Implementation of zero-knowledge proof circuits for Tendermint.


Tendermint X

Implementation of zero-knowledge proof circuits for Tendermint.


Tendermint X's core contract is TendermintX, which stores the headers of Tendermint blocks. Users can query a TendermintX contract for the header of a specific block height, or for the latest header.

There are two entrypoints to a TendermintX contract, step and skip.


skip is used to jump from the current header to a non-consecutive header.

For example, let's say block N has already been proven in the light client, and we want to prove block N+10. If validators from block N represent more than 1/3 of the voting power in block N+10, then we can skip from block N to block N+10, as long as 1) the validators from the trusted block have signed the new block, and 2) the new block is valid.

The methodology for doing so is described in the section 2.3 of A Tendermint Light Client.


step is used to sequentially verify the next header after the current header.

This is rarely used, as step will only be invoked when the validator set changes by more than 2/3 in a single block.


The circuits are currently available on Succinct X here.

There are currently TendermintX light clients tracking the following networks on Goerli:


Deploy a TendermintX contract.

forge create --rpc-url $RPC_URL --private-key $PRIVATE_KEY --constructor-args 0x6e4f1e9ea315ebfd69d18c2db974eef6105fb803 --etherscan-api-key $ETHERSCAN_API_KEY --verify TendermintX

Initialize the TendermintX contract with genesis parameters.

forge script script/Genesis.s.sol --rpc-url $RPC_URL --private-key $PRIVATE_KEY --broadcast

Update the function ID's on the TendermintX contract.

forge script script/FunctionId.s.sol --rpc-url $RPC_URL --private-key $PRIVATE_KEY --broadcast

Run TendermintX script to update the light client continuously.

Note: Update .env with the necessary variables before running.

cargo run --bin tendermintx --release
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  • feat: `TendermintX` script + `succinctx` eddsa changes

    feat: `TendermintX` script + `succinctx` eddsa changes


    • Add Rust script to update TendermintX light client continuously.
    • Update succinctx to use multi-table SHA + EDDSA.
    • Optimize: VALIDATOR_SET_SIZE_MAX, no longer needs to be a power of 2.


    opened by ratankaliani 0
  • feat(utils): `is_valid_skip`

    feat(utils): `is_valid_skip`


    • Add is_valid_skip, which determines if a valid skip proof can be generated over a block range [start_block, target_block).
      • This will be used in Rust scripts to run TendermintX light clients.
    opened by ratankaliani 0
  • Add Osmosis Demo

    Add Osmosis Demo

    • Add demo for ZKTendermintLightClient with Osmosis.
      • Don't need get_header_from_number for ZKTendermintLightClient, but have to build the circuits for 256 validators.
    opened by ratankaliani 1
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