Course Material for Ardan Labs - Ultimate Rust: Foundations


Ultimate Rust 1: Foundations

Presented by Ardan Labs, Ultima Rust: Foundations gives you a "zero to hero" class to get you started with Rust. You'll learn the basics of Rust, before diving into hands-on learning that can help you build a Rust foundation into your architecture. Take advantage of the speed and safety of Rust, tame the borrow and lifetime checkers, and pick up some tricks to help you become productive in Rust.

This is a four day class. Each day is 4 hours, with a short break at the end of each hour.

Classes are presented in a live-coding workshop environment. You are encouraged to code along, and keep this guide as a road map into Rust.


You need:

  • Rust installed (via
  • An IDE configured to use Rust Analyzer.
    • The instructor will use Visual Studio Code, so if you want to match the examples exactly with what you see, this is the recommended platform. It is available free for Mac, Windows and Linux.

You should also clone a copy of these notes for yourself:

git clone

Class Overview

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

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