sorry to have to tell you that there is not good support for this yet. However, it can be done; here is an example:

    Please update the readme and/or documentation with a description of these limitations. The comments say that there are, but it's unclear what they are.

    opened by Valve 2
  • Case sensitivity of methods, and spec compliance

    Case sensitivity of methods, and spec compliance

    opened by Manishearth 2
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