yet another typing test, but crab flavoured



A trusty terminal typing tester for the tux.



cargo install toipe

Run typing test

toipe looks best on a nice terminal (such as Alacritty) with color and style support.


Use a different word list

By default (in versions >0.1.1), a list of top 250 English words is used and random words are selected from it.

To use the OS provided word list instead (default in versions <=0.1.1), use:

toipe -w os

Note: the OS word list varies a lot from system to system and usually has more than 100,000 words. This can lead to difficult and esoteric words appearing in the test, reducing your typing speed.

You can provide your own word list too (TODO: requirements and assumptions of wordlist):

toipe -w /path/to/word/list



  • Panic if can't find OS wordlist (Fixes #25)

    Panic if can't find OS wordlist (Fixes #25)

    Improve error message context if we can't read a given word list. Add a ToipeError method, with_context, that prefixes the msg with a str you pass in. Use this method in each of the cases where RawWordSelector initialization can fail when initializing Toipe, so that errors from here say "Error reading the given word list: " at the front. (Fixes #25)

    opened by benliepert 4
  • [Suggestion] Remove debug info from release builds

    [Suggestion] Remove debug info from release builds

    Rust 1.59 introduced new feature - creating stripped binaries. Results for hello-world app (target x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu):

    $ cargo build --release
       Compiling hello-world v0.1.0 (//hello-world)
        Finished release [optimized] target(s) in 0.94s
    $ du -h target/release/hello-world
    3.6M	target/release/hello-world
    # enable here
    $ cargo build --release           
       Compiling hello-world v0.1.0 (//hello-world)
        Finished release [optimized] target(s) in 0.29s
    $ du -h target/release/hello-world
    308K	target/release/hello-world

    with stripping all symbol information:

    strip = true
    enhancement packaging 
    opened by istudyatuni 3
  • Words starting with z are most likely ignored

    Words starting with z are most likely ignored

    Clippy found a bug in:

    The range should have been inclusive.

    opened by Samyak2 2
  • Show error if terminal size is too small

    Show error if terminal size is too small

    What and why?

    If the terminal size is too small, the lines (of words) overlap with each other and the cursor starts at the last line.

    It would be nice to show an error and ask the user to maximize their window (or increase the size) to use toipe.


    termion provides terminal_size to detect the size of the terminal. The difficulty arises in selecting a good threshold for the minimum size. It can be calculated based on the config (number of words) on the fly or can be fixed.


    Suggestion from reddit:

    opened by Samyak2 2
  • Minor bug

    Minor bug

    I found a very minor bug (which don't influence the gameplay or anything else) in the program : If you write a single word, and then press ctrl + c, you can get like more than 2000wpm, and the program says that you took 0s for 30 words.

    bug help wanted 
    opened by DaCanneAPeche 2
  • Compress bundled wordlists

    Compress bundled wordlists

    Hey! I came across your project and figured I'd take a crack some of the issues listed. This PR should solve issue:

    To compress the bundled wordlist, I've used include-flate's flate! macro as a replacement for include_str!. This will compress the wordlists during compilation.

    Size comparison for "toipe"

    I'm currently using Arch Linux with rust stable, so your results may vary.

    • Total wordlist size: 367.3KiB (380,167 Bytes)
    • Binary size using include_str!: 1.4MiB (1,452,728 Bytes)
    • Binary size using flate!: 1.2 MiB (1,268,408 Bytes)

    I've tested both binaries and I couldn't find any performance hits (compilation & runtime).

    opened by B0ney 1
  • Add shortcut to delete previous words and show statistics of previous typing tests

    Add shortcut to delete previous words and show statistics of previous typing tests

    There are some feature, you may add to make it more usable,

    1. ctrl + backspace should delete the previous typed characters until a space is encountered.
    2. Statistics of your previous typing tests
    opened by kunal1234523 1
  • not working with cusotm words list

    not working with cusotm words list

    I have a txt file 243 word and when i try to open it with topie using the -f flag it shows nothing inside the app (I'm sure about the path and i tried absolute path too)

    bug question 
    opened by SamDc73 1
  • Add shortcut for deleting the last word

    Add shortcut for deleting the last word

    What and why?

    A shortcut to delete the last typed word would be nice. ctrl-w and ctrl-backspace can be used for this.




    Suggestion from reddit:

    enhancement good first issue 
    opened by Samyak2 1
  • Refactor UI components to be more modular

    Refactor UI components to be more modular


    Currently, the terminal UI in toipe is rendered by directly writing to stdout with cursor positioning and colors provided by termion.


    This code looks a bit ugly and we need to manually position items by changing the arguments given to cursor::Goto. For example, sizey / 2 - 2 means two lines above the middle line. If I want to add another line to that list and move all of them down, I need to change this part of every line.

    The cursor::Left(line.len() as u16 / 2) part positions the text in the center - this snippet is repeated for every line. What's even worse is if the text in that line includes special characters such as colors, this will not work because it will consider those hidden characters too! To get around that, I use this hack:

    As you can see, I need to repeat the formatting characters again in a separate string containing only them and then subtract their length from line.len() like cursor::Left((line.len() - zerowidths.len()) as u16 / 2).

    How to fix?

    Honestly, I'm not sure. I opened this issue to force myself to document the problem.

    The solution will definitely involve abstracting this UI rendering into a different module. Abstracting the cursor::Gotos is simple - take a vec/iter/slice of strings and change the y-position when printing each one such that they are approximately in the middle. cursor::Left(line.len() as u16 / 2) is easy too, as long as the given string contains single-width characters. I'm not sure how zero-width and other characters can be handled here. Perhaps this problem is solved elsewhere?

    I'm always open to suggestions!

    enhancement help wanted 
    opened by Samyak2 1
  • Close some TODOs

    Close some TODOs

    This PR closes multiple TODOs.

    The "reset cursor to whatever it was before Toipe was started." TODO is, from what I can tell, unfortunately impossible due to the limitations of escape sequences used to change the cursor shape, therefore removed. See this discussion on the neovim repo.

    opened by u32int 0
  • Handle terminal resize gracefully

    Handle terminal resize gracefully


    When the terminal is resized in the middle of a typing test, the text wraps around weirdly. A ctrl-r fixes this but it would be nice to not interrupt the test.

    Although, a terminal resize in the middle of a test might be unlikely.


    Termion, the library toipe uses for terminal rendering, doesn't seem to have an event for resizes:

    So this will be tricky to implement. I'm not sure how to do this yet

    opened by Samyak2 0
  • Use charmbracelet/vhs to auto-generate demo image

    Use charmbracelet/vhs to auto-generate demo image


    Charm just released this:

    Generating the demo image which you see in the README is a bit of a chore, adding friction to every release. vhs can automate some of this.


    Find a way to give a static seed to toipe and then write a vhs script to automatically type the words. Convert the recording to a GIF and upload it.

    enhancement good first issue 
    opened by Samyak2 0
  • [enhancement] Resetting the cursor

    [enhancement] Resetting the cursor

    After exiting toipe, the cursor will change into cursor::SteadyBlock and I find myself having to run reset in my terminal. It would be nice if the cursor could return to its original state after exiting toipe.

    opened by nate-sys 2
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