A fast static site generator in a single binary with everything built-in. https://www.getzola.org


zola (né Gutenberg)

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A fast static site generator in a single binary with everything built-in.

Documentation is available on its site or in the docs/content folder of the repository and the community can use its forum.

Comparisons with other static site generators

Zola Cobalt Hugo Pelican
Single binary yes yes yes no
Language Rust Rust Go Python
Syntax highlighting yes yes yes yes
Sass compilation yes yes yes yes
Assets co-location yes yes yes yes
Multilingual site ehh no yes yes
Image processing yes no yes yes
Sane & powerful template engine yes yes ehh yes
Themes yes no yes yes
Shortcodes yes no yes yes
Internal links yes no yes yes
Link checker yes no no yes
Table of contents yes no yes yes
Automatic header anchors yes no yes yes
Aliases yes no yes yes
Pagination yes no yes yes
Custom taxonomies yes no yes no
Search yes no no yes
Data files yes yes yes no
LiveReload yes no yes yes
Netlify support yes no yes no
Vercel support yes no yes yes
Breadcrumbs yes no no yes
Custom output formats no no yes no

Supported content formats

  • Zola: markdown
  • Cobalt: markdown
  • Hugo: markdown, asciidoc, org-mode
  • Pelican: reStructuredText, markdown, asciidoc, org-mode, whatever-you-want

ehh explanations

Hugo gets ehh for the template engine because while it is probably the most powerful template engine in the list (after Jinja2) it personally drives me insane, to the point of writing my own template engine and static site generator. Yes, this is a bit biased.

Zola gets ehh for multi-language support as it only has a basic support and does not (yet) offer things like i18n in templates.

Pelican notes

Many features of Pelican come from plugins, which might be tricky to use because of a version mismatch or inadequate documentation. Netlify supports Python and Pipenv but you still need to install your dependencies manually.

  • Review usage of Rayon & improve performance

    Review usage of Rayon & improve performance

    It looks like the site loading is done in parallel but the rendering is not: threads are spawned but only one seem used.


    • review Site::render_section to ensure it uses as many threads as possible efficiently, might be a case of using https://docs.rs/rayon/1.0.2/rayon/iter/trait.IndexedParallelIterator.html#method.with_min_len
    • review other usages of rayon, maybe some are detrimental to performances.

    There are some benches in site/benches but you will need to run the gen.py first to generate some. Given the current speed, the medium-blog and medium-kb are probably the best ones to run.

    enhancement help wanted good first issue done in pr 
    opened by Keats 74
  • Renaming the project

    Renaming the project

    With WordPress starting to heavily promote their Gutenberg editor, SEO will become impossible for this project.

    I'm open to changing the name, the current requirements are:

    • simple to type, binary name must not exist in windows/linux/osx already
    • a cheap domain name for the docs must be available
    • no significant open-source project with the same name
    • no obvious weird meaning in languages

    Current ideas:

    • zola: from Emile Zola, a french writer - 4 letters is pretty good. Downside is Hugo is also a french writer
    • kuo: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shen_Kuo

    Changing the name means also changing every package manager + netlify

    help wanted question Feedback wanted 
    opened by Keats 50
  • Unify the usage of `path` parameter in functions

    Unify the usage of `path` parameter in functions

    The path parameter is used in multiple functions that Zola adds to the Tera templating engine, like get_url() and resize_image(), as well as in Markdown links like [link](path). However, the way that they resolve the path seems to differ between them.

    For example, get_url() seems to do a lookup in static/ for paths that have no leading / or @, and for paths that start with an @ it does a lookup in content/. On the other hand, both get_page() and get_section() start in content/ for paths without leading / or @. It is unclear from the documentation what happens with paths with a leading / in any of these functions.

    | function | mypath | @mypath | /mypath | |---|---|---|---| | [link](mypath) | $PWD/mypath | content/mypath | ? | | get_url() | static/mypath | content/mypath | ? | | get_page() | content/mypath | ? | ? | | get_section() | content/mypath | ? | ? | | resize_image() | content/mypath | ? | ? |

    I propose the unification of the path parameter in some or all of those cases. Let's discuss!

    enhancement Feedback wanted 
    opened by Lesik 40
  • Underscores in slugs get converted to hyphen-minus and other slugification issues

    Underscores in slugs get converted to hyphen-minus and other slugification issues

    I have a content file named rust-cfg_attr.md on my Zola 0.8.0 site.

    Zola ignores what I deliberately typed as the slug, and turns the _ into -, yielding rust-cfg-attr. This makes me unhappy.

    I expect Zola to make no modifications at all to the slug that I specify, so that I can do things how I want to, e.g. Do_things_like_Wikipedia if I really want to.

    enhancement help wanted good first issue 
    opened by chris-morgan 40
  • `draft` field does not draft an article.

    `draft` field does not draft an article.

    Bug Report

    I'm not sure this is a bug. I think I'm doing something wrong. I will apreciate any help.


    Zola version: 0.8.0 System: Windows 10 with WSL (Ubuntu)

    Expected Behavior

    It should not render draft pages. (?)

    Current Behavior

    It render draft pages when I use {% for page in section.pages %} in a section or index.

    Step to reproduce

    • Create a Zola website.
    • Create a index.md template and use {% for page in section.pages %} to list pages.
    • Put draft = true in a markdown file in the content directory to try to draft it.
    • $ zola serve

    This is my code

    The index.html

    {% extends "base.html" %}
    {% block content %}
      {% for page in section.pages %}
        <li><a href="{{ page.permalink }}">{{ page.title }}</a></li>
      {% endfor %}
    {% endblock content %}

    My _index.md under content/


    And the article itself, also under content/:

    title = "Article 1"
    draft = true
    date = 2019-07-10T14:00:00-06:00
    This is the content of article one.
    done in pr 
    opened by ozkxr 35
  • Put it on package managers

    Put it on package managers

    Once 0.1 is reached

    • [x] AUR: https://git.archlinux.org/svntogit/community.git/tree/trunk/PKGBUILD?h=packages/ripgrep for ripgrep for example

    I think brew is used on mac? Any mac user around?

    opened by Keats 35
  • Sorting previous/next semantics for weight

    Sorting previous/next semantics for weight

    The current semantic of prev/next on page seem wrong when looking at weights

    Given 3 posts with date [2017-01-01, 2018-01-01, 2019-01-01]. The pages will be sorted in a descending order (2019, 2018, 2017) and the pages will have the following next/prev:

    • 2019 => next = None, previous = 2018
    • 2018 => next = 2019, previous = 2017
    • 2017 => next = 2018, previous = None

    The next/previous make sense here since we are talking about the next blog post would be the most recent and the previous as the older one.

    Enter order and we get what we would expect:

    3 posts with order = [3, 2, 1]


    • 3 => next = None, previous = 2
    • 2 => next = 3, previous = 1
    • 1 => next = 2, previous = None

    Lastly, weight:

    3 posts with weight = [1, 2. 3]


    • 1 => next = 2, previous = None
    • 2 => next = 3, previous = 1
    • 3 => next = None, previous = 2

    Currently, the previous and next are reversed for weight which makes sense since both date/order work that way but weight actually works the other way semantically: it's ascending. I think it would make sense to inverse setting next/previouswhen weight is used to match the expectations.

    2 questions:

    • am I getting something wrong with my expectations about the weight ordering?
    • would switching the next/previous for weight make sense to everyone?

    cc @codesections

    opened by Keats 31
  • Shortcode names and arguements.

    Shortcode names and arguements.

    It appears as though shortcode file names cannot have an underscore in them and that the value that argument values cannot contain special characters.

    To reproduce the filename issue:

    • create shortcode, ./templates/shortcodes/contact_info.html.
    {{ label }}
    {{ info }}
    • use shortcode
    {{ contact_info(label="this is a label", info="this is the info") }}

    To reproduce the argument issue:

    • create shortcode, ./templates/shortcodes/contact.html.
    {{ label }}
    {{ info }}
    • use shortcode
    {{ contact(label="this is a label", info="this [is the] info") }}

    This is exacerbated because it appears the dev server will fall back to a previous state when it cannot build correctly...and then sometimes gets stuck and needs to be manually restarted.

    Breaking change done in pr 
    opened by cldershem 30
  • Asset fingerprinting and SRI

    Asset fingerprinting and SRI

    It'd be nice if there were a way of accessing a fingerprint or hash of static files, for a more reliable way of caching assets.

    I've given this a bit of thought, and probably need some input.

    Ideally, it'd just be an additional function, say get_static, which returned a structure which contained the path, fingerprinted URL, hash, things like that. Because this requires the static files to exist before running, it would also serve as a link checker. However, What do we do about live reloading? When editing a static file, we'd either need to keep track of the linked resources per page, and only reload the linked pages, or just reload the whole site. (The latter is so much easier!)

    I see no reason why this couldnt work for any static file in the site, eg images. It wouldnt play well with images after they've been processed, but static images should work fine!

    opened by RealOrangeOne 28
  • Backlinks support

    Backlinks support

    Is there support for backlinks? That is, a list of pages that link to the current one. There is a very awesome example of this feature in Andy's notes

    I saw a question in the forums about this, saying it is possible to add this feature, but I didn't see an update there or a mention in the docs.

    The PR https://github.com/getzola/zola/pull/1424 mentions this feature as well. I took the initiative to open this issue to track this feature. I don't know rust, but I'd like to help in any way I can. Maybe with docs?

    enhancement done in pr 
    opened by heitorPB 27
  • TOML is not very friendly for non-technical users

    TOML is not very friendly for non-technical users

    I've been trying to teach some older non-technical users how to use TOML front-matter for a simple recipe site that I'm putting together. This front-matter might look something like this:

    title = "Traditional \"Scottish\" porridge"
    description = """A traditional Scottish version of porridge made using
      water and salt.
      If you need instructions on how to make porridge, you're probably not a
      traditional Scot. ;-)  We recommend milk instead of water in that case.
    servings = 1
    prep-time = "5 minutes"
    ingredients = [
      "40 g oats",
      "250 ml water",
      "pinch of salt",
    directions = [
      "Add all the ingredients to a saucepan.",
      """Stirring frequently, cook on a medium heat until the porridge thickens
        and becomes...porridgy.""",
      fat = "1 g"
      carbs = "30 g"
      protein = "4 g"

    I've had quite a lot of trouble getting them to feel comfortable with this, so I tried them with YAML instead, which for comparison would be:

      title: Traditional "Scottish" porridge
      description: A traditional Scottish version of porridge made using water
        and salt.
        If you need instructions on how to make porridge, you're probably not a
        traditional Scot.  ;-) We recommend milk instead of water in that case.
      servings: 1
      prep-time: 5 minutes
        - Add all the ingredients to a saucepan.
        - Stirring frequently, cook on a medium heat until the porridge
          thickens and becomes...porridgy.
        - Serve.
        - 40 g oats
        - 250 ml water
        - pinch of salt
        fat: 1 g
        carbs: 30 g
        protein: 4 g

    There are a bunch of issues with the TOML (demonstrate in the TOML example above) that when taken together are making them really unhappy:

    • In general there's a bunch of syntax that non-technical users aren't used to dealing with.
    • As a programmer, quoting text seems normal to me, but to them it seems like an unnecessary irritation and visual clutter.
    • The need to quote text also means that they would need to remember to "escape" quote marks using a backslash, and that probably isn't going to happen. :-/
    • Requiring different quoting for single line text and multi-line text (triple quotes) seems to them to be gratuitous, and will likely be error prone.
    • For lists of strings, in addition to the quoting, adding in the idea that trailing commas separate list items, and that square brackets have to "wrap" a list isn't going down well. They much prefer to forget all that and just begin each list item with the intuitive looking "-" marker used by YAML.
    • Getting more nitty now, but they also don't like the use of "=" to associate values ("its not maths"), and prefer ":".

    They find the YAML considerably cleaner/less confusing/more intuitive, and now that I've shown them that they simply can't understand why anyone would use TOML. (Which, for our schema and usage scenario, seems valid.)

    YAML of course isn't without issues. Specifically I'd be worried about the potential for them to mess up the (semantically significant) indentation. However, they're pretty adamant that if that's the only thing they'd need to worry about then they could get that right, and that YAML would be by far the better choice for them. (In fact - if I'm going to ask them to enter their recipes in a text format - they think the indentation would be a good thing, since it makes things more readable.)

    done in pr 
    opened by jwatt 27
  • Image hash should include Zola version

    Image hash should include Zola version

    I had Zola version v0.15.3 and updated it to v0.16.1. The old version had a bug where the processed images were black and white which was fixed with the update. However, because Zola caches the images, it did not automatically fix the cached images.

    I think that the images should contain information about the Zola version that generated them so they are regenerated if there is an update. Additionally, I do not like that the image names of the resized images are hashed and do not contain the original image name at all. I think this is bad for SEO

    opened by theMarina 1
  • thread 'main' has overflowed its stack

    thread 'main' has overflowed its stack

    Bug Report


    Zola version: 0.16.1 Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS (up to date, with kernel 6.0.12-76060006-generic)

    Expected Behavior

    zola serve should just continue working, instead of crashing.

    Current Behavior

    zola serve crashes.

    Step to reproduce

    Just quickstarting it by following the Overview doc, using the official sam.

    • in config.tml file: declared theme = "sam"
    • using theme's base.html, created templates/base.html file with this content:
    {% extends "index.html" %}
    {% import "macros.html" as macros %}
    {% block htmltitle %}
    {% endblock htmltitle %}
    {% block body %}
    <div class="wrap">
        <div class="section" id="title">
            {% block title %}{% endblock title %}
        <div class="section" id="sections">
            {% block sections %}{% endblock sections %}
        <div class="section" id="content">
            {% block content %}{% endblock content %}
        {{ macros::bottom_menu() }}
        {{ macros::footer() }}
    {% endblock body %}
    • and using theme's index.html, created templates/index.html file with this content:
    {% extends "base.html" %}
    {% block content %}
    <h1 class="title">
        This is my blog made with Zola.
    {% endblock content %}

    It crashes after saving that content into index.html file, and also at start up:

    …/test_zola ❯ RUST_BACKTRACE=1 zola serve
    Building site...
    thread 'main' has overflowed its stack
    fatal runtime error: stack overflow
    Aborted (core dumped)
    …/test_zola took 1s❯

    Hope it helps the investigation! I'm very new to Zola, and depending on the outcome I might try to help as well.


    opened by dxps 2
  • Sublime Packages submodule is out of date

    Sublime Packages submodule is out of date

    Bug Report

    I wanted to highlight some Rust code that contains keywords such as async and await.


    Zola version: 0.16.1

    Expected Behavior

    A Rust codeblock should correctly highlight async and await.

    Current Behavior

    The aforementioned keywords are not highlighted.

    Step to reproduce

    Create a Rust codeblock that contains async, render it, and notice that it's not highlighted.


    I tried to update the Packages submodule, but some of the grammars in there are not compatible with syntect anymore. For example, the HTML (ASP) grammar uses extends, but synctect doesn't implement that yet. As a workaround I believe I can use extra_syntaxes_and_themes and check the newer Rust grammar into my project.

    opened by rbartlensky 0
  • Dead Heroku link in CONTRIBUTING.md

    Dead Heroku link in CONTRIBUTING.md

    Documentation issue


    The link https://tmtheme-editor.herokuapp.com/#!/editor/theme/Agola%20Dark in https://github.com/getzola/zola/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md is dead.

    Proposed solution

    Re-deploy the theme gallery site (if applicable) and update the link.

    help wanted good first issue documentation 
    opened by elliotwutingfeng 1
  • Feature Request: railwind integration

    Feature Request: railwind integration

    It seems like many people use Tailwind CSS in Zola, given the number of themes that use it and GitHub issues that talk about it, and the options for using Tailwind with Zola are their very bulky CLI tool binary or adding PostCSS and Tailwind to the project with npm. This is a bit of pain and the inability to use an atomic CSS engine is a limit of Zola in its single binary state.

    Would practical to add railwind?

    opened by AlistairKeiller 5
  • v0.16.1(Aug 14, 2022)


    • 195b6bdff070913129f310f4fe68b42b5c8ba0a6 Fix outdated release windows image
    • 53ce6db057101b8a24631ac4212ab4f9f3d145ae Update MSRV
    • 3d45cffb722f7c1d8ea27a5bdcfcd0437a246e64 Last cargo update
    • b9501de55fe8532dfe5ea7fccfcf9a5241a17db9 Strip binary artifact when building for release (#1949)
    • 584de3adaf4e98b8aaedf33a142748e458e82fae Remove logging
    • 3fde41b6e5794403d4fad40d590c3d636e531fe5 The Glob library does not work correctly on windows. This changes the approach to use the normal WalkDir crate, and the Globset crate instead to find the filter. This new code correctly compiles sass files across platforms now. (#1950)
    • 2a445fa4dc2d843ed99cfe70738f4be45b4915ce Update deps
    • f61e1ba9a2deeec08e978ee405cdee81111a3201 parse also *.yml file suffix as YAML; closes #1958 (#1959)
    • abafe66a512d33eb2ec4516b8750d44ffdbcf76c Fix overriding built-in shortcodes [ #1947 ]
    • fd565243a2bcafd08975ee4bee218ce444a547b5 Next version will be 0.16.1
    See More
    • 6f0697d438716a138f99430ed8b008b0b63add48 Update Alpine Linux installation instructions (#1953)
    • 93d61cdf7233c5839220ee5948528337107a0653 remove string manipulation of paths (#1941)
    • d8d96046251935aa6900d87b3f147f95ee21fcaa update deps
    • 18c62315cf2c549e06355babef1ae58a909ac225 Lowercase config.mode
    • e4bab1f21c37a00c7055a5e60aaba272d6a8d913 Cleanup code to generate page slug. (#1936)
    • 4e14203fc2763c7d043802a8a942b9e9c0100c08 Next version
    • a0333e71d3323be4a41a2e55f5481d57f7c4a595 Update Sourcehut deployment instructions (#1948)
    • 15a523b62474d576273b1a1397a3dc6be017321f Add docs for backlinks
    • 26026a8a6452f5a14454e907668b2893cc10a4d0 Fix metainfo version for 0.16.0 release (#1928)

    This list of changes was auto generated.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    zola-v0.16.1-x86_64-apple-darwin.tar.gz(8.02 MB)
    zola-v0.16.1-x86_64-pc-windows-msvc.zip(8.06 MB)
    zola-v0.16.1-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz(8.64 MB)
  • v0.16.0(Jul 16, 2022)


    • c599f21d6a2221ad14c69520bedb7238797073e8 Set changelog date
    • 39bfbcd0199340ce5de4d0b951a2050cc9fc239e Merge pull request #1741 from getzola/next
    • e62164eee4fbfce3d55fea336f8c7e81d2a7180a Update deps
    • 3fa855267ece6162c21aec42e547591610720730 Ensure homepages get their translations filled
    • 39cf436b1174a3d5f2fbe4bac20e942795005f05 Update changelog
    • 0d4c2e813f9c1531d304699f1ddf63de2decd554 Fix some bugs + cargo fmt
    • bf7dbfeaaeedd9adbe3ef938796120980cd3575f Update pinned rustc version
    • 342569a92a6903f69e8fc98018c204d2678e7312 Update deps
    • 7208b86d7796e3e2c9c45839d96d2ff8a70e08d1 Insert anchor as full heading (#1916)
    • 065e8e64e51d435e10238d86ebf95f9567100282 Apply orientation transformation based on EXIF data (#1912)
    See More
    • 9669db0dcd24c5f1bc4ff90524dcb73e0f91a1ae Fix misspelling in documentation (#1914)
    • fcd5331ca3c2d10a6e206f6c3b5857e0b862002a Add AppData (#1900)
    • cec65d0fa7ad4bbf6439a46c08adb538a8644f57 Stop printing invalid files in dirs
    • 18e8246fbc25bcb01677bd94909c46eb66bd0390 fix windows EOL in markdown files (#1911)
    • 4f6a1c6bcc4a609b6d27b8d2a4f309dd25b40079 Properly escape anchor names (#1908)
    • c2bdfb9af76c6101c02515ea3b488423482d7d23 Add flatpak installation to docs (#1906)
    • afc6a71a79346a4a21ca5d0c6c410397c6adddf5 Allow new lines before anchor (#1905)
    • faf306ec1bcb2a5f76294f7190ba1f6930ae06a6 Update themes gallery (#1899)
    • 72243d9eeb8d7be50c54e35908d4d4aab7b451ce Fix incorrect documentation for syntax directory (#1901) [ #1723 ]
    • 5873e0319c2eabc5c64fcbb560fe072baec9e53c Add title_bytes sorting method
    • c948f8c88978d406c4bf13178f7da11e2a932872 woops
    • af6e0fc8183ba31bb18a968733a90767097268da Bump version of Zola used on netlify
    • 4da81eb17e7995e09e6ede75d3e205a0c5f1cbd2 Fix feed location for taxonomies not in the default language
    • 4cb91dab0b2f06fc82a62fb4ae6df813c352d176 Remove simplify theme [ #1863 ]
    • d4b5c4fdc4d7053137ec78e27c34716d1685787c Make robots.txt compliant with RFC (#1895)
    • 72461a1fc9a767d4eadb6be48a0c5ba35e974049 Update themes gallery (#1894)
    • c70aaf781e912de7b88fcbb0d3f3276d20dcd73f Merge branch 'master' into next
    • 42bcbf63cc656b0f6a5b9b3398ade47e761832ce Mention PAT for GH deploys [ #1785 ]
    • d22f579b455bbaa36f1e8d810bae539bf5c2acbf Specify mime version [ #1845 ]
    • 85a16d1d4bf2b92f216bc54e9bbf973dc2e2354d Fix old docker image reference [ #1861 ]
    • 570e2fc2782e4d550eddd0f6df356327c40341f2 Set current_term earlier in search JS [ #1856 ]
    • 094900777b62603ac6d6c037bdf3746cc0f1e0d9 Do not assume themes are present for CSS export [ #1884 ]
    • 3c540198b0eb35a0cac0807fa75806cbf0b07837 Mention CSS files in static assets overview [ #1892 ]
    • 04ee5c85a39fa75c9f78d9a47343329015d7aa3d Reenable link rewriting for colocated assets
    • e8fe51a344265d136aa3581f2333bd3ed5185fd8 Update changelog and deps
    • 49b310764a05ba4690589d132e889d99abd65d91 Always follow symlinks (#1883)
    • da799ea508566cd5dcfe0c4501910e37aead21cb Little exactness tweaks (#1874)
    • 8029cf891a51937316351a8f96f6af5cbfd89a03 Fix taxonomy current path (#1882)
    • 294505f4bcc7564a63001acd1580ea1591ab2388 Update themes gallery (#1887)
    • aff5bff0a60c11f15933ffec0a1a9dede4be6d3b Update docker image name in docker installation (#1889)
    • 6989eb73ab1578550a7a64e864d22164997215c1 Fix clippy lint warnings (#1888)
    • e9e6cadc6ccab69f27805c429bc180b549c97dce Update to elasticlunr-rs 3.0.0 (#1873)
    • ed296d72a1349facc1995de0b4c5a7b5e6988ea8 Your message (#1880)
    • 9e839b22e720193babeb3784cf55ce18a85906e5 docs(readme): add downloads badge (#1872)
    • a385dbae2932096114149fe59cd141d04299a034 Add rel="alternate" to Atom post links (#1868)
    • b90492f641166fa66a6573dedbee68807101942f Update themes gallery (#1860)
    • 76b0b5f5dd7be8da23fb7d63896b351cdbbac74c Clippy
    • 1a3b78312082d0a6054c9a09370937b085764081 DRY up the external link checking a bit
    • 6240ed5469b302399445d80309a3a5a825465555 add link_checker settings for external_level and internal_level (#1848)
    • 2291c6e9c3df89593db9a376e9cf9d5f8d65e0cf Fix tests
    • f7f5545bdc2f04e2f41b633e33445a4e3586891e Enables setting base-url to / for relative URLs in serve mode (#1853)
    • beb93f2b0a149afe02d802cb742cf07942ad4aee Expose backlinks
    • 413a68d8b29bcfe756fd056cb57032bce6714b6e Fix tests
    • e0043a7351fa92a801d3e99f07d8a5b0fef738de Ignore section with render=false when looking for path collisions [ #1656 ]
    • a958305e58d9a2bdecf6d1b3b5df420410cd2fa6 Clone Zola Tera instance for Markdown filter
    • ee8de20a6e0f02b47ea6831b9add75be646930fc Update syntect
    • 1fbe6fbbefd192276165798c936cc62195d94116 Update themes gallery (#1847)
    • bdbe73e23ed74426ddab017dc0d296c03b0c4057 Clippy
    • df9061b5a0c35c6b1d283a74201eed48cc91571d Avoid cloning components when rendering feed
    • a297b11f2a8741d98c4c506f0f140bd892de8c2c More efficient sitemap building
    • a0630efb765ab06031730769e8097218149bbfa9 Rename links utils mod
    • e8b04bb11a9464d515b47bd76bd732d7e83d6965 Serialize transparent field in section front-matter [ #1840 ]
    • bad0127c9f29893a6c6a0adb89655122d06d5ef1 Build taxonomies as pages are added (#1841)
    • 77eb9fef9bbcfa0aa5e0940b9426baa662ae4309 Create pull request/add yaml to load data (#1842)
    • 3a0800c702b5fbfd149625f18e7ea009cf7ba12a Pass content_path to populate_library
    • 84951d39e317deb2f9bd728f2ab2073c6cdbed36 Allow taxonomies to not be rendered [ #1750 ]
    • 844576e32ead20b0a444365bc5f2bdb72b248583 Remove unused deps thanks to cargo-machete
    • 44b2f99ab879e8fe7e13b40c11fb37f9a17dd19e fix typo in zola init (#1836)
    • 27a200bb4e21b4fb1b12da4659dd1d37886a98c0 Some more refactoring
    • 6851ade6425a8d3cd639fe62d0ddb1ae228352b5 Print path on metadata call failure
    • c14b1fa746dc31338e06ac33e5d5ca0d3e9a1f0a Remove duplicate code
    • 9ab1bf2e4ee59edb4bfb266b9087e1e3a5901a0a Re-organise content and remove slotmap indirection level (#1827)
    • 92e80b5451e54a89d635c2f0bc5797760f50df9f apply skip_prefixes before parsing external link domain (#1833)
    • 55126050b37e091792278d6dcbb26292de25c2ee Update themes gallery (#1834)
    • 468bce93da512f9986b6b6bda4fac5371a3d7af2 Update themes gallery (#1829)
    • 1d9d3452649d3c523aab67f207dc5cea41e9fe38 Update broken link to container image versions (#1830)
    • 896ea596fd347a809f76b3730650302900111033 rename extra_highligh_themes to extra_syntaxes_and_themes (#1828)
    • c11ae6ef289ca1e7751a05320f249ba0dc6dbdd1 Use anyhow (#1816) [ #1783 ]
    • 8d979bfd4e31d4e3c3951c8ac52f7d9919ac1320 Update themes gallery (#1813)
    • e3d7051caaa72b83a4f72614eedb2153c9ba6823 Added mish.co (#1814)
    • b8342e7da76db132e8571d864a68889386a119e1 docs: fix overview example link #1786 (#1811)
    • 62a0e7b1fd3ed668f1c7ce0606812ddeadf0f68c Update deps
    • dfecf8075f14d836ac328814999814764b1751d2 Try to change windows image for CI (#1807)
    • a13d41b47cfdb1d6ca361c65090f07f92dbb3440 Allow load_data to take a literal (#1794) (#1794)
    • 336a2716e03f1b0ecf27af92c1fcc18cb3fef9cf switch from chrono to time (#1790)
    • 75d9e5a1e1ffc54f1211daf4348c5d0da4e1d732 Fix zola init
    • b66a4f2387fb68b5007dc3b0ba1482ab992e5f99 Update themes gallery (#1800)
    • 1f5a524c12d4d8b18d73d0bc287dbd4af01dfa5c Load extra themes even with theme=css [ #1775 ]
    • 2feda3ec61be10d336f94d01738aa3c607efedeb Update deps
    • 88e0624f11fb7665107d12e2fb353e9132c57d83 Added XML support for load_data (#1769)
    • a67370b8d893fca88f906a2eb7ef25390c644ccf Update pulldown_cmark
    • 40d72084938928a932b986a53b7f2662b049813a Refactoring rendering tests
    • dde3531fd9beb4ea2e16ef904fb5808ebdab5321 Make sure that zola serve/build can start from anywhere inside dir tree (#1761)
    • fb347c2e029bfb53421512b94e789acda5f2be81 Bugfix check links i18n (close #1694) (#1780)
    • e07c8c9a84fe0928a86930334fead6c806c18053 Update themes gallery (#1778)
    • 37f852cd55314f4b006cb3c4ccb9f7ee232c85fc Update themes gallery (#1764)
    • 3dde2ce56247db29a85fd12fd233edd4f1bd15bd Update netlify deploy docs
    • fd052252f742e579d67aa79f4931aed07edecaef fix crash in build.rs when installing from source on linux (#1760)
    • a13279ea39445ef2fc22265a5bf0578f7bdfba36 ignore links to '#' (#1756)
    • 821fa38bc141402e7ccab80511ec7d9d7eafb640 build: include metadata in Windows binary (#1735)
    • a5890a9901d4f1497aa14c1f9cd101e6e5bfb776 Make ignored_content work with nested paths and directories (#1738)
    • ae3a8b802e149dc8805848b7318c5d45dff64148 Add libs subcrate (#1747)
    • fd0bcfabe6509dad040014185668a23ae4680d12 Include path separator in log message (#1749)
    • 78b19d71333624859a36754eb1f15fdf9b22fcd7 Fix markup for fenced code with linenos (#1746)
    • 4bcbf2a545698f0ad0a8132d7cfcbf09f5f92bc5 Update deps
    • 53fca748e86cd54be21f52bcd6f42f8a2c7c3a92 Mention Sass version support [ #1619 ]
    • f4f1e4b6e18391669751887b5fc2d5bb375ee215 Mention translations for default language [ #1634 ]
    • 4dfb35d83a9d4825225be3b48e633a788d01c5d0 Mention paginator in getting started overview [ #1658 ]
    • 108d196b85af4fa8fcace62c42c2a6c4c1b15e5b Add link to theme in syntax doc [ #1679 ]
    • a9b4cc6302f5e2e39efaa7ac04a1692b15e6969e Add stemmer for other languages in the docs [ #1740, #1349 ]
    • 0f23a40e3f41b5ae87b126ee4459ad59aed89007 Update arg parsing to clap v3 (#1717)
    • 502dd92cc6336028c2c9f26be27bd56862f94709 Next version
    • 90bddf0ef5e10f7f2e2b3f95532628f2a58a64f0 Update themes gallery (#1755)
    • 991c18c2de0167fd25d52d096538b2f8610a187e fixing docs for #1753 (#1757)
    • 542daa752ca4f9636b905e08c4b8d8fa4f65acf7 Shortcodes: Mention argument parens are mandatory (#1752)
    • a7abc840678e0331ef77c3a60ce145a6f995bc71 Update themes gallery (#1742)

    This list of changes was auto generated.

    Source code(tar.gz)
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    zola-v0.16.0-x86_64-apple-darwin.tar.gz(8.94 MB)
    zola-v0.16.0-x86_64-pc-windows-msvc.zip(8.12 MB)
    zola-v0.16.0-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz(9.97 MB)
  • v0.15.3(Jan 23, 2022)


    • 96db5231e74599815df381fbf90d499c2d5b3814 Bump MSRV
    • c9bc0a29e4e0b128432c56df13d04f29f1e40509 Ready for release
    • a61fa3fd808c7116a8024ec7fa4cc34d4477f9fa That's going to be 0.15.3
    • 1b20acabdeed6434e0093632548ab033374088dd config: Don't skip extra syntax loading if highlight_theme = css (#1732) [ #1723 ]
    • 684bc2dd74d5574049049ee450c106205a5f7a3d Fix shortcode handling in code-fences (#1720)
    • ef3a16f3a8a3c783d6d89bd35fbb0f3484266a2d make asset colocation find assets which have no extension (as opposed to ignoring them) (#1734)
    • 37b31cb61fa58aee22485cbf3283a2511e4927bf templates/load_data: add an optional parameter headers (#1710)
    • 78132a8d1dab4d774e0afeceedf8cd4b53b2fcc1 add theme's robots.txt to tera with name "robots.txt" (#1722)
    • faec345e84c3c0abf51350cfdfdcbf7fe6bf31fd remove compiler warning (#1698)
    • 5190b5eba5f45b11f6b904477e01667c74aca5cf Add heuristic checking for HTML anchors (#1716)
    See More
    • 0b7e3cb907a30337a3c247805b5779f929758c34 Various comment cleanups (#1726)
    • 13e35963adaf7039bf8a3f57bd1425ab18f41c37 Fix option in syntax highlighting docs (#1712)
    • 4d14c46552dc909ba6255076d580954fc013a256 Reduce code repetition in CodeBlock::highlight (#1697)
    • c5aa1a2a338001a409d3a30048cf711a724d9383 docs: Add missing punctuation
    • 4cef97af2a90b329e0e302fd6406b4e805362e2e Next version
    • 14ccd898ba502e41c16d3e724e7643e7ea2feefe Update themes gallery (#1737)
    • baae4d7101ac48cf3012d46a4d5a169550bb8ad0 Fix typo in docs (#1739)
    • 47773c27d39cd87e82863911952a82689c7afab3 Update themes gallery (#1728)
    • 2aac1633eeed28c516c34f84193db1d5728c8e46 Improved Cloudflare Pages deployment guide (#1733)
    • f4d312ba044f70280204790e4f15ff6071031874 simplify Layer0 deployment guide (#1727)
    • 25ab1bcd59c36f946601aff71d0a40bfb91a3325 docs: fix missing doublequote (#1719)
    • ef26db82f8b46c063bc2adfdd93f388193226f75 docs: filter to main for example GH Pages config (#1715)
    • fac80b76ea841f49c8e7b685e128f7bf29a69ea9 fix thumbnails sqaushing/stretching (#1711)
    • 359de4358740ed0dca1e94c5fc8d2a05ea0908d1 Fix typo (#1709)
    • dbdacfabe5e7dfd5201d43e6473180d8830a254d Remove marketing content
    • 9a5f5207c19ebc8dacb848fa3899ce10dcd6ab6f Guide: Deploy Zola with Layer0 (#1704)
    • bc51b5da364af86560e9f19a1fa89740355486b5 Fix typo (#1706)
    • 75d99914552b1edb2f60c60ac67c0e8f9e83a0c6 Update source-tag to v0.15.2 (#1703)
    • 3a71c8c1c80aea858858211a0ddae7bf8d77ff49 Add films.mlcdf.fr to example sites (#1702)

    This list of changes was auto generated.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    zola-v0.15.3-x86_64-apple-darwin.tar.gz(8.21 MB)
    zola-v0.15.3-x86_64-pc-windows-msvc.zip(7.51 MB)
    zola-v0.15.3-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz(9.27 MB)
  • v0.15.2(Dec 10, 2021)


    • 546623a16a4403044606b87ad4d3b01193ad151e Next version
    • 1ed1fdbee7e580375367e5df00f57af86f116842 Ready for 0.15.2
    • 501cf9597c65b899680d1662d9172c47a0cd85f9 Merge pull request #1691 from getzola/next
    • 3155662db22a6a3a9ff8183d9228df10d57b2d65 Fix HTML shortcodes [ #1689 ]
    • 5b0e1edebfbebdd7a504ff458b32f4fbb47dbf90 Next version
    • 927a84097a200838b9b98c06360cdfe629d21a0a Update macos ci image for release as well
    • 3625391cf7204b938f98db77bd33a36612e5154c Set 0.15.1 date
    • 2ded7f5a8176ca1ee96e9bde14b4bf4f2b08c5ca dockerhub -> ghcr

    This list of changes was auto generated.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    zola-v0.15.2-x86_64-apple-darwin.tar.gz(8.20 MB)
    zola-v0.15.2-x86_64-pc-windows-msvc.zip(7.48 MB)
    zola-v0.15.2-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz(9.27 MB)
  • v0.15.1(Dec 8, 2021)


    • 24007b25590b216f68281fac01a395f80994629f Merge pull request #1682 from getzola/next
    • d305c6c7e2aa40d7ff488aed4013b87c22bf5fb6 Merge pull request #1681 from thomasetter/ghcr-action
    • 3e8eb184d3c04e6344348eab6764345c4bc4302d disable latest tag
    • 46027ecdb74d9f790c2127f842bd55a84c02ade1 Update version
    • 22dcfb963efb6da6d16b3758028db3603d339ebd Test config.title in integration tests
    • 7ce4f75d09d81678e16dce3e7d5fdee7d634691c Fix config data not getting to the templates [ #1687 ]
    • 9191a2726cbc65e5422461e1ee8ad6a76c2d719a Fix markdown shortcodes
    • 3dbf8117407cf6c6fb3171fef12ba5f2654e2ee7 Update macos ci image
    • a9967992b4d849229dc3de9424d9f4d165eafd2b Update snapcraft.yaml
    • 720658ce3a936cd54549989c4a5aabedefddd1dd add GitHub action to deploy to the GitHub Container Registry (GHCR)

    This list of changes was auto generated.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    zola-v0.15.1-x86_64-apple-darwin.tar.gz(8.19 MB)
    zola-v0.15.1-x86_64-pc-windows-msvc.zip(7.48 MB)
    zola-v0.15.1-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz(9.27 MB)
  • v0.15.0(Dec 5, 2021)


    • a8a236f39c4612400a271190ecb7aae0bb876863 Merge pull request #1597 from getzola/next
    • 9fc60e1591854c9c94b061d3cb200cc6e6c494d6 Update pinned ci version
    • 445a95f22d5381cb360cccfbf5fe15c02b97c59b Update deps
    • b3139b7622791da07d861da653d8a1264a0de401 Only find assets recursively for pages (#1677)
    • 51784aa60f398bc32ab3898fc55fa7e7b371ac72 Handle naked anchor link for internal links [ #1676 ]
    • d8aebbd220121300952073da77b66870de2d5190 Update themes gallery (#1674)
    • 769264e3e577c2471a4fbf7e9fce881c0d5b0117 Fix docs for get_url [ #1667 ]
    • 10a39e57ff7b9b0287eea01256c710cc9a3c7442 Mention config.mode
    • 35359fb312bc9e56d78513e362354a612832fa56 Add generic template fallbacks to taxonomies (#1651)
    • 976ff6f2ef5ee9bf50a4af60a24737602d93411f Merge branch 'master' into next
    See More
    • 862149e92e6802ac5d5ad37b0e3881bc67529ace Update pinned ci version
    • ea3e782dfb8504a9b96138ebf676d356228ce692 Remove comparisons in README
    • 091995b44404019206990563069ebe1be1c855f7 Update deps
    • c33b67c1bf3b80ebc4e87f3cb58ed03168a95c7f Ensure zola serve only reads from the public dir
    • 19125e8dd288368ed643e2966ddc34c48f8759e3 Back to pest (#1665)
    • 662c2d3e649fb50aeaf2e2a8ba06e0494c239aae Add 146parks.blog to example sites. (#1664)
    • 48e4fa0ce543c7025fc90a953f2a0a9914d73fce fix typo (#1663)
    • 637b00547aaadb03d388bc9f8504271d64f5ed92 Shortcodes (#1640) [ #1475, #1355, #1655, #1601, #1600, #1500, #1320 ]
    • ddb9b4e019de1328beb381730403b16e785259f5 Update EXAMPLES.md (#1659)
    • 1434eebea44f04214a14f35c036bfb85b10c9ffb Add check for export highlight theme CSS in Config (#1650)
    • 1bbca5c0596c30b191d09e15c6375ca19b2de4c6 Use distroless instead of dockerize (#1643) [ #1642 ]
    • e186f0851689763d94c096a1bd6b0732953d7e02 Fix page.updated's document. #1641 (#1644)
    • 19673f2da88440bf4e34287d0846d728a99a190b Update deps
    • f8020a313928a7568d0a67ef041540667acccfdd Show usage of latest github action version (#1638)
    • 7135a4f36761237275b1a8fa08b5efb538c73fe5 Add corona-effekt.orgatalk.de to list of example sites (#1636)
    • 7fa58ef45b21857074b39a4a5610a399085b5383 Fix get_url resolving asset path to invalid url on Windows (#1632)
    • aaa25cee2af2ec0485796bf77b11ee311722d0de Fix clippy warnings (#1618)
    • dd0ce5c79a45e8856e8e89129602439267707821 Make whitespace separation consistent/explicit (#1628)
    • 7a0cf261bf0891baf00edb1ee95aa0d6419c2e8e Update changelog
    • 2e884e06cb5c9e9652450ffc9caafe91ea0d3e88 Remove duplicate call to load syntax/themes
    • 23064f57c8d45534bdf4d757f4e8263415f35e3d Support custom syntax highlighting themes (#1499) [ #419 ]
    • 9946506e1c363a35f097a7b220c613f77a989c43 Update themes gallery (#1614)
    • f0b131838fee5edfb7441ec14a9691e9340831c9 fix: crash on config change (#1616)
    • 8258305117669c4dac27425c84d7e982f4d05d30 Some more improvements to documentation (#1508)
    • 9f88d7539fce1f6c395589eb7875919382fe3da1 fix typo (#1613)
    • 95163284e70247af7f47ae028ef2e01bdacb088c Fix outdated i18n setup config
    • b503d5cc86544ebebea631a8892fdfe560ffdd49 feat: add required argument to taxonomy functions (#1598)
    • 4086b0755a84e82645de3f43aab7460a1a5da6d6 Support colocating subfolders (#1582)
    • 4c4fad2cfb03158faebf03425fed916443dd6a4a Adjust whitespace in expression delimiters (#1610)
    • 7af662c862526ab379a7ecd75d1aa682e2fa6dd6 Add OrgaTalk wiki to list of example sites (#1611)
    • 84b75f9725a6535434f7ccb1aa6ebf495852b1ee [feature] Shortcodes and anchor-link.html can access lang context (#1609)
    • eceb1bd79d3b3ab5b3818039aa0d533bb61f3ad7 Added prompt for when zola build output-dir mentions an existing directory. (#1558) [ #1378 ]
    • 5c428cc141964026a093c0bef0a3b4b30e9f09b9 Merge pull request #1608 from southerntofu/bugfix-default-language
    • 2be1b417d1a590b8260820e10fc13a1c3c23ff10 config.default_language is exposed to templates
    • 276403148f9022fd5e4f609aa56ac50a79a6d318 Merge pull request #1606 from marier-nico/patch-1
    • 5a418e1e3934fb61de88a0b504f82a9361bd9c7e docs(configuration): move extra syntaxes to markdown
    • c1267e8929be99d923a5dae5a37d28bb02b3a165 Remove number of processed images from logs [ #1504 ]
    • 8e40720acaff065dd9bb64ed8e51c3d1f794e12e Next

    This list of changes was auto generated.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    zola-v0.15.0-x86_64-apple-darwin.tar.gz(8.19 MB)
    zola-v0.15.0-x86_64-pc-windows-msvc.zip(7.48 MB)
    zola-v0.15.0-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz(9.27 MB)
  • v0.14.1(Aug 24, 2021)


    • 3dcc080f9d3558e9f811b442ebe09699f363f930 Merge pull request #1553 from getzola/next
    • 1249d4dc84abdf9d203a1788e6c2c415036b1fe1 Prepare for 0.14.1
    • f866e0b650ba940bb7b40d6c2612e6649214c5b9 Update docker documentation usage with Zola 0.14.0 (#1594)
    • f7a4ef261744f482fe0d7c656f9dcc1fbc61f1f8 Add draft to section variable in templates [ #1592 ]
    • 5ca2b29c498f973bca4c76cffbde448f49c1beaa Fix cachebust for files in the output path (#1586)
    • 8802e7788005681f9f1041ad54c9c2c206dbb03c Update themes gallery (#1589)
    • c658d171f80bc85ce2569e490cb9a43da9f60174 cargo/manifests: allow user to use native-tls if ring is unsupported (#1587)
    • 56dcfecce29b9c655259b302bdeacc18954a8395 make clippy a bit happier (#1588)
    • 8b43667a94f4fd6cf1489f22811abe87136321e5 Ensure code block contents are always escaped [ #1581 ]
    • 6a39253e293247cafb906843fbd47bf29d9e8b12 Unravel errors on full site rebuild in serve [ #1398 ]
    See More
    • 88e5c6e167923e4a37e33a9bc4a99bc2e817e893 Update deps
    • 85f68f87cc06e7fe1b59ff98bb8415769dc72722 Update minify and respect HTML spec
    • 17f3fe2bda4859fc125cbdf34cc405cf782de1eb HTTP 404 instead of empty response if not found (#1580) [ #1578 ]
    • 28c3dac0abaaa36e07cda362c70a28d6a956632a use provided config file path instead of name
    • 9275d932e2476c5cae7a4d88a1680bb57da30058 Next version
    • 3bedb42b0b8ef06967eecaa63b8faa82dbe9cd00 Fix languages docs [ #1567 ]
    • e2f2f4f7799f7b54d9fdb7a55bcaf570067353c5 Briefly explain TOML tables (#1576)
    • c06ef10a36c508bb4f490cb613463e794f880a8b Merge pull request #1575 from getzola/create-pull-request/patch-1627914726
    • 8c98d11363751374f963a2c805271cb1c1e1e0a0 Update themes gallery
    • 6a3f886f87b738d8ba89d24cbf6950afa461e6a6 Merge pull request #1561 from mscherer/patch-1
    • f38fd707dc4963ce979bc3e0e1c42304568ca3ee Fix uggla blog git repo location
    • 0f9638120e1df20ac812596da13695215434bd45 Merge pull request #1557 from coastalwhite/local-devices-sidenote
    • 9d596c3a578462f3798a7c471df164a966ef1944 Merge pull request #1554 from herbygillot/patch-1
    • 365b15ccc29a2becab6f2d4dc98e3702bdfe8370 Added sidenote on serving to local devices [ #1556 ]
    • f8d3dabc17ff66f7d87071227b0402cc06192529 README: add MacPorts info
    • fa00914db6d3dc2494051b47d479e82ad98bc620 Mention paginator.current_index is 1-indexed [ #835 ]
    • baba690702361c4a990dcde693b92660d110b2c2 Update version of zola for docs + version of ubuntu for release

    This list of changes was auto generated.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    zola-v0.14.1-x86_64-apple-darwin.tar.gz(8.08 MB)
    zola-v0.14.1-x86_64-pc-windows-msvc.zip(7.36 MB)
    zola-v0.14.1-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz(9.09 MB)
  • v0.14.0(Jul 19, 2021)


    • b2354c6cd8c44c99ab4978702915bdf9eddfa6f9 Merge pull request #1293 from getzola/next
    • ece6cb9307c79ee2136933f0e9d1f05cf04760c2 Update release date
    • a5cc4dc462b809f8a100818cc2ee8f941680fb42 Update processed images
    • c0895b62f9bcea1cb896f50d9c5a4d7971dd4497 Update deps
    • b89fc2c27422ec095c67c9f15964da104c42655e Merge branch 'master' into next
    • 8c3ce7d7fbc0d585d4cbf27598ac7dfe5acd96f1 Update changelog
    • 4a87689cfb226a26f3dde672098714b3292a8fca Add class based syntax higlighting + line numbers (#1531)
    • 57705aa82eaf10df72ad9495dcb56f3e6fbb8890 Add permalink to Taxonomy (#1516)
    • 98b110ba14aa20b117df17643aad61bb72240bd5 Add support for Norwegian search (#1547)
    • 6f22132b8da3c6de8fcd3cfb6f61872a21476756 imgproc: Don't upscale images in the Fit op, fix a bug in comment in #1542 (#1545)
    See More
    • 96e28ddd5cde53fb3d2020027d0cf15eef8a4a6f Docs: Fix resize_image and gallery shortcodes (#1543)
    • ee85300303d674e48326cd23f14b6e6b0c2af737 Mention load_data only works with utf-8 [ #1539 ]
    • 3e1a9346043cd7fbc437a57e7a5179b33f452593 Fix tests and add note about translations
    • 06bee578a07ea69b19722a2bfeebc9b950ffb8b4 Revert "Exclude self from translation list for page/section"
    • 93900fb6232f6d3e944e7ab5758824ca8ce36554 Add num_format filter (#1460)
    • 0a7692ad85152a870fe5ed5cc2c24d681a1c7f72 Exclude self from translation list for page/section [ #1410 ]
    • 545e76681862c3332d63a66df4f87a99704361e9 Allow functions to look into current theme static folder [ #1416 ]
    • 0cd1ea9537375bff23bb14d833c8a7e430923eef Avoid panic on invalid addr
    • e62664b4ff067aca4771122139854b4326a803e5 Unify {page,section}.assets [ #1510 ]
    • 8e9b779fc60bfdf28b3879e0f86993d511588b68 Mention lang for get_taxonomy [ #1517 ]
    • c49d62cd1e495d2332add434bb8cb1c5107470ad Update deps
    • 1e6768b18d23cdac290311b1cedbcf131decc4fe Remove search index for themes
    • a8acf2cab793b6a2156f362c81c59362e9b49add Cache get_image_metadata result
    • 312ffcb04c06c5f157b9fd2b944b858703238592 chore: update Vercel documentation (#1527)
    • c0a0df4fe9cbc2650b9dc5a59132cdbdca29d776 Update resize_image docs
    • 1bf5cd7bf83e6aaaa5ed7253a4c793471c73d41f Update docs + sandbox files
    • 0975b674c507fa0032edcbcef366a635954c843e Hash imageproc on unified path
    • 38ddb1c4d130dec27affe64a9a22a8f12eb0dc99 cargo fmt
    • 9145af6b3e98f9e2f01200ce73f17eccedbec922 imageproc things for paths refactor (#1484)
    • 009d10521026c30f9f7adb048a9e63ab26b4fca3 Automatically trim / on Tera fn calls dealing with files
    • ae916eb6c5347ed3e202a3180b54d2fe43e75a46 Some more tweaks
    • a736d33afb119df8caccb0959c4a73a87ed6ad9e Fix tests on Windows
    • 9e0cac6d4d1623918f63e08848b9a7a219621289 Cleanup of get_url and get_file_hash
    • 7154e9054294edc4fbad601058155a76dd229bd6 Update load_data
    • 7fb99eaa44f387fadf744354c605f0cfcc582800 Revamp the images template functions
    • b0937fa5b78fa927febdb94f6f6b568249663623 Some more cleanup
    • a97779567e64d5257d67e1f91d0c15c24e657467 Split Tera functions in several files
    • c728a8692b36b493ba4cf7efc89e9ce7e50b8730 Clear SITE_CONTENT on full reload
    • 635159114dcc40216c0d47f665e169b55bd43ee4 hide search-results on blur (#1488)
    • 2289b2f55a90f4ad76eb5c72d99189e7197f0643 Fix config loading [ #1512 ]
    • 16c123aa2089f4aba2825e83eb7dd7e15335b590 Include path in the search index with include_path (#1509)
    • 7fab9b47744f1e2392f05ebc00160216e70ce282 Improve docs (#1506)
    • 4c22996e11c32c3486af907a2947c508785dbb33 Fix typos (#1505)
    • b292f452bdc863001387f41a4d4067733f43e5a9 Fix|Docs: paginate_reversed is missing from example _index.md (#1501)
    • 1cecf60bf6bb5ab951d8b91fe4a4348988b4b78b Update Travis CI link to point to updated website (#1498)
    • ff8805ec092af78cf356fb7695194ae48aab4cf2 Docs: Don't suggest/use a CSS framework (#1495)
    • 0ca311fdd18cd21e375993663153dbfb9bda0fa2 Docs: Document variables with default values (#1493)
    • 6a84f1b4b8c3b6787fa4c230730009b5367d556b Docs: weight ties sort sections in random order (#1492)
    • 4f023d8c7037a01c1b34136ea204acf84d319f59 Docs: Resize feeds image (#1485)
    • 14b1a3570ad3d3d4942829425375bbc326640368 Docs: Add highlight theme green to docs (#1486)
    • e0498f2fe44c50c510e1505075cd5688985ecbd7 CONTRIBUTING.md: Fix sublime syntaxes and themes directory names (#1483)
    • aaa4f4e872475610c6b15d318afef84d24e6d03b Fix highlighting
    • c38d9e56c8e99d61260878db1ae0283711ee5f79 Do not clone ancestors when serializing
    • fe79798b0f34ee8b332771199ad4111141a56fe5 Remove unused code + rustfmt
    • 60386292a8f37b97e4a622910b0a1540d7cf8ed5 Docs: Move build_search_index to root level in config.toml (#1479)
    • c393deddd3c69b8b2d2b60773fc778c3eafb7eec Better description for output-dir of zola serve
    • ca4b5d5c45b106d89fa34abd8cdf11ff0a7e91ed Remove unused option [ #1477 ]
    • 70675ff71022f0642c4751b2864da249937405f0 Make sure that -i, -p and -u options take mandatory arguments (#1474)
    • 8ee6df030f1714a9f9fe488e9503a3d67821a93b Docs: Mention that the output directory will be deleted before build (#1472)
    • 22fcae457a977bed887b09fd72a04aef2da3bb0d Docs: Add second.md filename to directory structure overview (#1469)
    • 0596b9944c6c8ee784331c97a3959e2dcac4fa51 Docs: Remove --watch-only flag (#1468)
    • 4140ab7207c4d0e78423cda5c2ea1fb461c2ea3f Specify default output directory (#1464)
    • 22c29fe936681b8cad141482dbfc001c43a7f82e Fix race condition in generating next/previous page references when using transparent mode. (#1456)
    • f8c6ea2b00d4e889a0654ca7c12de2254db574d6 Add new sorting: UpdateDate that sorts by meta.updated. (#1452)
    • b244bcdfbbb0abf982504a6aee7ed630f77acaf4 Hide lines in code block (#1453)
    • 5365efebb3bec1c71ccfcda192b49ca8e97c6509 Add protobuf syntax highlighting
    • dec5a8563c0a0db3516a04962ada717664da59d0 Fix language in rss.xml [ #1442 ]
    • 5df6e034c43f0e389d33662b6e099ac7b7bd8eb9 Update MSRV
    • 1fab9c664d984d3be04237713c9179809d8fe6ad Update slotmap + handle in memory XML content type in zola serve [ #1308 ]
    • fecc3cf148cff6d934118366a770a67e83849fe8 Strip footnotes link from summaries [ #1282 ]
    • 998f700f302ad291f04a1b3ca24b4ccce0225b02 Update themes gallery (#1449)
    • 3a5ae0f073d55b4a9de56df367d9c038fa25ef60 Update configuration.md (#1450)
    • b2adfae4bc1bc31628d33aa15a188f8a783363a0 Add Zig highlighting [ #1370 ]
    • 10c1739c62c5ff45b5625e130128dc4e2b428d65 Update pinned MSRV
    • dc0c7df3b0fc91801d488f61e9784c85c3c5eb37 Update themes gallery (#1443)
    • 84fb2f30f32815b112b71a937ce277cfd7d36e1e Mention WSL2 filesystem [ #1440 ]
    • dedd8692fd43e732a8b344e8da79b9537b854a16 revise documentation for gh-pages (#1441)
    • a0b92be9f6998b1ab967566cd5e6915791907d02 doc(installation): add Debian package (#1432)
    • 80843cdeffae41daa43da7c2b6af968ab95cf3c0 u16 for anchor levels [ #1436 ]
    • 4f6528cf37bc325f6b50caddb61f479b5ebd71b4 Allow whitespace on the same line as closing front-matter chars
    • e92e4f1003e528ce6b11e93c54c7fa10f2241e9a Tweaks to load_data + update deps
    • 1bd777f0e5960f074b82a57b3a05880fc8525d89 Add HTTP POST capability to load_data() (#1400)
    • 47b920777ab732a0e20de2207127339331a7992a link_checking: prevent rate-limiting (#1421)
    • 3346439a32854d5dd4f2ff87465c47fba2407d32 rendering: keep track of all internal links (#1424)
    • 4f7b96098546331825506c3c05e7c3646d0883f6 Fix can not build with indexing-zh (#1433)
    • 421a2512f7d602bd0d4413d72b438e5891c94b86 Hash collision using the same quality level and incorrect quality for WebP (#1431)
    • fc808f2aa8c2605e7059d05af728f92bfefab235 Some clippy fixes
    • 0afd31d660b24e51cd0c656b3aa2c85e5bc759d0 cargo fmt
    • d3caa56da2e492dbe25a615dce4df9b182a1c3e3 Nest translations in languages options
    • 32433e7d6cfd4e13b3f7c6f1c38b10b984cb8578 Lang aware search indices settings
    • 187bc30f00f85d0ff8539f16b961240aa2b78d9c Serializing lang aware configs
    • 0812b603a637a2ea68a06ca143b7561e4a2b3ab0 Remove deprecated config options
    • 86b42fc1ab3597ab178f6d63e4eabfb13c511ffc Move taxonomies to language options dict
    • 7484138a9126b59d3b461cf7027931f1778c8970 Add a LanguageOption for the default language if there is none
    • 975800eb5b8c0bca0ee4077a9c5091021cb40847 Enforce unic valid language codes
    • ba8939b240f5e1a5e68108bc188b3ac5edc7ef30 If it's a directory, serve index.html instead (#1426)
    • 6e2595a191f2dd72a91a632e51b66b1cf5187083 doc(syntax-highlighting): fix available values (#1427)
    • a9afb076b4994613c73887683bb14600365bceaf doc(content/page): fix typo (#1419)
    • 341ac3bfbd1d6ab211c03f83e6891785505fc56d Southerntofu bugfix index translations (#1417) [ #1332 ]
    • 5bf9ebc43a2f7bda02e1ae5bd691eb07241c849a Feature: allow spaces between dashes in filename for page (#1323)
    • 1f75738977e30fca70fcfe9bef8fbc546f22c887 Add Cloudflare Pages support to README (#1396)
    • 226ff377c78197e41f610ef077d1a5283c789475 add Cloudflare Pages to docs (#1414)
    • 958ec2a7582f0aee22bd78c20dad4168cd4cb42a Add CORS header (#1382)
    • 5b005b48aa39a80670df13db05d20edef3a80a26 Allow frontmatter to have optional newline if no content (#1408)
    • 534174ae78e36def4ac3cd98c2c2f0b683870a15 feat: add base16-atelierdune-light highlight theme (#1406)
    • 940e4795966a189d72de42b0014d0d96e9f9ddf1 Fix typo + do not include themes section in search index
    • 5964fc192c5e991859acd12e576a8d156773bd5e fixes #1401 (#1404)
    • 12c46a9d921a7f969680e949cd226407be76dbfb Add note on the requirement of paginate_by (#1403)
    • 25ef603990f2d7456f247d2fe55f70211df0a833 Error on invalid file/section
    • 67f9b9499beeb47480a3e4c86272c7e6b7c14356 Fix language specific non-internal urls for get_url. (#1381)
    • ba0c384602f859a945dde4722c400d02b3216b9f Clarify where to define the theme in the .toml file (#1390)
    • 9487b6fab8fdf41f62b156a9fd546988c147bbca Fix serve command when used with config option (#1385)
    • 51644a79e31a9ffaf54c5447c79c13dbc4171c6e Handle random jetbrains temp files
    • 2a46e07e74e54503f41ea424a38c8c15c7b54f00 Add path to TaxonomyTerm [ #1336 ]
    • d29693066ee6ff50258b52049ec024b351430945 Document conditional TOC rendering (#1376)
    • 7fc7ef4720cf85866a7734dca83a152a9d2b2be9 Add tests for slug strategy in filenames with dates
    • 8630c790b83d9c93f21b0403c910215336c3e414 Update outdated link (#1375)
    • 2bbd3bd4240b23d581bc7f5b8b2703d5155af631 Fix compute_hash
    • 0b94e0917d25bd0ab5db026dc9e22b7dfa4ed2bb Update changelog
    • c26b94ab8a0d2b3b5f07c566344991d17a3109e4 Remove stray word (#1368)
    • 5ce082dfada7caa68454fd5c60ae3e40e16a4078 Add Sourcehut Pages as deployment platform (#1365)
    • 3262f69bb06b619d333aacae7cb0e5abe8d497e5 Single compute_hash fn + cargo fmt
    • d3ab3936de8657ee405693b7ed79790af90a313f [WIP] Add support for base64-encoded hash values to 'get_file_hash' (#1339) [ #519 ]
    • 6d6df45f2377e2e319a85e40ea37b93b553d3998 Make shortcodes work in markdown filter (#1358) [ #1350 ]
    • 3ba2d3356471590ccf57a51462faab0774933857 Copyright date always ending on current year (#1366)
    • 5d1d5d60e783a5846886028e1f51ece484157a40 Update themes gallery (#1364)
    • 8eac5a5994c53e4d00bbad6ee9ccc7c706529f6b WebP support in resize_image (#1360)
    • d4db2499978a183aa3b55d09dbf5a892f4557ff1 add force arg long switch to CLI (#1362)
    • bf05a54a2edc5cc729ebd71505399b2f0df9b28e Add live reload tip for serving site with docker (#1352)
    • d734b1723c4097fe2bf5da1fe6b0f5c0060c6c2d Fix "serve" subcommand for URL encoded static files (#1351)
    • def95886fb086261a7218e9d5b9f92d71d27f68c Add final directory structure to overview (#1348)
    • 3cb61c3bcdb6fad6c43b75d9696c26cbaad3c911 Support embed YouTube playlist (#1342)
    • a65a2d52c70def075d8b4ed4c57dfd81b1f96ba3 Update minify-html dependency to version 0.4.2 (#1340)
    • 53456bd052f0a55cdc8ed80a773f567c8023959a Don't panic for missing highlight theme (close #1299) (#1307)
    • 49b6087d2154ee1eeabb5d1bfc1704895533df17 Document Docker Hub (#1337)
    • afd5da4f645a56353b923bc80e1a1da264e185e9 Improve documentation (#1335) [ #1295 ]
    • aa57541c21bc060c7e49b152b30842932b284fc3 Force newline after front-matter [ #1287 ]
    • cf86e9398602cae63f580d136adc106daa7cfffb Fix dir renaming not picked up by zola serve [ #1324 ]
    • 3b210d648c3af8e4f256c5c06403012b7871757a Use zola 0.13 for docs
    • 024144ba786d94ffe8635a197a3be0fa33ec765f cargo fmt
    • 34989a8ef6d16ca7f294112285cc72e119c81e62 Fix panic in loading Page [ #1327 ]
    • 8e6c3f4fef786af681fa25b77a5ae5e3f34fba49 Update changelog + deps
    • 15e0ae6699ca345b5868c86024df934a210d8691 load_data() template function takes a required boolean flag (closes #1209) (#1306)
    • c531f8cbfcd15cd99fd920d83788fdc0dc646739 Document how to get translation for active language (#1329)
    • 0298f811677bf2c74aec99e600bc1e69b509a5cc Update to 2021 (#1321)
    • 92b5b4b3a57384f9f71a9c939d595cbbc0799718 Add sort_by title (#1315)
    • 6950759eda70391ff76d620c4da812743f7b32e0 Internal links are supported in markdown filter (#1318) [ #1296, #1316 ]
    • 14366dafc649f54b5c4407c0b36505c5180a58d4 Fix fallback to syntax highlighting theme (closes #1309) (#1312)
    • 96fb798a4ac3a3a2ee1b22430775c73fa3ccb204 Update test-case
    • 6330184e7b5a3963feab8681f78560e560a5decb Merge pull request #1311 from southerntofu/bugfix-mimetype [ #1308 ]
    • 347208f24e1179591345c0f46ee52c822008d22c serve command respects mime types (closes #1308)
    • ca1a6dd69d119b7cdda355d0df27e477b0980b9c Merge pull request #1305 from idolactivities/fix/1304-utf8-minification
    • 108986ba6b2fc301344bdcd1a8c63c0be798c835 Next version
    • 0a5181d6212921d99be73eb48ae02ce1bde85ef5 Ensure minified HTML is truncated before converting to String [ #1304 ]
    • 9444b920d2e5a1bb3943edb49a71003c0020774c Merge pull request #1294 from getzola/create-pull-request/patch-1610200492
    • 8fe5fc9b5f50d2e4b6ee85e69a7b1aeb12483e3b Update themes gallery

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    zola-v0.14.0-x86_64-apple-darwin.tar.gz(8.08 MB)
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    zola-v0.14.0-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz(8.93 MB)
  • v0.13.0(Jan 9, 2021)


    • 1ef8c85f53b4988fdafc0e6271cce590515d55aa Merge pull request #1189 from getzola/next
    • b26a306904fee8b4d7a63305bb7df99aa1daf838 Update snapcraft
    • 63e175971395942d7af931ef62cc3ec33dd7f9fb Add pagination example to docs [ #1237 ]
    • 779a15a5009aa13528eef7fb6d88bf1a3f1127f0 Pass lang to 404 [ #1281 ]
    • 819cfc8ec28b8df6eb3eb86d5e9c3fdd7bcbb560 Cargo update
    • ccad454922dfcbf3c2b68b35248cb00f81775123 Percent decode paths on zola serve
    • 1a36c20bd27d0847fa33e4f5ef5f82ed6f62358c Fix html minification [ #1292 ]
    • aa03a7fec59c13f645179acc8d47ed0c5eed2476 Fix highlighting [ #1291 ]
    • 3b074c185c6f6d5a2f32c10bbece8dfec434a671 Include "markdown" in list of config.toml sections (#1290)
    • 74bf676cede18854c0b44ad8142a961a475bafa3 Update MSRV
    See More
    • 877f441422f739c61d2e8b1d455b58d327921f75 Update reqwest
    • c4260e091db586c9e898aedb7c4f2b1b0e93086e Update hyper
    • fc792252673bdb6df3f1c0ffefd8ee92dfe865e2 Revert "update to tokio 1.0 (#1246)"
    • 741b6bf830b3a9560adb579dd9150476359912af update to tokio 1.0 (#1246)
    • 66220780383bb0f1bc07d8db3466dd937d146a6f DRY things a bit
    • 369fb40dfeb1b7c1039dfa8cd7873306ea3ae8a6 move translation population and path collision checking to insert stage (#1272)
    • b9b4ef9f04c704dd94d41fad051ec3957a880c9c Add data-lang on code blocks
    • 7540ecd58e4b29a472c2919587d8b45cedb191ab Prefer custom syntax before built-in ones
    • 2362cf241544522b58c5335cb4ef59cf06002781 Move syntaxes around to make packing a two step process [ #1268 ]
    • 35e9f2bbc0c5f41356dabdad0ac8179a014cd8bb Remove blog page content enclosing paragraph tags in Overview (#1267)
    • 358446a65f95871ef729a5dc2f190212926d7e3b Escape path for live reload. Fix #1247. (#1266)
    • 657905ed6e70c35f2e17a1e589217cd197d4aa69 Remove watch-only
    • 39870d8675f482f63360bafae72d2839c0f0e308 Move extra_syntax to markup.rs
    • 96439df0e22c9daf7d84821f225c77796b9170a1 Add some debug log time
    • fc8b4066f26cd43af820da8b240843a75297330a Update syntaxes + replace js lang in rendering [ #1241, #1211 ]
    • 68cdfcbbe7280e9a56a96581b9c29587d58fceb2 Fix panic with misnamed index section [ #1244 ]
    • 26b8ec66ac6b471409480f4e8fd4a0f3d4650335 Only watch sass if folder exists [ #1249 ]
    • 2d71a79bbea9322296ea09e7b1303de65f826c4f Fix site
    • e984d6d018f2a947b92083dccfec6e8b2afbdf5c Merge branch 'create-pull-request/patch-1607975269' into next
    • e1af2c940d364279d37243dfef2db5decc093a59 Merge branch 'next' into create-pull-request/patch-1607975269
    • d620f93c5382bfb82c82c153d31a1cd96dc6652d Update themes gallery
    • cc3e4f913362c53581305eaf08b089b963494d25 Update changelog + deps
    • a210abc5a3e0caab5ea65f55a0e38f7506b1772a Add shortcode 'invocation' variable to allow a shortcode to track how… (#1236)
    • a93063ba4adf6a6b766831a81275b93f92bcd83f search: Update elasticlunr.min.js to 0.9.6 (#1260) (#1261)
    • 679af5b8c801e915dca8186cd9562d235ceab64c add Allow: / to default robots.txt template (#1258)
    • 4754cb5792a8864f5d808b71b9c43aee51343536 Yaml frontmatter (#990)
    • f20c52b872654b6fb48702f48c395db297cbea6f Re-use markdown parser for markdown filter
    • 59d3d8a3da71693133511c6f43baa0d82d1ef4d2 Enable smart punctuation [ #740 ]
    • 5d2c25b8c59384f310f2f430a8592ed1f9a42b3c Little docs tweak
    • e58c2d6b6c6410e03ef1a0d34819316bc8cffbe3 More details on fs errors
    • 2c681f343939d496bff9ef316bc4082744c01313 Add some external link markdown tweaking options [ #681, #695 ]
    • 047ce32efd2762b127f086b4216a1b96cf8112b8 Clippy
    • 94634fe87dd0e1cec5e8a040862145ba4bcc2176 Move markdown config to its own section in config.toml
    • 2673466998ccd988cd19f9c7805128975a1c0638 Add bibtex support to load_data() (#1190)
    • 92282608fead107c998e29a104ceb763a44c2ab8 Update changelog
    • 361d4d65ab58e6f09ee0e82db762366199694b44 Run cargo update (#1235) [ #1234 ]
    • 944cba030e3a81c6db2f19604cf9b66ff06c6ebb Allow to specify default language in filenames (#1233)
    • cb75334498f072980f40afb5ca284d0060d2328e fix typo (#1229)
    • 2154201fc6749d67cc760f146036c4f05565006f Expand taxonomy documentation with movie example (#1219)
    • b1091bbb450092efab9ce15c3a91e9b14efbbb32 Implemented emoji aliases support in markdown files (#1194)
    • a26422d40104870e9efd18f88a71a69ae2ca101d Update changelog
    • c40fb91ba8db6965d695ce1f2d6d787145a7dcf9 Make sections draftable (#1218)
    • da37db125864fcdd384556f5b2bf454090a17138 Enable YouTube privacy mode (#1201)
    • 6a31ccff99bd8e4bd1d3b4759b5ec796dff3d56e Enable html minification (#1208)
    • 6ef81940b89cf52c9c5f9074adaa88d57f2b00d0 Add language class to code tag
    • bc3a41f56b3b97582a14b4b80ea5460fc9602153 Update changelog
    • 575c38f9c8df314db5d70f8fb0085e9005436c8c Support output_dir in config.toml
    • 4f5d9bd8b024c75c221bf521446f15a59ffb19d6 Fixed site benches compilation
    • 5233cc9585871da0c31e3167b44499771d91a4cb Next version
    • fce3e4b8a0d04067e4ffc063572872e912dec5dd Update themes gallery (#1255)
    • 37e24c27f1c78e0e439ac2aadef432c15d0f304a Get zola from alpine community repository (#1251)
    • ec3669dfd8f6cf501fa98f4dae18c76166ffdef7 Add NorthCon e.V. to list of example sites (#1248)
    • f5a200e64c9e629cd36db36a3637f5a86311061e Fix RSS block example in documentation (#1210)
    • 29b073640e26d96ab167c88ca70b18660f176cb4 Merge pull request #1192 from getzola/create-pull-request/patch-1601714374
    • 531b48fd37b4125ffa8ede4188c45123ba6f2423 Update themes gallery

    This list of changes was auto generated.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    zola-v0.13.0-x86_64-apple-darwin.tar.gz(7.50 MB)
    zola-v0.13.0-x86_64-pc-windows-msvc.zip(6.93 MB)
    zola-v0.13.0-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz(8.42 MB)
  • v0.12.2(Sep 28, 2020)

  • v0.12.1(Sep 27, 2020)


    • 4bbf7a62a16194e9a5689831cb396f585fb44199 Merge pull request #1158 from getzola/next
    • 2fa83af956736fc54fa2c0c73d008532d9daad21 Set release date
    • 7910363d63709328e888afff3ba032471573874b Next version is 0.12.1
    • ada6710c990d603ba4fd0b9e2c642fa084277507 Fixed serve command failure caused by tokio-related issue (#1183)
    • 664cb14ffd22bad6e0073eb27cd4dd85f4f599f0 Add test for continue reading after shortcode
    • 59d9d26f0e62d487da7cfc1d632f5d42614b6eae Fix shortcodes issues with newlines [ #1172 ]
    • 366e5c426f479f6768fa92f47696d3101f2f0c4f Avoid panics when binding addresses
    • 41e436f3311cd023af9ed69fb63e3fbfc7bd0417 serve command exiting when web socket port is already in use (#1179)
    • b313c97ceb435494158a79c82db31f2c07b45806 Fix slugified taxonomies rendering [ #1177 ]
    • f9ae89719069fa6979b9dd809a0f8e8b1770a807 Use platform-neutral path comparison for in-memory serving (fixes #1169) (#1175)
    See More
    • c27f749a864302e9167214cf792c96a2059740c7 Fix #1165, improve situation for compile_sass errors (#1166)
    • f7cd28c8d2e76d184c4069c3268f281156595eec Fix a crash when --output_dir is used with serve (#1164)
    • d9396213de6184bd5ed74ec1f5ccd30394f46ad3 Allow site path to contain underscores (#1162)
    • 5a611397196f379a2e50f3d48bc8be0bde765c30 Add better errors for minifying and upgrade crate
    • 826e701b4f99d8bafbda8aea95b6b9d1d7b68df7 Add line highlighting to code blocks (#1131)
    • bff0193df7237e1d4e45cabc9128b8e259d977ab Next version
    • d04a52d0967b89f07fa18c05bdcfe9a18b47be50 Make gitlab CI example script faster (#1171)
    • 9f367ae7e7af33b58be8335899708ab2d80f5213 Added description for github actions (#1163)
    • 9aa35150ae9a4762acbce8c800275eef03715d8f Merge pull request #1159 from sburris0/master
    • 924100f011796164a94b41d4db073524ee5d7425 Add Void Linux installation instructions

    This list of changes was auto generated.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    zola-v0.12.1-x86_64-apple-darwin.tar.gz(7.50 MB)
    zola-v0.12.1-x86_64-pc-windows-msvc.zip(6.97 MB)
    zola-v0.12.1-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz(8.38 MB)
  • v0.12.0(Sep 4, 2020)


    • 2d1c95432290478547316522d1f9219ac38e5b13 Merge pull request #1038 from getzola/next
    • 935c4a595cb0706dd20cbd64e2df24d695b1cfd7 Update changelog
    • 428b5942c7bc3be75cb268a6a07e36d6915dd891 Fix documentation typos (#1157)
    • b854ccae28cd8a54a78c2c63273c73f6e17dcb38 Prepare for release
    • ba240cd27ffd0247c77026375c41b3088c5e95c6 Change min Rust version in docs
    • f786783299b31b0365623aabb09817258c406ba6 Update pulldown_cmark
    • 5bf1687fa7efad00a27569ba5c12591f69759e50 Use trim_start_matches instead of strip_prefix (#1156)
    • d1ca1e3e3eabc945bfa9aa1294084878d08e4c6b Update themes gallery (#1153)
    • 2ac1d79f8fed04e2b2b48c606fea76efa306a44a fix get_taxonomy_url to handle merged taxonomies properly (#1155)
    • cc647f89714feb94abb29bcdc9285c243e21d1d1 Make anchors always visible in docs
    See More
    • e0068ef1167c27135e7c0f087183e2b071ef9f16 Remove mention from changelog
    • 6c2300f916605b53063aa202f1e03ba5cdb061ee Disable minify_html for now
    • c143d95c4e2ca0b773473ec311cfc5cb48a9a1bc Reverse pagination (#1147) [ #1082, #1122, #1123, #1126, #1056, #1135, #1136 ]
    • 5ec3a9ca65db0c76c98d0eadecf88b06992b747d Strip unc if it exists, fix #1110 #1129 (#1151)
    • 4f5fd6328159c08e449f5d829005b3e9e303ca6d Update deps + pinned
    • 0df3631b3d81f6704e6d1da83f65a4a6ce0cce44 Add minify support (#1146) [ #1139, #766 ]
    • d571dea8c33ce4fcbe7f1a436212158028066cb6 Per section/subsection feeds (#1128)
    • 6e16dfdc29cdf69eecea7f3902f6e56e8431dca7 A Fix for the permalinks in #1136 (#1142) [ #1135 ]
    • af0dd5ef32ca0cbe60c4455ba8ddeb80b80c67a3 Fixed unsound errors (#1143)
    • 51a2213fcf3621944dc6f7fc4261048b69f1e3fa Replaced all impl Default with derive(Default), where possible (#1141)
    • 159ce0f6726ef0e3d252c3fc20c435e2bdb4b368 Fix toml parse error line number (kind of) (#1138)
    • d198ad64dbcdb781b946991055ed8f591cadfba9 Doc add a missing arg to get_taxonomy_url (#1139) [ #766 ]
    • 05646ab573a82eea7c3fb7de50a288c3dc7010d1 add fix for (#1135) Taxonomies with identical slugs now get merged (#1136)
    • 7666043b16c54d18b1ee08c212eb9ea5826ba2d9 Merge branch 'master' into next
    • ffaf5e04b88cc8cf86d644b69ce0bca9de6f2581 Do not unwrap on invalid utf8 in link checker [ #1134 ]
    • 278cc82fc76e050608895f905cf7c3a1986a5be5 Change zola serve to load HTML from memory instead of disk (#1114)
    • 261a2eee013112586092f728e5b41179a4a788ae Docs/configuration update (#1126) [ #1056 ]
    • 637972324888959fcba364003d2ee465372ddc35 fix link (#1127)
    • 274a5be6f5db023b419fbf1bae75631ef7b354dc Fix title level of check command (#1125)
    • 282a755fb1833d6dc4f54c8635ab1d473bafd064 Add feed autodiscovery documentation (#1123)
    • c0e6c7e51c2db8ce822f2e5f61766eb1c32b4017 Adding my blog to the example list (#1124)
    • 623817120c3be5f3dd8192a4c86203087eb29b0d Updating filetime to v0.2.12 for OpenBSD support (#1120)
    • 00eca9842d56d1cfd8f8172040684d154896d2d7 Update themes gallery (#1122)
    • 6af7959fcedda63e4da7ccb6804e5025718fb9ca Making Chinese and Japanese search indexing optional... (#1115)
    • 4a3c1568a208ea74b8ef3172fee513c22fa1018a Support anchors without quotes in link checker (#1118)
    • b04be9032670a325f0cc5ecbbb7cdcf5d9ba195d Fix benchmarks (#1113)
    • 39eed4fdee4aa0cbc9d566af72142ad4150be74a add OneHalf Light/Dark theme (#1116)
    • b359cca4fe46a7abc8ce10620561d48d685b86ef adding OpenBSD installation instructions (#1109)
    • b4c5e9a34acc3c81188674bc59d135382846a276 Update changelog
    • b9296f7985aceb7d1be5dc12f5b7d3396c5fa901 Make current_path always start with a slash (#1101)
    • 28523ac9adc1f6d30682a7fa9dfa2d679279edd1 Allow emitting newlines and whitespace in shortcodes and introduce markdown shortcodes (#1085)
    • b003a47d549c92a7210965df8095e1a6dc4b32db Support relative links for root directory (fix #1028) (#1106)
    • 7e7bf2bcd396d149e40a67c7467851200baafcc3 Tables in config.extra can be merged with those in theme.extra (#1100)
    • 66aaf4e384cf5320d7ee96e51f77f1593e25d451 Use mod paths
    • d7b53687a5102dfdf0296120498afb650cee1247 Extract some feed logic out of site/lib.rs
    • 5fe1036a1d04951d98b9ce8889a80ececc6988f6 Extract some Tera logic out of site/lib.rs
    • d9123a8ca4f33793fc742d417b2853de00702b3b Extract link_checking outside of site/lib.rs
    • 9be7bc074d433cd44467cd974fb254405f50dc86 Extract sass code out of site/lib.rs
    • d7a557f0b8c52b1c4e0e9858c67b12f027777874 Update livereload.js
    • c3f59bceec9f16e76155a652ba9289196ff9aec5 Fix pagination section memory issue (#1097)
    • 9f20af152149e9b57081e273a4bab08a21c5d976 Update deps
    • 24d47845f4ec59c152466b32b40b40f1a469431d Ignore sass directories starting with _ (#1084)
    • 97e772868d8892874cfb825c1acd789d9ad725f3 Merge branch 'hmble-patch-1'
    • d242b6bd5fa09108e7fdc3f68b805e6a2301c48a Change wording a bit
    • d21ac14423a5f035343d17c663042a725656a76f make text visible on markdown renderers (#1096)
    • 2514ad9981db8c4874802e36f00c12380b86e354 Add warning to not put taxonomies key in [extra] (#1095)
    • ffd87dc5314c9542946a869acc1e0c05747b007b Update syntect syntaxes
    • b3d9fd915c8fc13003d7f681fb75f78dd47bb599 Deployment guide for Vercel
    • 26a5a368d3431645c1c1cfada690c61d786140be Zola is now available in the official Arch repos (#1089)
    • 50d092f616055a665bc6f7da6be77cb443a5fe46 Update themes gallery (#1082)
    • fb994c71d7d4ae5aa7875889077046db5bebde80 Make search index configurable [ #961 ]
    • c6a1c8be5c9f7e66c7400d2e061d192da560ee1c Clearer page sorting comment
    • 7cea0bb4325d53a31703c98565c4d1e2d6ecbeac Clean up config a bit
    • cb198ab597de787f4cf8b313df19cb57d5bf4859 Document get_taxonomy_url [ #956 ]
    • b30394f8625ee7e89e6c35ccbcb5d775189cb5f9 Tweak a bit the test_site test
    • e47deccf43d3441cee703542cb4634a4d77af3bc Make themes more flexible (#1004)
    • 2230968ab12275c21715fdc400f4deb2788ebcc4 Update changelog
    • 530f9189559e1305c8cfc18844d7ceb08bd84f32 Add --force/-f flag to init, for creation in non-empty dir (#1065)
    • ade442a487751834c5b9b3f54f1b3124b21bcc99 clippy + fmt + fix toml dates in extra arrays [ #1048 ]
    • 5e31a321666c1984f5b9da1c21e1074bacdcfc76 Add support for SVG files to get_image_metadata (Fixes #769) (#1063)
    • 47bd7c9e8250e227237aa3600efd02511aa54611 fix material-light theme link (#1066)
    • 752716f29222a54dfd4611468f8b104fb6f82edd Not sure it changes anything but...
    • 351c9b7ff34ed2872e0b915990219b6b4783642f Remove ja/zh in search index
    • 8d4056ab3038f3f7fc8e7cec02cbb6b131632aa6 Add GLSL and GDScrip syntax highlighting (#1060)
    • 2e9b7ba52240cfac9fc180981fd27db9a7f231a8 Enable task lists
    • f41fab867698c9f47011627e1af39e9ec0015c5b Start changelog
    • c4154bb8c4a2774197a4b1796f9e15f8d061a11e Don't panic on bad date strings (#1051) [ #993 ]
    • 6708f7637ce4729a9a16f44a748f19819c23cbc8 Implement get_file_hash (#1044)
    • 690ddeda5275e57106dd684dab7ca4d166a85cc8 Update snap
    • f107d438f2a8170982b840fbcc847b553c6f7b3b Update snap
    • a27380e72895d031aeb908b9a02594d0d598b35b Merge pull request #1055 from apiraino/add-new-sublime-themes-2
    • 779c4dcdabb945e301845faadbcf737215237644 Merge pull request #1057 from thomasetter/dockerignore
    • a3b65b2fcd1ab84bb4d5b76bc059e20d3814a541 add .dockerignore file to reduce intermediate docker image size and build time
    • bdeb2bdef6fe50469df06f01078f878186a03277 Add themes and syntect file
    • ed0ae43c11285d489840a11e9d44606181422c28 Clarify docs about adding a Sublime theme
    • f138875094462676debb1a4b3f227757acf39696 Merge pull request #1049 from bdjnk/patch-1
    • 1200cfc2f09c1546c61e1ca3c71b87bec77c93e8 mention code block output change
    • a9a3a2e6b450bcadfeefba2abd21fc9d992de889 Mention 0.11 breaking change [ #1047 ]
    • b87f17570f795660b319748d8b24b0bec56aa924 Remove unneeded build_timestamp on config
    • b935dc62733a2bcd4a87190db4f9d49eaebe6a08 Fix tests
    • eb9e22c14bd23bfe5811db9afa2c05d5dec046b5 Update Changelog to mention taxonomy rss
    • ee594cfc3da953c3e3ce9fccdc1816ebb1fd3477 Make alias template pass HTML validation
    • d1f7434a5ad4d6aef7049652f66ded5a4133b9f2 Merge pull request #1039 from styfle/patch-1
    • c7c4605340bd1f9b9ffb20372f237c5bfc443d97 ZEIT Now => Vercel
    • 0d817ee5283af15d59a23d30cd18afa90b1caedc Next version

    This list of changes was auto generated.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    zola-v0.12.0-x86_64-apple-darwin.tar.gz(7.47 MB)
    zola-v0.12.0-x86_64-pc-windows-msvc.zip(6.95 MB)
    zola-v0.12.0-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz(8.35 MB)
  • v0.11.0(May 25, 2020)


    • a3a5b9ea0639635cfae1010291f5ca0d23ba7ad7 Merge pull request #976 from getzola/next
    • 3a292d294a13e7eaefe6347cdfa17ac91c346577 Prepare for release
    • 8d32f8b3f3bdaab19e45141f33b8ac76c6a81fed Fix panic in load_data(url=%s) (#1036)
    • 1c867b60288920022b23cb504bcfb657a0894cc5 Update deps
    • 4389a72bdb6381f4653cbee6ce235ca1deeda4eb Update Cargo.lock (#1034)
    • 974ae167a8b442471a81365513981112cc30e5a1 Make path to config.toml independent from root dir (#1023) [ #1022 ]
    • bfbc16d3ad69ffdcd163c768854750b6a51c311d Update changelog
    • 36ec33f0429a9f85247a6f76cf4bf176270285d7 Change get_url(cachebust=true) to use a hash (#1032) [ #519 ]
    • e1c8c01149b1631776ca18eae7ea06c18e29ba1b Consistent path for defult index section [ #995 ]
    • 32ca1a14ed734f11fc3889b41704605d64d65c5c Wrap highlight code blocks with (#1026)
    See More
    • a7657f30abd94a21d6b74105eca0364a06579b62 Use {{ page.permalink | safe }} in tutorial (#1024) [ #129 ]
    • fbf431d6128c629873190b9e612a2a26661cefa8 Update syntect, using rust-onig with bindgen temporarily
    • bc496e61010be1094a9192003ea59506c14d9397 Update syntaxes and syntect
    • e3dc8bbab5670b346397bca17d2faa62e0f703e1 Access heading level in anchor-link.html (#1008)
    • e9b47dae5996e3a5c5299cd59a29f4bab43369f8 Remove implicit dependency on openssl-sys (#1001) (#1005)
    • 79b2338bd3a0cda334e4f642696553a91e02b364 Fix path of generated page (#1011)
    • 6b91328e81abaaa55db94248bfda011391dc628b Typos (#1010)
    • b96b187eca2807c27cd3dceb6744c9c1d9ccbb72 Fix tests + rustfmt
    • d19855e909bce5980f55660cf22dde3853e93146 Rewrite link_checker to use a Result internally (#928)
    • 7b3279befd417243b450b5b028dafb11678dc729 Theme docs: actually edit the config (#996)
    • c04e6ebaf5135f38366940281fa0ba43e66ce16c Some tweaks
    • 93b3b9f9ff5b0bf409925330e07365c45ea7057f Update pinned version in CI
    • 0ac70cb2424957393f442a3c5ab25c5dee0767c9 Merge pull request #994 from chris-morgan/misc
    • 07e0853183cd4fa6d5b0691359f4d32a909ee62e Update themes
    • 8253adbcc03456e61a950ee6cb9ecda36c7ba619 Fix tests
    • 4653e687150d61d40d162bb84a1ae559cc72f90c Add lang, taxonomy and term to feed template
    • eb7751955a18ed28f94abb03c882381c0f0ae0a1 WIP: add an 'updated' field to pages
    • 0cc1435f35fcde465e7ba1642d8822845a4e5d4d Make config.description optional in atom.xml
    • 048949ea31feb92dc8a80c78dfaef4ed4a8e6142 Rename last_build_date to latest_date
    • e25915b2315c24bb343a91a55eb92455534ea396 Support and default to generating Atom feeds
    • 4a10d0497e23e986fe4025a33a30ca6c3fdc1d18 Normalise built-in templates
    • cc01d3f82f00e63bf0e84ab97f2015ac3e17b810 Make live reload work with missing </body>
    • cc64803553e591769022c5d03bfae5979b7c1446 Fix documentation of TaxonomyConfig fields
    • 896c30d89242d60723a1148b1666c85dbc28fd67 Fix a broken Markdown link in the docs
    • c2dd408df4f1b9b030f95b1560bd352f788bea29 Fix obsolete slugify_paths documentation
    • d519cdd0a1d5800110878ab4decafcbacc807e2c chmod -x a couple of files that needed it
    • 167b2b9974fa700f079d89077782600f44c44a19 Fix sass documentation error in example path name (#991)
    • 41bbaeb9700aab7e98d93801985a6c93886df8db Add an optionnal lang parameter to get_url (#982)
    • b2eb00a374c71633e5a14c08732a58af253394c0 Ensure lang is always set on default sections
    • fb6cbe008f0da03cbde426d8f020152b86dd91c8 Mention how to get config variables in templates
    • 469babbd97fbdc1d9f87fc4ec2c2030b9aac0704 Update docs on markdown filter [ #989 ]
    • 56e25132a903f58d4cfe6e9179db396d596c1c95 Update deps + fix some misleading doc
    • e3cb4ff0ea0f958fc5e850d7294d797a54014689 Preserve timestamps when copying files (#974) (#983)
    • ff6238afddd22e5c819a65884627f36e21a27a39 Merge pull request #981 from GaaH/fail-if-lang-set-twice
    • 16a22e76fa77af3f6ec3fbfa11304b7cb84bd4f2 Fail if a language is set both in config.default_languages and config.languages
    • 01597adfd242a2339845765d7c38106a89fdc7d9 Pass lang to taxonomy list template [ #963 ]
    • 91bf91a88b30ef1cf3e17579cad0de60e0298bb8 Fix link checker not checking for capital id/name [ #948 ]
    • 30f6f38e6e0a177f7ad7d7209f1c1510e241ef80 0.10.2

    This list of changes was auto generated.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    zola-v0.11.0-x86_64-apple-darwin.tar.gz(18.74 MB)
    zola-v0.11.0-x86_64-pc-windows-msvc.zip(18.15 MB)
    zola-v0.11.0-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz(19.51 MB)
  • v0.10.1(Mar 12, 2020)


    • 4242723e4da0c22b9961d6c18105003a8dd66d2d Update syntect dump files
    • 6eb8d34644b0bd2991f087c3b8ee61641852a96b Merge pull request #951 from getzola/next
    • 2eb8dcdf879095cc09d8650b0464443bd49f5ca0 Revert "Fix RSS template (#969)"
    • 4b0339377f109844e3e2fc8b92e962bd3556f1de Fix RSS template (#969) [ #967 ]
    • 457996046c534033b6ff5e68d28e21bbaf75d648 Update deps and changelog
    • 2e6d996709a4b284d96cfe1f949b12118d10d749 Fix a pair of Tera links (#968)
    • 1a3e91f5f4a6dc269ba3418ecc2ebc927aa5a363 Fixing a missing link to Tera Filters (#966)
    • 2eaa791349d5a91d0ded348c7e38ae2de9d5dd73 Enable strikethrough in markdown filter
    • 073e24659ddf352ffc633aed39c4c3727195d0ca Add highlight for lyric (#949)
    • a3223ebb66e7d799cca2722f4cfd2d4133e124fa Merge pull request #952 from lukehsiao-forks/next
    See More
    • 661bd9c0fa46dbcb6a6e204d04113103af10bbd3 Set default user agent for external requests [ #950 ]
    • abe056b8098c496f2b4c77475c68a2029b3e4f7a Start 0.10.1
    • ad8a0a20255d379a62a68a7863d979c4716d7e44 Add date for 0.10.0

    This list of changes was auto generated.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    zola-v0.10.1-x86_64-apple-darwin.tar.gz(7.09 MB)
    zola-v0.10.1-x86_64-pc-windows-msvc.zip(6.60 MB)
    zola-v0.10.1-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz(7.93 MB)
  • v0.10.0(Feb 17, 2020)


    • 07602f52a6217151f715a4d92fb00b8f07b99aab Update theme dump
    • 1972e58823417a58eb1cc646ee346e7c3b04addb Merge pull request #811 from getzola/next
    • 15a3ab1a514b1a5783166c9bbadeff5cd6b33ba0 One last deps update
    • 6da8ff3c83a59bc67561cd81282a9452abbd790d Update changelog
    • 855d2376dfe8033f8c722947427436b3120342a5 Fix some theme extension [ #937 ]
    • 0d5fefd446de9f08bc67ccdd668d0eec9d3c2340 Update image to 0.23
    • a903473a87239213e8656aad8d6de075d04ff169 Use rustls reqwest feature
    • cc67bf0c88a654dd8edb489525e6f07a9bd5f8da Change continue-reading to use a span with id instead of a named anchor in a paragraph (#941)
    • ac3ced828b3e90ffa7c4d3abee10ce346bf41707 Multiple slugification strategies (#929)
    • e9eb0e1c4d0247b2c476ba31bdd28e39f9ea9de7 Fix Windows CI
    See More
    • bef7f8c6d5fc39ee57ae0cf74540de500120de50 Fix Windows CI
    • 782cc7d686173f6146987faaf31e800d964ef170 Fix some more merge conflicts
    • 8c1faac7613ad683e0718aa2651d3a55f2a651c5 Update deps + fix tera fn error msg
    • be149646f6c66a8b3a287f0371b1767c8533685c Update livereload.js
    • 983e021d5b0fc6b6de130ec558c945f4c4b03310 Fix warning when building site tests (#936)
    • 94445ae7456a2539dfbd19f637c3f207324ac1cc Add --root global argument. Fixes #899. (#932)
    • 5ba4d4753863c1d235492a8a2db6a6a6907ef03a Docs next (#858) [ #846, #850 ]
    • 2fa442ceadb8dc8f0d0854e8b32b93d854232dac Add Markdown strikethrough rendering (#924) [ #921 ]
    • 145671ed2078815d17594cbe2de7ab16edaa1ef3 Detect empty links on markdown rendering and issue an error (#884)
    • 0c93e15b1fcc08d9de05a0cba61a4185599f573a Update tokio and re-enable check_site test (#915)
    • 046213ce2865831c8687159077da94dcb0e7b7b2 fixed warning (#912)
    • 44a07a4a557c9899d05b4f15caa44d8f14228921 Disable check_site test for now
    • 2966adbe4ee421f3e7c9b81ce9df866482ffef1e Migrate serve command to hyper (#904)
    • 622b0f2965aaf059a98f380ff5ebb68d9bdd2dc5 Serialize toc level
    • d7bad732f17391f6e7de4a3c80e96bceacf79264 Update reqwest to v0.10 (#892)
    • 3ef62036ef7cd76cf1485cdf7d60fcb893e00fc5 Fix benchmarks (#901)
    • 6b5768fd7623ef648a85b0f907e9413eb3e3f891 Treat 304 as valid, add mock tests, fix mock issue (#900)
    • 11f7a6d114091367e2c201754e9c77098a42fc40 Mock HTTP requests in tests (#898)
    • adee654f30a74fcdb9c879e188bab1112c0f38b0 Print remove_dir_all error on ctrl-c
    • 2f1b592ab47fa7b6888c2455186117020337c2b9 link_checker: Handle non-success status codes (#897)
    • b63c5636220b4a4e2d2ed9417cbf4a450d650ded Format code using cargo fmt (#896)
    • bcd73aef8d3d0b16af168bf0a69772b578cac46b Bump minimum Rust version to 1.39.0 (#895)
    • 658e8a3a66087c4406092a89934d1807a9fec982 Update livereload.js to v3.1.0 (#891)
    • e804f907b2f59a579c8a4ed79ce2342ce9bec3c4 Use Rust 2018 edition (#885)
    • ceb9bc8ed7c04e654794d2d30880d544b73b9c27 Optionally do not slugify paths (#875)
    • 0a0b6a3ad4b545a8db3ef28534f7ce2dfd4d7ef1 Fix Clippy warnings (#886)
    • 8e3f1f59f6875d22cdd5e7ce50b9f983bafb5135 Update Tera
    • 72373bea9b6ded9c28ae6cf22319838058281d08 Add path to TranslatedContent (#863)
    • 73ea4b3b16dbf1c9735b7d753b6918b57a2466b2 Finish path collision & fix paginate_path when empty [ #866 ]
    • 5532f62c2da04164374dddf89459d75669e05948 Check for paths collisions [ #366 ]
    • 6153d200479b9bdb3167ed2fe7977a99318e6b51 Link to issues for regression tests
    • 3362df4a484e91690d542acf5f1b344b09308e43 Compute canonical path before adjusting parent path (#856)
    • 7a09e0f9712f2922e51667050522c59cf797e321 Update deps
    • a89b30073c48d5c524d3cd15e9c8cf4f3f1e083b Section extra -> SitemapEntry (#850)
    • 1a6edbcf63a96f3db0ed9f9230368e2bb132f707 Fix some doc changes
    • 51d4b6bd6adad6ad9ea36233dc2e6b990dfd1681 Simple clean up of documentation. (#849)
    • 75570d041a0c00ab88c53c7d9515849bc596735a Skip link checking for URL with prefix in config (#846)
    • e8dc33ad0863d46e515eaf29096edac491d7dd02 fixes #844 duplicate entries in doc (#845)
    • ea5a106d6e7fa7c0e357a5c95201fb5dfdd72e0b Update changelog
    • a3186091db62b0fcd7b890b30fcfe1eb6c391842 Update changelog
    • aaaed31f9cd5f42e52379800961c1c02fbba0b54 Add title and body to alias page (#830)
    • d624f7ec8b9dbbf3aeae221f0d18dfb425581880 Update base64
    • 94b49dad09deb1720d03017b629687de9418deb4 fix(init): handle already existing path (#815)
    • 3f166285de540e7136efa634a1469fc8f0238cb4 Paginator total pages (#829)
    • 587d7396b35604de4805e7da98c4806b0c5c3bd3 Properly escape & in injected live-reload script tag (#825)
    • b3bc8a88967f964881e9c80aaed7e4fa37ff2f49 Do not attempt to serve on "well-known" ports (#824)
    • 243702e2c20f40d3561cd3496c9171ab90daa385 Update tera
    • 6149fd17e11559be582cfbbb8ee7417e4977cde3 Skip anchor checking for URL with prefix in config (#812)
    • 4aa2ba84fcd8916fea3fde51255c3e96c3d2083e Let toc is visable through Page & Section variables in templates (#818)
    • b1ceb3e80e3dac3de58f38c7a2d968e08445031d rendering: Avoid prepending URL prefix to links that start with a scheme (#817) [ #747, #816 ]
    • cb4056c0f2763de039a17d31f41890472b3dc0fa Add zenburn theme [ #813 ]
    • 6856b11d6d849624dc62df40be89bf3a0e7cdfd8 Looks like it now requires 1.36
    • 319985add47d94e71e02f8e9128f5918a118989c Reset color after writing message in colorize
    • 0578e97d2fe0b92c2251c408a5de046b571e6652 Start 0.10
    • ffb4ebb245abc5502a4fd7572e8631b1e6e497de Update dockerfile to remove hardcoded version number (#939)
    • eed0cd11966fd759a228a803d13fc4039122cdc8 add guerinpe.com to EXAMPLES.md (#933)
    • 9970bb2c25cfda046a819a71c585a2d643ca8aec Add blog.turbo.fish to EXAMPLES.md (#926)
    • 21b45aff108ce8fbaf50706458fb7244f67f4221 fix: update year in docs template (#917)
    • 0a754d004cd17cfb92340ad6e6eb382d081509c6 Add peterlyons.com to EXAMPLES (#914)
    • e194294664f651a16f66d2cc07c8c2a3638642f8 Pages -> Page (#903)
    • 1bafec430946da0590122a48d49b1e484154141a Update links to Tera documentation (#873)
    • 9ee71314bc2ebab4e9b7c0dfa107875032375b4a docs(examples): Add klau.si example (#872)
    • 3a33aa188af14cb3748921dae130cc95165ff881 Update EXAMPLES.md (#870)
    • 36431c5700e3df7a8b8f4083dc76026320067570 EXAMPLES: rust-gamedev.github.io & arewegameyet.rs (#869)
    • f4b6f63d3cc934dbc215e4fe0f4295fd2b9e2f57 :memo: Add TOML translations key example (#864)
    • 6d7c95e8cb6c60336119a9aeb53c1d30f1d5d2df Add example site (#852)
    • df7d12871307668eac3fa57a1c2addab841e3546 Add codeshow.com.br to EXAMPLES.md (#847)
    • 481fcb9e520d87d06cae89402cd6962c580b4974 examples: Add kerkour.fr in EXAMPLES.md (#822)
    • a2adb65f47ff5531afe8d88364c294dd93eacbeb My website has moved (#819)
    • 12615f37116144cac478e79f354d4775df94ed65 Merge pull request #806 from styfle/patch-1
    • 3de15a2bb41a1dce91dc7b15c514b90055bd021b Merge pull request #810 from ozkriff/patch-1
    • d9d4683bd093fe22eca7570efcd77de1af5d1daa EXAMPLES.md: Add ozkriff.games
    • a992bc8e9d365549600d94c5fafe43aacc79dc4c Add ZEIT Now support

    This list of changes was auto generated.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    zola-v0.10.0-x86_64-apple-darwin.tar.gz(7.05 MB)
    zola-v0.10.0-x86_64-pc-windows-msvc.zip(6.56 MB)
    zola-v0.10.0-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz(7.87 MB)
  • v0.9.0(Sep 28, 2019)

    Changelog: https://github.com/getzola/zola/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md#090-2019-09-28


    • 91f85b2791ddd11ee8d769fd616571e39ab9616b Fix release task
    • 37ad5dccc62eea0252384441950c69ced31377ea Merge pull request #804 from getzola/next
    • b4a31df73eeb355b082198ef23214b342142e92e Change release date
    • 35b567742c5f0d1eac36fc9be499dc1109908d1d Ready for release
    • f96aad2fddbdfb2936d3f5edd2d687f58cbf61ca Only shrink when resizing with fit (#803)
    • b16d525134ce8a50adbad6f2f2d04e10945674ec Mention feed_url in docs
    • 58440474359d55a94381d0210479261ea386af9e Update slotmap
    • 2377128b10976f2eec0f30f8ab31d637dca1e303 Improved the grammar of README.md. (#799)
    • 4fd5d3f348c481e30af698d3249715bd9d6355be Bump pulldown_cmark to version 0.6.0 (#797)
    • 52c2b74b395571df6671be08273d0fce9ccd0575 Add anchor existence checking to link_checker component (#786)
    See More
    • 096fefe7ed8bffe49837c4558925f408c1c6e2a8 Remove pub visibility from Config::translations hash (#796)
    • 9db9fc8fb2d53c5d6eb762a5672a57b3f836d7bf Fix the issue of generating the search index for multiple language (#794)
    • 5aadd3d4f2b425b879f1d9e4524b11a049162c37 Fix crash of trans() function called on absent translation key (#793)
    • e77adc56fdc74525a8d778a18153812f8cbba1b2 Fix the issue when checking the changes for multiple language section index file (#787)
    • fb89f945162705acbc8c05eeab3689f6bb0b3c17 Process images on rebuild [ #790 ]
    • fb938a3eed473218e5a4fa96ac5b50b699a30045 Update completions
    • b396a1bc20b00400b732f96ee9f4d984e856535c Add --drafts flag + rustfmt
    • 57691be90d560c4a080b0181083113f242a4aae0 Update changelog
    • 258aecec3408556c3ccc827ca5ea91fdd89ec6da Add one-dark syntax highlight theme (#784)
    • beb5a3af4169c3244091d56c922d4d26394a2d81 Universalize the GitHub pages publishing scheme (#780) [ #765 ]
    • 4fff7508ba16db35ec48e635d3bf59e5ab39e67b ADD: reload when themes change (#771) [ #713 ]
    • 6a7e955ab0f0f79d3ccd13cf1dec9b7bf7dd5a24 Add lang to get_taxonomy & get_taxonomy_url
    • 6d5611f409757e3c81b75b4b2ba37bf0de5fb549 Use new Tera escape_xml filter for xml files
    • 4695b029a0b578238696bcfdd3af68eda8f8147f Fix ToC generation for heading levels > 3 (bugfix) (#774)
    • 36f4ad9a4b9ae7c2e77dc8016232e8d3a5c02d95 Missing argument in resize_image docs (#778)
    • f0c48b8a14850bbe5d9bbda1695ca8982cecdff1 Add some more text to zola init [ #773 ]
    • 8942c1542862d9482996fe95ca38807ae5f0611e Add to changelog + rustfmt
    • 13b395b5369479e11c7fe03668f1e7f178f5c9d5 zola init works inside existing directories (closes #406) (#777)
    • fd19469e403d140a894dcfee9a0874e1d60b41d5 Clarify a bit the pager term [ #775 ]
    • a6db79f89bd1fa9f2b325ff2f2057400bf4ef8ab Use fixed version for syntect
    • 0238e34047899b99cdb16efaae6a04b9723ab4e8 Add trailing slash to multilingual section path (#772)
    • be0687ba6ed980f5bcffe94ebad07279790ae07e cargo update
    • e231818718eb2d2d5399c7d410487e0b06307abd Add back subsections in basic section ser [ #733 ]
    • c503a9fe5d7e7e4be8565aabdfa23cc856606311 Fix test
    • 7f459940e16c88e1c8c920998da5142e061b032a Allow multiple taxonomies with same name in different language [ #766 ]
    • e74dab535d4df617f6362d1d33b70b5f4ab6030e Update deps & re-render on anchor-link.html changes [ #719 ]
    • b9a5cb3d14056879ca8388dbe4db623da9d765ae Min version is now 1.35 it seems
    • 17de9b6a3664160b6322556f0b155697da49a198 Update deps
    • 0199017d07d1d378f2f93bebf486e4278346cde4 Slugify given slugs as well
    • 4b43b75d22fb1b622c26282ce4ebf516317dd396 Allow ignored_content to support markdown files (#759)
    • 0cd9e58a86b94cab7c5e484e7a1c24ace3dca565 Allow relative paths in new_file()/new_section() (#763)
    • 7e618684daba6072c487a3750192b59f96affbc9 Ensure public exists for search index [ #756 ]
    • 0e4e0c35b375addccec086a7224142c80fe5302d Remove all draft specific code
    • 99abbb87a195e98c7a3fafbdc268dc0d5a7ad0fd Set up CI with Azure Pipelines (#750)
    • bb59f189ccfb100e9ebdd2dded3cf74387546481 Update current year :) (#755)
    • d0167647a83af4da46982c493c6f5096e3074138 fixed tags in draft not found error (#753)
    • ad6b7137590c2757e5e1891b125ac4058c936061 Do not use serve remove dir result [ #752 ]
    • 9f46048c0e09fb8eb166878e5151c2b36b80d07c Add Tomorrow theme (#749)
    • d356a76a012d0ab56c4997c0584f6e53e82de66f Update deps
    • af00a2e8f1bf1e077225c53b8dbe8db69a1c3709 Add tests for custom url scheme
    • 0585a1f59bbdc729d97aff0c29fe6d182b45db82 Update all themes
    • 7c3a112d7d7416a953ee1b47eadabb6917bf8eed Render draft pages in serve mode
    • a923f7005f9aa14d8d834cbb4157bb6cdb0e4577 Update site summary in zola check
    • 28ecf553d52dcfbe28b99768e31d5ce886fd2181 Add counts in zola check [ #726 ]
    • f5c7b440270a581b3967e4896689fdb60702cede Add warning for old style internal link + fix one
    • d2a62153d76a1661a4539c4e737f0e2a39cc79d9 Do not load draft pages [ #742 ]
    • 46ee256ba48859424219b8dc50bb0b3ce5cf3153 Fix clippy warnings (#744)
    • 666de5160e64a9452ad35b29ae857dc39e02dd4c Fix Netlify auto-deploy instructions [ #745 ]
    • f9811bc8c61dafd4f671b599d4b4ea30ae8143bb Some updates
    • 47a87d230d0f2fdce6771c0a35c831386fccf8e2 Start changelog
    • 8a737d71fb4152939b0654ae5f257bb0c8f2e192 Add an option to hard link files from static/ instead of copying. (#723)
    • 6992e8a1c131206557b906389f619068673ed1e0 Remove hardcoded DOCKER_TAG
    • b716401217c6414a0caff17d16339480d15b0a4e Fix warnings caused by unnecessary mut qualifiers (#735)
    • 90dad05c67578ac44daaea384b243b324fc89622 Add --open flag to serve command, to open URL in default browser (#739)
    • 627222afad8e6e82bd2a8d8819a8d818d386d4d6 Update sitemaps namespace [ #722 ]
    • f26f7719c656b010f3e06e0e1c4fc94e99bc34c5 Mention the id variable for the anchor link template [ #727 ]
    • 059ca55b366ee4c576113199d48f8603908278b7 Update LiveReload.js to v3.0.0 (#730)
    • 79dfe92bbfb74820b499988b117081f1a5b45d42 Update cli-usage.md (#729)
    • d43812dee65d1f668f4c1457b3b8443484532cde chore: Update toml to 0.5 everywhere
    • 71e149c513b9139dd0f51377b9098dac0b801cd2 v0.8.1
    • 1cc0295637a32a88a7db03e40c6ae8c8d317f3f2 Fix internal links (#743)
    • 6895ae5b10aa6fcdb4b520b5b87b44345cd68afb docs: Add installation on FreeBSD (#741)
    • fccd5c40285ceed48a0e729cb80720dcf7821774 added https://uwe-arzt.de to examples (#736)
    • a49daa7463b10c5f174c2bc0669825e17a911796 docs: Add installation on Fedora (#734)
    • 45b8bc3fd4b34f23bb094b0a2dfd7e536d65e928 Merge pull request #724 from nvzqz/simplify-readme
    • 14300c1b9afb909b054b5cbd7e3d9c9a5ae8360a Simplify yes/ehh/no links in README.md
    • fe3b7345899d30a6b4823007e1f7ffe7b521fa4a Update CHANGELOG.md
    • 9faa0ddbdb098201cc31d3be0455acf73f44f745 Use zola 0.8 for the docs

    This list of changes was auto generated.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    zola-v0.9.0-x86_64-apple-darwin.tar.gz(6.63 MB)
    zola-v0.9.0-x86_64-pc-windows-msvc.tar.gz(5.95 MB)
    zola-v0.9.0-x86_64-pc-windows-msvc.zip(5.95 MB)
    zola-v0.9.0-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz(7.18 MB)
A fast static site generator in a single binary with everything built-in.
Serve a static site, single page application or just a static file with Rust

cargo-server tl;dr: Does the same as "python -m http.server" or "npx serve" but for Rust ecosystem. cargo-server helps you serve a static site, single

Raphael Amorim 18 Oct 14, 2022
Sūshì is a simple but customizable static site generator / blog generator written in Rust

sūshì Sūshì is a simple but customizable static site generator / blog generator written in Rust. Installation Install with Cargo (Recommended) cargo i

MrNothing233 2 Mar 20, 2022
static site generator from markdown files.

Mdblog Static site generator from markdown files with features: TeX style math support file path is the post url file name is the post title post can

Fu 51 Dec 6, 2022
the best static site generator

the best static site generator you've ever seen

Anirudh Balaji 14 Jan 24, 2022
Static site generator written in Rust

Sedum is a static site generator written in Rust. It can be used locally or with a service like Netlify to generate websites on the fly. Usage Local P

Elly 1 Jan 5, 2022
An ultra simple static site generator designed to appeal to technical as well as non technical users.

Hulk is an ultra simple static site generator designed to appeal to both technical and non technical users.

Bilal Tariq 1 Dec 27, 2021
A file format-agnostic static site generator

mksite A file format-agnostic static site generator Installation If you already have Rust and Cargo installed: cargo install mksite Alternatively, you

Michelle S. 5 Nov 25, 2022
A hypersonic static-site generator written in Rust. 🚀 💊 🔥

MANDY ?? ?? ?? A hypersonic static-site generator written in Rust. ?? ?? ?? ABOUT ?? Mandy is fast, easy to use, easy to deploy, and very flexible! Ge

✭ ANGEL DOLLFACE ✭ 5 Jun 30, 2023
rublog /rʌblɑg/ is a static blog generator written in Rust

README README About rublog demo DEMO Install use Initialize from rublog-template rublog command Publishing the web page Development Plan TOML Front Ma

null 10 Jul 24, 2023
A fast static site generator in a single binary with everything built-in. https://www.getzola.org

zola (né Gutenberg) A fast static site generator in a single binary with everything built-in. Documentation is available on its site or in the docs/co

Zola 10.1k Jan 10, 2023
serve a static site, single page application or just a static file with Rust

cargo-server tl;dr: Does the same as "python -m http.server" or "npx serve" but for Rust ecosystem. cargo-server helps you serve a static site, single

Raphael Amorim 18 Oct 14, 2022
Serve a static site, single page application or just a static file with Rust

cargo-server tl;dr: Does the same as "python -m http.server" or "npx serve" but for Rust ecosystem. cargo-server helps you serve a static site, single

Raphael Amorim 18 Oct 14, 2022
⚡ A Blazingly-Fast Static Site Generator, built with Rust.

Stuart A Blazingly-Fast Static Site Generator. Download Now » Stuart is a very fast and flexible static site generator, with build times as low as 0.1

William Henderson 5 Nov 25, 2022
Sūshì is a simple but customizable static site generator / blog generator written in Rust

sūshì Sūshì is a simple but customizable static site generator / blog generator written in Rust. Installation Install with Cargo (Recommended) cargo i

MrNothing233 2 Mar 20, 2022
Kurzlink is a simple static site generator built in rust

kurzlink What is kurzlink? Kurzlink is a simple static site generator built in rust.

Evy Garden 2 Dec 15, 2022
Oinky - A blazing fast, data-oriented static site generator.

Oinky Oinky is a static site generator, written in Rust, that compiles Handlebars templates and Markdown files into a static site. Oinky also enables

Asko Nõmm 4 Jun 18, 2022
Hot reload static web server for deploying mutiple static web site with version control.

SPA-SERVER It is to provide a static web http server with cache and hot reload. 中文 README Feature Built with Hyper and Warp, fast and small! SSL with

null 7 Dec 18, 2022
static site generator from markdown files.

Mdblog Static site generator from markdown files with features: TeX style math support file path is the post url file name is the post title post can

Fu 51 Dec 6, 2022
the best static site generator

the best static site generator you've ever seen

Anirudh Balaji 14 Jan 24, 2022
Static site generator written in Rust

Sedum is a static site generator written in Rust. It can be used locally or with a service like Netlify to generate websites on the fly. Usage Local P

Elly 1 Jan 5, 2022