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imgui-rs: Rust bindings for Dear ImGui

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(Recently under new maintenance, things subject to change)

Hello world

Window::new(im_str!("Hello world"))
    .size([300.0, 100.0], Condition::FirstUseEver)
    .build(&ui, || {
        ui.text(im_str!("Hello world!"));
        let mouse_pos =;
            "Mouse Position: ({:.1},{:.1})",
            mouse_pos[0], mouse_pos[1]

Main library crates

  • imgui: High-level safe API
  • imgui-glium-renderer: Renderer implementation that uses the glium crate
  • imgui-gfx-renderer: Renderer implementation that uses the gfx crate (not the new gfx-hal crate)
  • imgui-winit-support: Backend platform implementation that uses the winit crate (latest by default, but earlier versions are supported via feature flags)
  • imgui-sys: Low-level unsafe API (automatically generated)


  • Bindings for Dear ImGui that can be used with safe Rust. Note: API coverage is not 100%, but will keep improving over time.
  • Builder structs for use cases where the original C++ library uses optional function parameters
  • &ImStr / ImString types and im_str! macro for defining and passing null-terminated UTF-8 to Dear ImGui, which doesn't accept Rust &str / String values. See issue #7 for more information and justification for this design.
  • Easy integration with Glium / pre-ll gfx (renderer)
  • Easy integration with winit (backend platform)

Choosing a backend platform and a renderer

Almost every application that uses imgui-rs needs two additional components in addition to the main imgui crate: a backend platform, and a renderer.

The backend platform is responsible for integrating imgui-rs with the operating system and its window management. Its responsibilities include the following:

  • Handling input events (e.g. keyboard, mouse) and updating imgui-rs state accordingly
  • Passing information about the OS window (e.g. size, DPI factor) to imgui-rs
  • Updating the OS-side mouse cursor when imgui-rs requests it

The renderer is responsible for taking generic, renderer-agnostic draw lists generated by imgui-rs, and rendering them using some graphics API. Its responsibilities include the following:

  • Rendering using vertex/index buffers and command lists
  • Handling of DPI factors and scissor rects
  • Texture management

The most tested platform/renderer combination is imgui-glium-renderer + glium + imgui-winit-support + winit, but this is not the only possible combination. There's also imgui-gfx-renderer, and you can find additional 3rd party crates that provide a wider support for more libraries (e.g. raw OpenGL, SDL2). You can also write your own support code if you have a more advanced use case, because imgui-rs is not tied to any specific graphics / OS API.

Compiling and running the demos

git clone
cd imgui-rs
git submodule update --init --recursive

Main examples are located in the imgui-examples directory.

# At the reposity root
cd imgui-examples
cargo test

cargo run --example hello_world
cargo run --example test_window
cargo run --example test_window_impl

Examples for the gfx backend are under the imgui-gfx-examples directory.

cd imgui-gfx-examples
cargo test

cargo run --example hello_world
cargo run --example test_window

Note to Windows users: You will need to use the MSVC ABI version of the Rust compiler along with its associated dependencies to build this libary and run the examples.

How to contribute

  1. Change or add something

  2. Make sure you're using the latest stable Rust

  3. Run rustfmt to guarantee code style conformance

    rustup component add rustfmt
    cargo fmt
  4. Open a pull request in Github


Licensed under either of

at your option.

Uses Dear ImGui and cimgui.


Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.

  • Update cimgui to 1.53.1

    Update cimgui to 1.53.1

    Update cimgui, fixing #97 and #88.

    As a side note, the previous version has some compiler warning showing up during build:

    warning: third-party/cimgui/imgui/imgui.cpp: In function ‘void ImGui::RenderTriangle(ImVec2, ImGuiDir, float)’:
    warning: third-party/cimgui/imgui/imgui.cpp:3136:11: warning: this statement may fall through [-Wimplicit-fallthrough=]
    warning:          r = -r; // ...fall through, no break!
    warning:          ~~^~~~

    The new version has no warning.

    opened by malikolivier 26
  • glow renderer

    glow renderer

    Apologies if this is a bit over-complicated, it got away from me a bit. However, the vast majority of the OpenGL logic is based on the upstream example, so I hope it is mostly correct.

    Where it differs are in three traits (ContextStateManager, ShaderProvider, and TextureMap) which users can implement to customise how the renderer behaves. It also supports either owning the OpenGL context, or borrowing it when needed. But, as the example shows, basic usage remains simple.

    Hopefully the examples and code are relatively self-explanatory. I started writing docs, but then I got a compiler crash while running cargo doc, so I just sort of stopped.

    Happy to change/fix as needed. Any testing would be great -- I've only tested on Linux with nvidia drivers.

    opened by jmaargh 24
  • Wraps the dear ImGui custom drawing API

    Wraps the dear ImGui custom drawing API

    This is an attempt at wrapping ImGui's custom drawing API.

    The custom rendering example provided with ImGui has been completely implemented. The result is as below:


    Each patch should be self-explanatory and can be reviewed separately.

    This collection of patches can be split into 4 sections.

    • Implementation of, the API itself
    • Add a few helper methods in Ui. These functions will be used for the examples.
    • Add show_example_app_custom_rendering in test_window_impl
    • Add another example test_drawing_channels_split, showing how channels_split can be used. => The example can be removed from this PR if you do not like it.

    This is an improvement over #102. With support for safe use of channels_split and generics to allow a more convenient use of the API.

    opened by malikolivier 17
  • Add `DrawListMut::add_image` etc

    Add `DrawListMut::add_image` etc

    Exposed a few DrawList methods related to drawing images, they are quite useful for things like making custom controls (using ImageButton makes it

    I personally only needed add_image but added the quad and rounded ones for completeness (well completeness plus the wavy Lenna button is quite entertaining)

    There's a few things I questioned about these new bindings:

    1. Could they be combined into one struct - my decision was nope, as you can't add rounded corners to add_image_quad (so some of the builder arguments would be mutually exclusive). Could have combined Image and ImageRounded and left ImageQuad separate, but it seemed neater just to keep each separate
    2. There is already an Image struct at src/widgets/ (Image as in ImageButton). I couldn't think of a good alternative name for these without being inconsistent with the other similar builders in so I left it as-is
    3. ImDrawCornerFlags is in crate::legacy` - is this okay? It felt slightly odd using something in a legacy folder to implement some new functionality!
    opened by dbr 16
  • Discussion: maintainer change

    Discussion: maintainer change

    I've decided to stop maintaining imgui-rs, because honestly it feels like 100% chore at this point without any fun. The ratio used to be a bit different earlier when there were interesting technical challenges :slightly_smiling_face: but now many of those are solved and I mostly face annoying technical challenges caused by choices I can't influence, and I keep having to spend time trying to defend the choices I have made.

    Simply put, there's so many other projects I'd much rather spend time on...I've never been especially passionate about user interfaces since my own needs are very simple and I don't think Dear ImGui is that great from a Rust perspective, no matter if it's wrapped by current imgui-rs implementation, or some hypothetical better alternative wrapper.

    From a practical point of view, I think the repo needs to be moved under some organization and I need to give release rights to somebody. What happens after that is 100% up to the next maintainer(s) :smile: personally I will be probably switching to egui in the few projects that currently use imgui-rs

    Let's discuss here who wants to be the new maintainer(s)!

    If you'd like to maintain imgui-rs, please answer the following three questions. This is not a "job interview" and there's no strict requirements, but I'd like to have some idea who I'm passing the torch to :slightly_smiling_face:

    1. Why do you want to maintain imgui-rs?

    Maybe you have some grand plans for imgui-rs? Or maybe you currently use it and just want it to be actively maintained? It would be nice to know why you're interested. I have never been very passionate about imgui-rs and have managed to maintain it for years, but some passion probably helps if you want to be a good maintainer.

    1. Do you currently use imgui-rs?

    It's not a strict requirement, but I think it's so much better if you use the thing you maintain, so I'd like to know if you use imgui-rs and how you use it. One of my own problems has been that I don't actually use imgui-rs very much, so I don't get to experience all pain points from a user point of view.

    1. What kind of qualifications do you have for maintaining a crate like this?

    No need to have a master's degree in user interfaces, games, or unsafe code :smile: But I'd like to know if you already maintain any crates related to game development or have some other relevant skills which would be useful with imgui-rs.

    opened by Gekkio 16
  • support winit-0.24

    support winit-0.24

    I've checked the breaking changes in winit 0.24, and none of them affect this imgui-winit-support crate. Simply allowing the 0.24 version for the winit-23 feature should be sufficient.

    I also have the change ready where there is a separate winit-24 feature, adjusting the imgui-winit-support/src/ file to take it into account. Let me know if you prefer that approach over this one.

    opened by willemv 13
  • Discussion: future of this project

    Discussion: future of this project

    ...discussion based on comments in #285

    Can everybody please clarify what exactly is expected of me that is not being provided at the moment? I'll happily consider giving full access to more people, but I'm also getting very mixed signals here.

    @rasky wants review of this branch, which I'm not capable of delivering because this pull request has very little information about the change, and reviewing the pull request requires a good understanding of both the Dear Imgui feature (which is still experimental), and how that maps to imgui-rs.

    What about @Jasper-Bekkers, @jaynus? What needs do you have that are not being met at the moment but would be if I gave full admin access to some people (you?)? My criteria for a crate being "unmaintained" is usually that pull requests don't get merged, which doesn't seem to be the case here, because the problem seems to be lack of review and/or lack of active development. I'm not actively doing work on this crate, but it's not the same thing as not accepting any changes.

    There's nothing preventing somebody else from reviewing this pull request right here. In fact, if docking was in dear imgui master and somebody from Embark had reviewed this pull request, I'd merge it without hesitation.

    There's nothing preventing somebody else from implementing "critical changes that weren't finished". If reasonable pull requests were submitted, I'd merge them.

    And just to be clear: in any case, forking won't be needed. I'd much rather completely give away this project to somebody else than let it rot. However, the discussion so far seems to be mostly about credentials, not about the actual effort that moves the project forward. I've already given contributor access to one other person, and will gladly do it again. But what exactly does it change in practice other than credentials?


    "I need X but Gekkio doesn't do/provide Y" <- please fill in X and Y

    "Q is not possible right now, but if Gekkio gave admin access to <name of person>, it would be possible" <- please fill in Q

    opened by Gekkio 13
  • ListClipper + table doens't create scrollbars with imgui 1.86

    ListClipper + table doens't create scrollbars with imgui 1.86

    For some reason with the latest main version of imgui-rs, a simple usage of the ListClipper cominbed with the table API will not produce scrollbars. Either with SCROLL_Y (which creates a new child window and scrolls within that) or without (creates items in current window and causes that to scroll)

    The clipper appears to be mostly doing it's job - only the visible items are created, and it correctly adjusts as the window is resized etc.. just, there is never a scrollbar created


    The same code was working in previous imgui-rs release (which used a previous version of upstream imgui)

    Most confusingly, the examples in ImGui's Demo Window work fine, and the wrappers around the ListClipper are pretty thin

    There was a bunch of bugfixes with imgui 1.86 to help with very large tables, so it's presumably something to do with these chnages.. but I'm very unclear if this is a problem in the bindings (likely since it works in the demo window, but strange as the bindings look correct on first glance), or if it's a problem with the upstream changes

    @ocornut any thoughts on if this could be a problem on the C++ side of things?

    opened by dbr 12
  • Add

    Add "freetype" feature

    Quick attempt at #359 - adds feature to enable the freetype font rasterizer

    Not tested much beyond "seems to work" comparing before/after with:

    cargo run --example multiple_fonts --features freetype

    ..which requires libfreetype6-dev on Debian. No idea how it'll get on under other platforms, particularly Windows

    There is one compiler warning:

    warning: ./third-party/imgui/misc/freetype/imgui_freetype.cpp:357:8: warning: ‘ImFontBuildSrcGlyphFT’ has a field ‘ImFontBuildSrcGlyphFT::Info’ whose type uses the anonymous namespace [-Wsubobject-linkage]
    warning:  struct ImFontBuildSrcGlyphFT
    warning:         ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    warning: ./third-party/imgui/misc/freetype/imgui_freetype.cpp:366:8: warning: ‘ImFontBuildSrcDataFT’ has a field ‘ImFontBuildSrcDataFT::Font’ whose type uses the anonymous namespace [-Wsubobject-linkage]
    warning:  struct ImFontBuildSrcDataFT
    warning:         ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    ..which I think is an upstream thing

    opened by dbr 12
  • (WIP) First cut at removing ImStr from the API.

    (WIP) First cut at removing ImStr from the API.

    Ulimately we're going to still transition to the imgui sized str branch here, but this means if there's some reason that doesn't pan out or can't be used universally (if it doesnt mix with docking or other branches or w/e) then it doesn't actually impact the API.

    Concretely this version copies strings to a smallvec<[u8; 128]>, in order to NUL terminate them without allocating in common cases.

    This has a nice benefit: it having this buffer means we can take allow users to pass in e.g. format_args!(...) directly, and we can use it as the scratch space, conveniently avoiding allocations for cases where you dynamically build the text on a widget, which is nice.

    Basic idea

    • all functions taking &ImStr to move to trait AsImStr.
    • trait AsImStr is implemented for all &T: AsRef<str> + ?Sized (e.g. references to AsRef types — this handles a lot of things, including &str, &String, &ImStr, &ImString, ...
    • trait AsImStr is also implemented for fmt::Arguments (not as a reference).
    • (not done yet) ImStr/ImString are deprecated, but will be kept around (possibly with a much smaller API surface) since y'all don't update shit ever (we still support winit 0.19 in this code... 😭).

    The long term goal is for us to transition (possibly behind a feature) to the string_view branch, but this change is intended on making whether or not we use that branch an implementation detail that doesn't matter too much (it's pretty cheap either way).

    Open questions:

    1. I'd like a better name than AsImStr. If ImStr goes away, why should this be called that? This ends up showing up in a lot of our function signatures, so we should try to do a good job here.

    2. Needs user-facing docs. I'd like to solve the other questions here first tho to avoid writing them multple times.

    3. Docs on the implementation stuff need cleaning up a lot

      • I kind of half-explained how the macro and such works in like 4 places in the hope that one of them stuck.
      • It's not even that complex — it's just weird looking and almost only happens inside a macro.
    4. We could probably generalize to implementations of Display rather than AsRef + format_args. Should we?

      • This is more flexible... Or, it looks that way. I think in reality, it doesn't give you anything that format_args doesn't also give you, but it might give you that in a cleaner way that's likely to be understood by a larger portion of Rust users...

      • Con: ommitting to this might make it hard to get benefits from the string_view branch (we'd need specialization).

      • Con: It also might be confusing if you pass an integer in an argument that takes a string, and it's accepted because it's Display-able, or w/e...

      • Pro: it likely helps solve the issue around "this shows up in all our func sigs, so it would be nice if users had a clue what it was" (how many APIs take a format_args! directly?)

      • More generally: there something other than Display that's better for our case? (Note that we're still limited by coherence — it's very easy to come up with a set of things that would be nice if they worked, but they do not)

    5. Is it worth the trouble at all? I think yes, but @sanbox-irl was skeptical, and has more experience with using imgui from Rust, so maybe this doesn't actually help.

    6. Does this hit any unanticipated issues with type inference? If it tends to fail to resolve, that would defeat the point, largely...

    7. ...

    Also, note that I only translated a few parts, @sanbox-irl indicated he might take the rest up but no rush, I might get the rest of them later today, it also might be worth deciding some of the above questions first. ~~That's why this is a draft PR tho.~~ (nm, clicked wrong button)

    opened by thomcc 12
  • Feat permissive dropping, in which i suffer

    Feat permissive dropping, in which i suffer

    • Most tokens through the repository (eg. WindowToken, TabBarToken, FontStackToken, etc) now allow for permissive dropping -- i.e, you don't need to actually call the .end() method on them anymore. In exchange, these tokens have taken on a lifetime, which allows them to be safe.

    • end() no longer takes Ui. This is a breaking change, but hopefully should be trivial (and perhaps nice) for users to fix. Simply delete the parameters, or add a _ before the token's binding name and allow it to be dropped on its own.

    • PopupModal's new was reworked so that it didn't take Ui until build was called. This is a breaking change if you were invoking it directly. Simply move your ui call to build or begin.

    I've changed my mind and think we shouldn't merge this till after 0.7 drops. Although the breaking changes this PR introduces are trivial, they can be substantial in a larger project. In our examples, it was about 23 single token changes (generally just removing an argument), and in my own private project, it was about 53, equally trivial changes.

    I've also decided to leave all the pop methods in place. They just call end (which is an empty method just to invoke drop), but since ImGui uses pop sometimes for these methods, I think it's reasonable to have pop for people looking at ImGui C++, and end for people used to seeing the same "end" method in imgui-rs (although I'd say the idiomatic thing is just to _bind the variable and let it drop on its own now).

    A few tokens survived the purge. A very used one (TreeNode), I manually implemented -- we need to make sure to not drop it if a certain flag was passed in. For ListClipperToken, I made an issue because I have no idea what that is and should probably learn, and for a few style tokens, they didn't have required drops on them right now. That might have been an oversight that exists, but I'll look into it eventually.

    I would also like some golf claps for all of these edits and an acknowledgement of the suffering of editing all of these files, thank you.

    opened by sanbox-irl 12
  • docking feature not available from

    docking feature not available from


    I am using docking in my graphics engine hotline.

    I have been following the progress for a little while but have never been able to use the docking via I have included a local copy of imgui-sys inside my repo which I can use docking support with, but I now intend to publish to and when trying to cargo package I just get an error saying that docking is not a feature.

    error: failed to select a version for `imgui-sys`.
        ... required by package `hotline v0.1.0 (C:\Users\alex_\dev\hotline)`
    versions that meet the requirements `^0.8.1-alpha.0` are: 0.8.2, 0.8.1
    the package `hotline` depends on `imgui-sys`, with features: `docking` but `imgui-sys` does not have these features.

    This is the same as if I try to add the crate from and not use my local copy. There are a fair few issues and PR's regarding docking which I have tried to follow all seemingly merged and pointing toward the fact that docking should be supported? I am just struggling to work out how to use the feature. The 0.8.1-alpha.0 includes docking but 0.8.2 doesn't? and the former is not available on crates?

    I have a fully featured and working docking / viewport renderer with a Direct3D12 / Win32 backend via windows-rs if you are interested? I would be happy to contribute if this as a rendering backend... I intend to add metal and vulkan backends to hotline as well which would eventually add cross-platform support in the future through the hotline API.

    You can check the project here and I wrote an article about integrating imgui-sys on my blog.

    Thanks in advance.

    opened by polymonster 0
  • Support SDL_Renderer for rendering

    Support SDL_Renderer for rendering

    Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. Dear ImGUI has support for SDL_Renderer as renderer that let's use Dear ImGUI with SDL2 without any additional rendering libraries. SDL_Renderer can be hardware accelerated but can also work without it with software rendering. In some places it can be useful thing to have. If I'm not mistaken imgui-rs supports SDL2 as platform but doesn't support SDL_Renderer.

    Describe the solution you'd like Add support for SDL_Renderer.

    Describe alternatives you've considered Software accelerated OpenGL, DirectX and other APIs can be considered as alternative but compared to SDL_Renderer you still needs to basically write your own renderer while you don't have to do it with SDL_Renderer as it provides pretty clean and easy to use API for copying bitmaps from place to place, handles low level stuff etc.

    Additional context Dear ImGUI support for SDL_Renderer started as third party project called imgui_sdl. It's part of Dear ImGUI starting from version 1.85. Old project is still archived on GitHub so maybe it can be useful for making Rust version.

    opened by DragonSWDev 0
  •  Get rid of background window

    Get rid of background window

    I've just started playing around with imgui-rs and the first thing I notice is that there's a window which has the actual GUI in it, how do I get rid of or make that invisible?

    opened by Stuntlover-TM 0
  • Code from doesn't compile

    Code from doesn't compile

    I tried copying the code from , but when I compile I get the following error:

    error[E0308]: mismatched types
      --> src\
    52 |         platform.attach_window(imgui.io_mut(), window, dpi_mode);
       |                                                ^^^^^^ expected struct `winit::window::Window`, found struct `glium::glutin::window::Window`
       = note: expected reference `&winit::window::Window`
                  found reference `&glium::glutin::window::Window`
       = note: perhaps two different versions of crate `winit` are being used?

    I left everything basically as is, except for removing the whole imgui.fonts().add_font(&[ .... part.

    My Cargo.toml looks as follows:

    name = "spherical"
    version = "0.1.0"
    edition = "2021"
    log = "0.4.17"
    winit = "0.27.2"
    glium = "0.32.1"
    imgui-glium-renderer = "0.8.2"
    imgui-winit-support = "0.8.2"
    imgui = "0.8.2"

    I read #637 but I am not sure about versions etc as this was a few months ago. I think there should finally be a complete working example available and it should be clarified, which versions of winit / glium are compatible with the current imgui-rs "release".

    opened by Smurfy98 0
  • Default to WGPU renderer?

    Default to WGPU renderer?

    Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

    The default supported renderers seem to be based on OpenGL. While today most major platforms support OpenGL, it is already deprecated on macOS. It could conceivably be removed in the future breaking applications.

    Describe the solution you'd like

    Automatically choosing the best (aka native) renderer on the target platform (although keeping a manual override seems mandatory given the target audience is often game engines). While this is not my area of expertise, I would expect that to be OpenGL (or Vulkan?) on Linux/Unix, Metal on macOS, and DirectX on Windows. It is my understanding that WGPU is an abstraction over these APIs (only OpenGL ES though, not sure if that limits things). Thinking it might make sense to target WGPU by default for this reason?

    Describe alternatives you've considered

    Using the WGPU standalone renderer, but it isn't clear if it is always up to date with the main project. Also, the example looked convoluted and large. Not sure if this is due to how it works or was just a large example.

    Additional context

    I am very new to this project and IM GUis in general and just starting to play around. Therefore, it is possible this request doesn't make sense in the context/architecture of this project. Further, I have very little (read: none) experience with the aforementioned APIs or projects. My sole goal is simply to ensure any future projects I write on imgui-rs stay running for years without breakage.

    opened by nu11ptr 0
  • Decide on and document dev/release process

    Decide on and document dev/release process

    As per #663

    We currently don't have a documented approach to how we perform releases, and doing things like backporting changes to old releases

    Key points would be:

    1. Stable default branch
    2. Develop branch with latest unreleased changes
    3. Release branches
    4. Checks needed before making release
    5. Steps to actual publish imgui-rs (e.g release imgui-sys, then imgui; when to bump version numbers, etc)
    opened by dbr 0
  • v0.8.2(Dec 26, 2021)

    Merry uh Boxing Day, here's another imgui-rs patch.

    • FIXES: We incorrectly listed docking as a feature in imgui-rs's features list to This prevented our docs from building.

    Additionally, glow-renderer ended up at 0.8.3 because someone messed up the intra-crate linking (i am someone)

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.8.1(Dec 24, 2021)

    Merry Christmas Eve, here's an imgui-rs patch.

    • FIXES: various memory safety issues around input_text and input_text_multiline. We are primarily releasing this patch to fix this issue.
    • FIXES: docs are now generated for our feature branches on Thanks @Jasper-Bekkers
    • ADD: adds winit-0.26 support. thanks @cwfitzgerald

    We'll see you all soon for v0.9.0, which will include a reworked main API (no more imgui::Window::new) and the docking branch.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.8.0(Sep 17, 2021)


    Welcome to the 0.8.0 update. This is one of the largest updates imgui-rs has ever seen; it will generate errors in a 0.7 project, but hopefully it should be both quick to fix, and enjoyable to update.

    Thank you to everyone who uses imgui-rs, files issues, and spends their time and effort to PR new changes into the codebase. Because of all that effort, this is by far the best imgui-rs has looked!

    For more details, please see the full changelog below, which lists all of the (many) breaking changes.

    imgui-rs important changes

    • 🎉🎊 Removed ImStr and ImString from the API. 🎉🎊 Currently im_str! is deprecated and will be removed in 0.9.0. Internally, this has been implemented using AsRef<str> bounds across the codebase. I expect that this bound will change in such a manner to allow more expressions to be accepted. We then copy this str into a buffer, appending a null byte, and give that to ImGui. In the nearer future, we will add a feature to instead use imgui's string_view branch, which will allow us to avoid the internal buffer copy.

    • We have three new features in imgui:

      • min-const-generics is a default-feature. Effectively, you can choose to ignore this feature to keep this crate valid on rustc 1.48, but with the feature enabled, our MSRV is 1.54. In 0.9.0, this feature gate will be removed and we will commit to 1.54 and more common, minor, version bumps.
      • freetype enabled the Dear ImGui freetype feature. See here for more info on its advantages.
      • tables-api enables the...tables api...which was introduced in Dear ImGui 1.80. I decided to place this behind a feature gate so that users know to opt into it. However, I would strongly encourage users to opt into it -- see here for more information on it.
    • Most tokens through the repository (eg. WindowToken, TabBarToken, FontStackToken, etc) now allow for permissive dropping -- i.e, you don't need to actually call the .end() method on them anymore.

      The best way to use these begin_x functions is probably like so:

      if let Some(_t) = ui.begin_popup("example") {
      // your code here

      As a minor note, if you just do if let Some(_) or ui.begin_popup("example").is_some(), you'll immediately drop the token, which of course, calls the corresponding end function. In the future, we may keep using closures, especially as we move onto Rust 2021.

    • We upgraded from v1.80 to Dear ImGui v1.84.2 See the Dear ImGui v1.84 release notes for more information on what has changed. Along with that, we have wrapped around begin_disabled!

    • Most functions with C++ default parameters now have with_x variants. This makes calling most functions simpler and more similar to the C++.

      • The most likely breaking changes users will see is button and same_line now take one fewer parameter -- if you were calling button with [0.0, 0.0], simply delete that -- otherwise, call button_with_size. Similarly, for same_line, if you were passing in 0.0. simply delete that argument. Otherwise, call same_line_with_pos.
    • In addition to all the above, many other smaller, but important, changes were made this cycle. Please see the changelog as always.


    • Added an imgui-glow-renderer which targets glow 0.10. We haven't quite worked out some necessary kinks to get to 0.11. (In fact, we will skip 0.11 entirely and be on glow 0.12 when that releases. Follow this branch here for more.)

    • Changed default version of Winit in imgui-winit-support to winit 0.25.

      • Removed automatically adding default features for imgui-winit-support with the exception of the current default winit feature/dep version. If you want to not have the default features of winit with 0.25, set default-features = false and add winit-25 as a normal feature.
    • Changed the version of glium to 0.30 in imgui-glium-renderer, as it now uses winit 0.25.


    Thank you to all of the contributors who have commented, made issues, and contributed code to imgui-rs this cycle. The support of so many is what sustains this project. In no particular order, thank you to:

    • @thomcc for handling the majority of the backend's setup and keeping this project's ffi in order
    • @dbr for not only doing the rest of the backend's setup, but also consistently PRing to fix thorny API problems
    • @jmaargh for contributing the imgui-glow-renderer and being so deeply pleasant to code review
    • @cfrantz for multiple contributions including fixing the ComboxBox and providing the basis for the tables-api
    • @repi for pushing us to change how our winit-support works
    • @dzil123 for making that winit support more comprehensible
    • @toyboot4e for a truly heroic amount of Doc Alias commenting. Now you can search on by C++ function names for the corresponding rust code
    • @lwiklendt for adding input text hinting
    • @AngelOfSol for allowing build methods to return a value. Additionally, thank you for contributing a PR for the input text callbacks
    • @Jake-Shadle for fixing text input deletions, which let to fixing the input widgets (I hope) completely.
    • @atouchet for fixing our readme
    • @haenno for fixing up our example code
    • @hpwxf for fixing some of our GFX examples
    • and last but also latest, thank you to @davidpdrsn and @vojd, and really all of Embark Studios, for somehow both working at the same company and contributing nearly two identical PRs at the same time this morning. It made me chuckle.

    If you have any issues with this release (and it's a big one), please file an issue!

    • sanbox-irl (Jonathan Spira)

    Full changelog

    • Removed ImStr and ImString from the API. Currently im_str! is deprecated and will be removed in 0.9.0. To change your code:

      • If you were just wrapping a string literal, like im_str!("button"), just use "button". (Help: the regex im_str!\("((?:(?=(\\?))\2.)*?)"\), replacing matches with "$1", can get the majority of these quickly.);
      • If you were formatting, like &im_str!("My age is {}", 100), you can now just use format like format!("My age is {}, 100). Notice that due to the trait bounds, you can pass the string in directly too.
    • BREAKING: Most tokens through the repository (eg. WindowToken, TabBarToken, FontStackToken, etc) now allow for permissive dropping -- i.e, you don't need to actually call the .end() method on them anymore. In exchange, these tokens have taken on a lifetime, which allows them to be safe. This could make some patterns impossible. Please file an issue if this causes a problem.

      • end() no longer takes Ui. This is a breaking change, but hopefully should be trivial (and perhaps nice) for users to fix. Simply delete the argument, or add a _ before the token's binding name and allow it to be dropped on its own. In our code, we tend to write these now like:
    if let Some(_t) = ui.begin_popup("example") {
      // your code here
    • BREAKING: Created with_x variants for most functions which previously took multiple parameters where some had default arguments in the C++. This makes calling most functions simpler and more similar to the C++.

      • The most likely breaking changes users will see is button and same_line now take one fewer parameter -- if you were calling button with [0.0, 0.0], simply delete that -- otherwise, call button_with_size. Similarly, for same_line, if you were passing in 0.0. simply delete that argument. Otherwise, call same_line_with_pos.
    • ADDED: support for the tables API which was added in dear imgui 1.80. We currently have this feature gated behind tables-api. You should feel safe to use this in stable production, but be aware of two things:

      1. The tables API is marked as "beta" meaning that it may change with fewer stability promises. This is unlikely and it seems fairly settled.
      2. There are a few cases where the tables API will segfault by dereferencing a NULL where it should instead ASSERT and crash. This is simply annoying because you won't get a stacktrace. See here for more info on that.. If this is fixed upstream, we will issue a patch.
    • ADDED: an imgui-glow-renderer which targets glow 0.10. Before release, this will be updated to target current 0.11 glow when further features are added. Thank you to @jmaargh for the work implementing this here!

    • UPGRADED: from v1.80 to Dear ImGui v1.84.2 See the Dear ImGui v1.84 release notes for more information. Thank you to @dbr for doing the work (twice actually) of upgrading the repository.

    • BREAKING: Reworked how callbacks on InputText and InputTextMultiline work.

      • REMOVED .callback_name() methods in favor of one method: .callback(FLAGS, CallbackStruct).
      • Wrapped callback kinds into their own enums, InputTextCallback and InputTextCallbackMultiline.
      • Created a trait, InputTextCallbackHandler.
      • To see how to create an InputText callback, see examples/
      • Finally, please note that editing an &mut String which contains \0 within it will produce surprising truncation within ImGui. If you need to edit such a string, please pre-process it.
    • ADDED: begin_disable and begin_enable methods. These add (finally) support for disabling any widget. Thank you to @dbr for implementing this here.

    • BREAKING: MSRV is now 1.54. This is gives us access to min-const-generics, which we use in a few places, but will gradually use more. Because this is the first time we've bumped MSRV intentionally, we have added a new feature min-const-generics, which is enabled by default. If you are pre-1.54, you can hang onto this update by disabling that feature. In our next update, this feature will be removed and we will commit to our MSRVs going forward. Thank you to @dbr for changing our CI infrastructure to support better MSRVs here.

    • BREAKING: Changed default version of Winit in imgui-winit-support to winit 0.25. Thank you to @repi for implementing this here.

      • Removed automatically adding default features for imgui-winit-support with the exception of the current default winit feature/dep version. If you want to not have the default features of winit with 0.25, set default-features = false and add winit-25 as a normal feature. Thank you to @dzil123 for the work implementing this here!
    • ADDED: Support for the freetype font rasterizer. Enabled by the non-default freetype feature, e.g imgui = {version = "...", features=["freetype"]}) Thank you to @dbr for this work implementing this here.

    • ADDED: doc alias support throughout the repository. You can now, inside the docs, search for imgui-rs functions by their Dear ImGui C++ names. For example, searching for InputText will pull up Ui::input_text. This was quite a lot of documentation and effort, so thank you to @toyboot4e for implementing this here.

    • ADDED: text hinting into InputText. Thank you to @lwiklendt for implementing this here.

    • BREAKING: Reworked .range calls on Slider, VerticalSlider, and Drag to simply take two min and max values, and requires that they are provided in the constructor.

      • To update without changing behavior, use the range T::MIN and T::MAX for the given numerical type (such as i8::MIN and i8::MAX).
      • Using .range is still maintained for simplicity, but will likely be deprecated in 0.9 and removed in 0.10!
    • DrawListMut has new methods to draw images

      • The methods are add_image, add_image_quad, and add_image_rounded. The imgui-examples/examples/ has been updated to show their usage.
      • Additionally the imgui::draw_list module is now public, which contains the various draw list objects. While the add_* methods are preferred, imgui::draw_list::Circle::new(&draw_list_mut, ...).build() is equivalent
      • Finally, we have relaxed the limits around having multiple draw lists such that you can have multiple mutable draw lists of different kinds (ie, a foreground and a background at the same time.).
      • Thank you to @dbr for implementing these changes.
    • ADDED: the ButtonFlags which previously prevented invisible_button from being usable. Thank you to @dbr for implementing this change here.

    • BREAKING: PopupModal's new was reworked so that it didn't take Ui until build was called. This is a breaking change if you were invoking it directly. Simply move your ui call to build or begin.

    • BREAKING: Restored methods to access keyboard based on backend-defined keyboard map indexes. These allow access to most keys, not just those defined in the small subset of imgui::Keys (note the available keys may be expanded in future by imgui PR #2625)

      • The new methods on imgui::Ui are is_key_index_down, is_key_index_pressed, is_key_index_pressed_no_repeat, is_key_index_released, is_key_index_released
      • For example ui.is_key_released(imgui::Key::A) is same as ui.is_key_index_released(winit::events::VirtualKeyCode::A as i32) when using the winit backend
    • BREAKING: Modifies build style methods to allow the provide closure to return a value. The build call will then return Some(value) if the closure is called, and None if it isn't.

      • The most likely breaking changes users will see is that they will need to add semicolons after calling build, because these function no longer return ().
      • Thank you to @AngelOfSol for implementing this here.
    • BREAKING: Removed imgui::legacy which contained the old style of flags. The remaining flags in imgui::legacy have been updated to be consistent with other flags in the project.

      • imgui::legacy::ImGuiDragDropFlags were accidentally not cleared when they were remade in in v0.7.0.
      • imgui::legacy::ImGuiInputTextFlags is now imgui::input_widgets::InputTextFlags
      • imgui::legacy::ImGuiTreeNodeFlags is now imgui::widget::tree::TreeNodeFlags
      • imgui::legacy::ImDrawListFlags is now imgui::draw_list::DrawListFlags
    • Full (32-bit) unicode support is enabled in Dear Imgui (e.g. -DIMGUI_USE_WCHAR32 is enabled now). Previously UTF-16 was used internally.

      • BREAKING: Some parts of the font atlas code now use char (or u32) instead of u16 to reflect this.
        • Note: u32 is used over char in some situations, such as when surrogates are allowed
      • BREAKING (sorta): Dear Imgui now will use 32 bits for character data internally. This impacts the ABI, including sizes of structs and such, and can break some low level or advanced use cases:
        • If you're linking against extensions or plugins to Dear Imgui not written in Rust, you need to ensure it is built using -DIMGUI_USE_WCHAR32.
          • However, if the DEP_IMGUI_DEFINE_ vars are used properly, this is non-breaking.
        • If you're using features="wasm" to "link" against emscripten-compiled Dear Imgui, you need to ensure you use -DIMGUI_USE_WCHAR32 when compile the C and C++ code.
          • If you're using DEP_IMGUI_DEFINE_s for this already, then no change is needed.
        • If you're using .cargo/config to apply a build script override and link against a prebuilt Dear Imgui (or something else along these lines), you need to ensure you link with a version that was built using -DIMGUI_USE_WCHAR32.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.7.0(Feb 5, 2021)


    • Upgrade to Dear ImGui v1.80. (Note that the new table functionality is not yet supported, however)

    • Ui::key_index() is now called internally when needed, and the various is_key_foo now take a Key directly:

      • is_key_down, is_key_pressed, is_key_released and key_pressed_amount now take a Key instead of u32 (breaking).
      • key_index is no longer public (breaking). If you need access to the key map, it can be accessed as[key] (If you need to do this, file a bug, since I'm open to exposing this if there's actually a use case).
    • winit 0.23/0.24 handling has been (hopefully) fixed: (breaking, see also

      • imgui-winit-support's winit-23 feature no longer supports winit version 0.24 (this caused an unintentional semver breakage in the imgui-winit-support crate before, unfortunately).
      • imgui-winit-support has a new winit-24 feature for 0.24 support.
      • By default imgui-winit-support feature now enables winit-24, and not winit-23 (by default it will always enable the latest).
    • The imgui crate no longer depends on gfx or glium directly: (breaking, related to the previous change).

      • That is, the gfx and glium features are removed to reduce version compatibility issues going forward.
        • This only matters if you manually implement gfx or glium renderers without using the imgui-glium-renderer or imgui-gfx-renderer crates.
        • In the (somewhat unlikely) case you were relying on these this, you should define your own vertex type that's layout-compatible with imgui::DrawVert, and replace calls to imgui::DrawList::vtx_buffer() with imgui::DrawList::transmute_vtx_buffer::<MyDrawVert>(). You can see imgui_glium_renderer::GliumDrawVert and imgui_gfx_renderer::GfxDrawVert types respectively for examples of this, if needed, but it should be straightforward enough if you're already implementing a renderer from scratch.
      • This is admittedly less convenient, but avoids depending on any specific version of gfx or glium in the core imgui crate, which will ease maintenance and reduce unintentional breakage in the future.
    • Non-window DrawList support has been fixed/improved:

      • WindowDrawList has been renamed to DrawListMut, to reflect that it may refer to other kinds of draw lists, and is mutable, unlike imgui::DrawList (breaking).
      • Ui::get_background_draw_list() has been fixed when used outside of a window context, and now has an example.
      • Ui::get_foreground_draw_list() has been added, analogous to Ui::get_background_draw_list().
    • Added drag drop support, with a safe and an unsafe variant:

      • DragDropSource allows users to create a dragdrop payload which is either empty, of 'static + Copy data, or unsafe, allowing for theoretically arbitrary payloads.
      • DragDropTarget allows users to accept any of the above payloads.
      • Extensive documentation has been made on all of these features, hopefully as a target for future features.
    • ImColor (which is a wrapper around u32) has been renamed to ImColor32 in order to avoid confusion with the ImColor type from the Dear ImGui C++ code (which is a wrapper around ImVec4). In the future an ImColor type which maps more closely to the C++ one will be added.

      • Additionally, a number of constructor and accessor methods have been added to it ImColor, which are const fn where possible.
    • The im_str! macro can now be used in const contexts (when the format! version is not used).

    • im_str! now verifies that the parameter has no interior nuls at compile time. This can be avoided to get the old (truncating) behavior by forcing it to use the format!-like version, e.g. im_str!("for_some_reason_this_should_be_truncated\0 there {}", "").

      • This is not recommended, and is probably not useful.
    • Many functions are now const fn.

    • A large number of small functions are now #[inline], but many still aren't, so you probably will want to build with LTO for release builds if you use imgui heavily.

    • The io.config_windows_memory_compact_timer flag has been renamed to io.config_memory_compact_timer. This follows the similar rename in the C++ ImGui, and was done because it no longer only applies to window memory usage.

    • The variants of ColorEditInputMode and ColorEditDisplayMode have been renamed to be CamelCase instead of upper case (e.g. ColorEditFooMode::RGB => ColorEditFooMode::Rgb).

      • However, this change is probably not breaking (in practice if not in theory) because const aliases using the old names are provided.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.6.0(Nov 15, 2020)

  • v0.5.0(Oct 5, 2020)


    • Support for ConfigFlags::RENDERER_HAS_VTX_OFFSET in imgui-glium-renderer and imgui-gfx-renderer. This makes it possible to output large meshes (e.g. complex UIs) without problems when using these renderers
    • Ui::begin_tooltip to support using tooltips with stack tokens instead of closures
    • API for accessing the background drawlist
    • Tab bar / tab item API
    • Redesigned drag slider API


    • Upgrade to cimgui / imgui 1.78
    • Store per-texture sampler parameters in imgui-glium-renderer to support customizing them
    • Slider widget constructors no longer require the range parameter. Call the range function on the builder to set the range.


    • Reduce unnecessary winit cursor changes which earlier caused cursor flickering or invalid cursors on some platforms (at least Windows)


    • Various things that were deprecated in imgui-rs 0.4.0
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.4.0(Jun 5, 2020)


    • WebAssembly FFI shells


    • Redesign tree / collapsing header API
    • Bump minimum Rust version to 1.40 (at least xml-rs crate requires it)
    • Upgrade to glium 0.27 / winit 0.22
    • Switch Glium renderer to use GL_CLAMP_TO_BORDER


    • Bug in font name length checking
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.3.1(Mar 16, 2020)

  • v0.3.0(Mar 16, 2020)


    • Add ChildWindow::movable
    • ImString now implements fmt::Write


    • Upgrade to cimgui / imgui 1.75
    • Bump minimum Rust version to 1.38 (at least backtrace crate requires it)
    • Upgrade to glium 0.26 / winit 0.21
    • Switch imgui-winit-support to 0.20+ by default. Winit 0.19 support is still available via the winit-19 feature flag
    • Resources used by examples are no longer included in the published crate


    • Various things that were deprecated in imgui-rs 0.2.0


    • Fix toggling behavior on using MenuItem::build_with_ref and Selectable::build_with_ref.
    • ImString nul terminator handling
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.2.1(Mar 16, 2020)

  • v0.2.0(Mar 16, 2020)


    • Window scrolling API
    • Full support for the column API
    • Almost all small utility functions from upstream API
    • Support for winit 0.20 alpha via winit-20 feature


    • Redesigned window API
    • Redesigned progress bar API
    • Redesigned color editor/picker API
    • Redesigned child window API (previously known as child frame)
    • Redesigned image / image button API
    • Redesigned combo box API
    • Redesigned selectable API
    • Redesigned slider API. Generic scalar sliders support all main data types and replace previous individual sliders (int, int2, int3, int4, etc...)
    • Redesigned menu API
    • Updated layout API
    • Renderer errors implement std::error::Error
    • Glium renderer re-exports imgui and glium
    • Gfx renderer re-exports imgui and gfx
    • These functions now take/return PathBuf: log_filename, set_log_filename, ini_filename, set_logfilename
    • ID stack manipulation now uses stack tokens
    • Parameter stack pushes must almost always be paired by a manual call to stack pop
    • Container widget tokens must be ended manually by calling end. Closure-based function (e.g. build()) are unaffected and do this automatically
    • Bump minimum Rust version to 1.36 (some dependencies, including winit, require MaybeUninit)
    • Upgrade to cimgui / imgui 1.72b


    • Various things that were deprecated in imgui-rs 0.1.0
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.1.0(Jul 12, 2019)


    • Support for font atlas sharing
    • Support for using multiple fonts
    • Support for suspended contexts (useful for having multiple independent operating system windows)
    • Support for DX11 in imgui-gfx-renderer
    • Support for navigation input system
    • Support for backend/renderer name strings
    • Support for saving/loading INI settings manually
    • Pluggable clipboard support


    • imgui-sys is now almost completely automatically generated. This is a big breaking change in imgui-sys API
    • ImGui/Context API is now safer
    • The library context (known as Context, previously known as ImGui) is no longer Send or Sync
    • Many getter/setter APIs have been replaced with direct access to struct fields
    • [f32; 2] and [f32; 4] are now the main vector types. ImVec/ImVec4 and corresponding tuples are no longer used in the main API
    • imgui-gfx-renderer is parameterized over the color format, so Rgba8 and Srgba8 are both supported
    • imgui-winit-support has been rewritten to provide a more robust abstraction that is easier to use correctly
    • Parameter stack (e.g. StyleVar) manipulation is now done using push functions and automatically or manually droppable stack tokens
    • Upgrade to glium 0.25
    • Upgrade to cimgui / imgui 1.71
    • Bump minimum Rust version to 1.33
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.0.23(Apr 10, 2019)


    • Support for image buttons: Ui::image_button
    • Ui::set_keyboard_focus_here
    • Support for window position pivot


    • Upgrade to gfx 0.18


    • Various things that were deprecated in imgui-rs 0.0.21 and 0.0.22
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.0.22(Mar 5, 2019)


    • Ui::with_test_wrap_pos
    • Ui::get_content_region_max
    • Ui::get_window_content_region_min
    • Ui::get_window_content_region_max


    • Upgrade to cimgui 1.66.2+ / imgui 1.66b. This is a very big update, so there are a lot of breaking changes
    • Bump minimum Rust version to 1.31 (1.28 required by the glutin crate, and 1.31 required by the stb_truetype crate)
    • Upgrade to glium 0.23
    • Replaced imgui-glutin-support with imgui-winit-support
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.0.21(Oct 12, 2018)


    • ImGui::mouse_down
    • ImGui::key_super
    • Ui::get_window_pos
    • Ui::is_window_focused
    • Ui::is_root_window_focused
    • Ui::is_child_window_focused
    • Ui::popup_modal
    • imgui-glutin-support crate
    • Support for custom textures


    • Possible crash if rendering was skipped during a frame


    • Bump minimum Rust version to 1.26 (required by the parking_lot_core crate)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.0.20(Aug 15, 2018)

  • v0.0.19(Aug 12, 2018)


    • New things in imgui/cimgui 1.53.1
      • Style: Add PopupRounding, FrameBorderSize, WindowBorderSize, PopupBorderSize.
      • DemoWindow: Add no_close state.
      • Input: Add no_undo_redo method.
      • imgui-sys:
        • igStyleColorsDark and igStyleColorsLight
        • DragDrop low level API
        • igGetFrameHeight
        • igBeginCombo, igEndCombo
        • igSetItemDefaultFocus
        • igGetOverlayDrawList and igGetDrawListSharedData
        • ImFontConfig_DefaultConstructor
        • ImDrawList_AddImageRounded
    • Input: Add read_only and password methods.
    • Various utility functions
    • Support for changing the mouse cursor
    • Custom font support
    • Support for item grouping (group function)
    • Custom drawing with draw list manipulation
    • Drag widgets
    • Input: Add input_text_multiline method


    • Upgrade to imgui/cimgui 1.53.1
      • Rename Ui::show_test_window to Ui::show_demo_window. Keep redirection.
      • Rename sys::igGetItemsLineHeightWithSpacing to sys::igGetFrameHeightWithSpacing. Keep redirection.
      • Rename ImGuiTreeNodeFlags::AllowOverlapMode to ImGuiTreeNodeFlags::AllowItemOverlap. sys::igSetNextWindowContentSize(). Keep redirection.
      • Rename sys::ImGuiTextBuffer_append() helper to appendf().
      • Rename ImGuiStyleVar::ChildWindowRounding to ImGuiStyleVar::ChildRounding. Keep redirection.
      • Rename StyleVar::ChildWindowRounding to StyleVar::ChildRounding. Keep redirection.
      • Rename ImGuiCol::ChildWindowBg to ImGuiCol::ChildBg. Keep redirection.
    • Upgrade glium to 0.22.0. This updates winit to 0.16. This changes the way HIDPI are calculated. Depending on your needs, you may want to set HIDPI to 1 by setting the environment variable WINIT_HIDPI_FACTOR=1 if you use X11.
    • frame() now takes a single FrameSize argument
    • Bump minimum Rust version to 1.24
    • set_mouse_down takes button states by value, not by reference


    • Various imgui-sys things that were deprecated in imgui/cimgui 1.53.1
      • Obsolete sys::igIsRootWindowFocused() in favor of using sys::igIsWindowFocused(ImGuiFocusedFlags::RootWindow).
      • Obsolete sys::igIsRootWindowOrAnyChildFocused() in favor of using sys::igIsWindowFocused(ImGuiFocusedFlags::RootAndChildWindows).
      • Obsolete sys::igIsRootWindowOrAnyChildHovered() in favor of using sys::igIsWindowHovered(ImGuiHoveredFlags::RootAndChildWindows).
      • Obsolete sys::SetNextWindowContentWidth() in favor of using
      • Obsolete Window::show_borders. Use StyleVar instead.
      • Obsolete ImGuiCol::ComboBg. Use PopupBg instead.


    • Features that were removed in imgui/cimgui 1.53.1
      • Remove anti_aliased: bool final parameter of sys::ImDrawList_AddPolyline and sys::ImDrawList_AddConvexPolyFilled.
      • Remove ImGuiWindowFlags::ShowBorders window flag. Borders are now fully set up in the ImGuiStyle structure.
    • Various imgui-sys things that were deprecated in imgui/cimgui 1.52
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.0.18(Jan 1, 2018)


    • is_item_hovered
    • tooltip
    • tooltip_text


    • Upgrade to imgui/cimgui 1.52
    • Upgrade to glium 0.19


    • Various imgui-sys things that were deprecated in imgui/cimgui 1.52


    • Non-namespaced flags
    • Various imgui-sys things that were deprecated in imgui/cimgui 1.51
    • Window::bg_alpha. Push a color change with with_color_var instead
    • color_edit3
    • color_edit4
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.0.17(Nov 7, 2017)


    • Namespaced flags (e.g. ImGuiWindowFlags)
    • Color picker widget
    • Color button widget
    • imgui_sys is now re-exported as sys in the main create
    • imgui::get_style_color_name


    • Upgrade to imgui/cimgui 1.51
    • Adapt to latest cimgui API changes
    • Bump minimum Rust version to 1.20
    • Upgrade to bitflags 1.0
    • Various minor ImString/ImStr changes
    • text now accepts normal Rust strings. ImStr is still needed everywhere else


    • Default impl for ImString was incorrect and could cause a crash


    • Non-namespaced flags
    • Various imgui-sys things that were deprecated in imgui/cimgui 1.51
    • Window::bg_alpha. Push a color change with with_color_var instead
    • color_edit3. Use color_edit instead
    • color_edit4. Use color_edit instead


    • ImStr -> str Deref. Use to_str instead.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.0.16(Nov 7, 2017)


    • OpenGL ES 2.0+ support in gfx and glium renderers
    • Separate OpenGL 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 shaders in both renderers. This should fix an issue with some systems that refuse to use old GLSL shaders with modern OpenGL contexts
    • ImGui::add_font_global_scale
    • Support for radio buttons


    • Upgrade to glium 0.18
    • imgui-gfx-renderer Renderer::init now requires a shaders: Shaders parameter. Please see examples/support_gfx/ for a shader resolution example
    • Bump minimum Rust version to 1.19 because some dependencies require it.


    • Glium renderer now uses MinifySamplerFilter::Nearest. This fixes a blurry font issue in some configurations


    • ImString::from_string_unchecked
    • ImString::from_bytes_unchecked
    • ImStr::from_bytes_unchecked
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.0.15(Nov 7, 2017)


    • Support for new_line function
    • Support for text size calculation
    • Support for scoped style customization
    • Support for scoped color customization
    • Support for child frames
    • Unsafe ImString/ImStr creation functions for advanced users:
      • ImString::from_utf8_unchecked (renamed from ImString::from_bytes_unchecked)
      • ImString::from_utf8_with_nul_unchecked)
      • ImStr::from_utf8_with_nul_unchecked (renamed from ImStr::from_bytes_unchecked)


    • Button, selectable, histogram, plotlines, and progress bar accept size with Into<ImVec2>
    • ImString::new always succeeds and any interior NULs truncate the string. Breaking change
    • All builder constructor functions (e.g. Window::new) now take &Ui reference to tie the lifetime of the builder to it.
    • Bumped minimum Rust version to 1.17 because some dependencies require it.
    • Upgrade to glium 0.17


    • ImString::from_string_unchecked (please use ImString::new)
    • ImString::from_bytes_unchecked (renamed to ImString::from_utf8_unchecked)
    • ImStr::from_bytes_unchecked (renamed to ImStr::from_utf8_with_nul_unchecked)


    • Histogram, plotlines, progressbar builders were not tied to the &Ui lifetime, so it was possible to misuse them.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.0.14(Nov 7, 2017)


    • ImString owned type for strings
    • Experimental support for gfx-rs in imgui-sys
    • Experimental renderer for gfx-rs


    • ImStr is now "a dear imgui -compatible string slice". This change significantly affects how strings are handled.
    • Upgrade to imgui/cimgui 1.50
    • Upgrade to bitflags 0.9


    • String pointer compilation problems on ARM
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.0.13(Nov 7, 2017)

  • v0.0.12(Nov 7, 2017)


    • Support for progress bar
    • Support for push/pop item width
    • Support for ID stack manipulation (integer values)
    • Support for 2-4 -element int sliders
    • Support for 2-4 -element float sliders
    • ImVec4::zero()
    • Into array and tuple conversions for ImVec2 and ImVec4
    • gfx 0.15 support in imgui-sys
    • gfx 0.15 renderer implementation


    • imgui-sys no longer includes glium support by default
    • Move Glium renderer to a separate crate


    • Window::always_vertical_scollbar (typo)
    • igPushStyleVavrVec (typo)
    • ImGuiInputTextFlags::with
    • ImGuiTreeNodeFlags::with
    • ImGuiWindowFlags::with
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.0.11(Nov 7, 2017)


    • ImVec2::zero()
    • Support for buttons
    • Support for closing current popup
    • Window::always_vertical_scrollbar (fix typo)
    • igPushStyleVarVec (fix typo)


    • Upgrade to bitflags 0.8
    • Upgrade to glium 0.16
    • Replace libc dependency with std::os::raw
    • Upgrade cimgui to include MinGW compilation fix


    • Window::always_vertical_scollbar (typo)
    • igPushStyleVavrVec (typo)
    • ImGuiInputTextFlags::with
    • ImGuiTreeNodeFlags::with
    • ImGuiWindowFlags::with
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.0.10(Nov 7, 2017)

  • v0.0.9(Nov 7, 2017)


    • Support for columns, combo, listbox
    • Support for plothistogram, plotlines
    • Support for color edit widgets
    • Support for int and float inputs
    • Support for int and float array inputs
    • Support for popups
    • Support for selectable
    • Better support for hidpi environments


    • ImStr::as_ptr is now part of the public API
    • Upgrade to bitflags 0.7
    • Upgrade to imgui/cimgui 1.49
      • Several imgui_sys structs have changed
      • CollapsingHeader API has changed
      • New window flags are supported
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.0.8(Nov 7, 2017)

  • v0.0.7(Nov 7, 2017)

  • v0.0.6(Nov 7, 2017)

Dear ImGui: Bloat-free Graphical User interface for C++ with minimal dependencies

Dear ImGui (This library is available under a free and permissive license, but needs financial support to sustain its continued improvements. In addit

omar 41.8k Sep 24, 2022
Rust bindings to Core Foundation and other low level libraries on Mac OS X and iOS

core-foundation-rs Compatibility Targets macOS 10.7 by default. To enable features added in macOS 10.8, set Cargo feature mac_os_10_8_features. To hav

Servo 629 Sep 19, 2022
Rust bindings for the FLTK GUI library.

fltk-rs Rust bindings for the FLTK Graphical User Interface library. The FLTK crate is a crossplatform lightweight gui library which can be statically

Mohammed Alyousef 918 Sep 27, 2022
Rust bindings to the minimalist, native, cross-platform UI toolkit `libui`

Improved User Interface A cross-platform UI toolkit for Rust based on libui iui: ui-sys: iui is a simple (about 4 kLOC of Rust), small (about 800kb, i

Rust Native UI Group 859 Sep 20, 2022
QML (Qt Quick) bindings for Rust language

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Rust bindings for Sciter

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Terra Informatica Software, Inc 744 Sep 14, 2022
Provides Rust bindings for GTK libraries

The gtk-rs organization aims to provide safe Rust binding over GObject-based libraries

null 408 Sep 30, 2022
Provides Rust bindings for Gnome libraries

gtk-rs-core The gtk-rs organization aims to provide safe Rust binding over GObject-based libraries. You can find more about it on

null 143 Sep 25, 2022
Drew's fast Rust AppKit bindings

Drew's fast Rust AppKit bindings Provides select Rust bindings for Apple AppKit framework. This may be compared to, appkit crate cacao objrs_framework

Drew Crawford 1 Nov 21, 2021
Rust bindings and wrappers for GLib, GDK 3, GTK+ 3 and Cairo.

THIS REPOSITORY IS DEPRECATED SEE: rgtk Rust bindings and wrappers for GLib, GDK 3, GTK+ 3 and Cairo. Building rgtk expe

Jeremy Letang 124 Jul 10, 2022
Provides Rust bindings for GTK libraries

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Rust bindings for the FLTK GUI library.

fltk-rs Rust bindings for the FLTK Graphical User Interface library. The fltk crate is a cross-platform lightweight gui library which can be staticall

fltk-rs 913 Sep 24, 2022
The bindings to the Nuklear 2D immediate GUI library.

nuklear-rust The bindings to the Nuklear 2D immediate GUI library. Currently beta. Drawing backends: gfx-pre-ll for GFX 3D drawing engine (examples: O

Serhii Plyhun 325 Sep 16, 2022
Egui bindings for miniquad

egui bindings for miniquad native On Linux you first must run apt install libx11-dev libxi-dev libgl1-mesa-dev (miniquad dependencies). cargo run --re

Fedor Logachev 44 Sep 19, 2022
Egui bindings for macroquad

egui bindings for macroquad This is the easiest way to use egui. Just two functions! Web demo. Usage You need to call ui when you need to get informat

ilya sheprut 49 Sep 9, 2022
A simple, cross-platform GUI automation module for Rust.

AutoPilot AutoPilot is a Rust port of the Python C extension AutoPy, a simple, cross-platform GUI automation library for Python. For more information,

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A data-first Rust-native UI design toolkit.

Druid A data-first Rust-native UI toolkit. Druid is an experimental Rust-native UI toolkit. Its main goal is to offer a polished user experience. Ther

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The Rust UI-Toolkit.

The Orbital Widget Toolkit is a cross-platform (G)UI toolkit for building scalable user interfaces with the programming language Rust. It's based on t

Redox OS 3.7k Sep 23, 2022
An easy-to-use, 2D GUI library written entirely in Rust.

Conrod An easy-to-use, 2D GUI library written entirely in Rust. Guide What is Conrod? A Brief Summary Screenshots and Videos Feature Overview Availabl

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