Rate my game setup 😜

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Vitaly Domnikov
OSS Advocate, console.log Expert.
Vitaly Domnikov
Extensible open world rogue like game with pixel art. Players can explore the wilderness and ruins.

Rusted Ruins Extensible open world rogue like game with pixel art. Players can explore the wilderness and ruins. This game is written in Rust. Screens

T. Okubo 269 Jun 5, 2021
Snake implemented in rust.

rsnake - An implementation of classic snake in rust This game was built using the piston_window window wrapper. Download the game If youre using mac-o

Maximilian Schulke 46 Apr 29, 2021
A personal etude into rust software (RPG<-it's more fun to debug) development: Tales of the Great White Moose

TGWM (Tales of the Great White Moose) NB: Currently compiles. Should compile and run on both 1.28.0 and 1.31.1 if the Cargo.lock files are deleted. A

null 15 Jul 21, 2020
4fun open-source Cave Story reimplementation written in Rust

doukutsu-rs Download latest Nightly builds (Requires being logged in to GitHub) A re-implementation of Cave Story (Doukutsu Monogatari) engine written

null 216 Jun 7, 2021
A refreshingly simple data-driven game engine built in Rust

What is Bevy? Bevy is a refreshingly simple data-driven game engine built in Rust. It is free and open-source forever! WARNING Bevy is still in the ve

Bevy Engine 9.4k Jun 13, 2021
Rate my game setup 😜

minesweeper.rs Rate my game setup ??

Vitaly Domnikov 9 Jun 3, 2021
This is a simple implementation of the classic snake game in rust

My snake game Looks like this. This is with Roboto Mono Nerd Font. If you use a different font it may look different or distorted. Install rust In ord

Konstantinos Kyriakou 16 Apr 4, 2021
The video game for Fonts of Power. A tabletop roleplaying game made in Rust with Bevy!

The code and rules for Fonts of Power, a tactical TTRPG / video game about exploring magical places. You can follow its development in our Discord ser

null 11 May 18, 2021
Data-oriented and data-driven game engine written in Rust

What is Amethyst? Amethyst is a data-driven and data-oriented game engine aiming to be fast and as configurable as possible. Principles These principl

Amethyst Engine 7.1k Jun 14, 2021
⬑ Zone of Control is a hexagonal turn-based strategy game written in Rust. [DISCONTINUED]

Zone of Control The project is discontinued Sorry, friends. ZoC is discontinued. See https://ozkriff.github.io/2017-08-17--devlog.html Downloads Preco

Andrey LesnikΓ³v 335 Jun 15, 2021
A Doom Renderer written in Rust.

Rust Doom A little Doom 1 & 2 Renderer written in Rust. Mostly written while I was learning the language about 2 years ago, so it might not the best e

Cristi Cobzarenco 2k Jun 13, 2021
πŸ˜ βš”οΈπŸ˜ˆ A minimalistic 2D turn-based tactical game in Rust

Zemeroth is a turn-based hexagonal tactical game written in Rust. Support: patreon.com/ozkriff News: @ozkriff on twitter | ozkriff.games | facebook |

Andrey LesnikΓ³v 974 Jun 16, 2021
Angolmois BMS player, Rust edition

Angolmois Rust Edition This is a direct, one-to-one translation of Angolmois to Rust programming language. Angolmois is a BM98-like minimalistic music

Kang Seonghoon 88 Mar 10, 2021
A work-in-progress, open-source, multi-player city simulation game.

Citybound is a city building game with a focus on realism, collaborative planning and simulation of microscopic details. It is independently developed

Citybound 6.5k Jun 14, 2021