An anthology of a variety of tools for the Persian language in Rust



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A set of helpers to sanitize, convert or transform information related to Persian language and/or Iran.


Feature Status
National Code Validator Done
Numeric Conversions Done
Persian Content Checks Done
Numeric Ordinal Suffixes Done
Phone Number Done
Regions (Province & City) 🚧 In Progress
Bank-related Helper Functions 🚧 In Progress
Date Conversion 🛑 Not yet

Inspired by the javascript version of persian-tools

  • Add word to number function.

    Add word to number function.


    I am still not 100% sure if the logic is correct and there are no edge cases. Like it or not, I didn't really look at the ts example, and started off totally fresh to see what I come up with. I won't be shocked if there are some stupid mistakes in there :D

    A few TODOs left intentionally in the code to raise attention in review. WDYT?

    Lastly, typing Farsi in vscode was not fun, not fun. Yes, I am talking to you

    opened by kianenigma 4
  • Transfer the repo to the Persian-Tools organization

    Transfer the repo to the Persian-Tools organization

    Hi @robatipoor

    I suggest you to transfer the repo to the Persian-Tools organization and if you are interested in, let me know to add you into the Organization.

    Wish you all the best. Ali

    opened by ali-master 1
  • Why no issues and contributing guide?

    Why no issues and contributing guide?

    I haven't read much about the prospect of the project in other communication channels, so would be great to create a bunch of issues as good-first-time-issue, and maybe a simple I'd like to help, if possible 👍

    opened by kianenigma 0
  • RTL - 200F

    RTL - 200F

    origin string:

    "wl_service_phone_num" = "هاتف الخدمة:"; "wl_shenzhentong_tip_2" = "‏2. وفقًا لسياسة إدارة البطاقة الخاصة بشركة بطاقة النقل العام، لن يتم رد رسوم طلب البطاقة."; "wl_shenzhentong_tip_3" = "‏3. يُرجى التأكد من أن بطاقتك ما زالت تعمل بشكلٍ سليم وأنك اجتزت مدخل مترو الأنفاق. وإلا، سيتعذّر رد المال للبطاقة."; "wl_return_reason" = "سبب رد المال للبطاقة"; "wl_shenzhentong_tip_1" = "‏1. لا يمكن استرداد البطاقة بعد استرداد الأموال"; "wl_returnCard_retry" = "أعِد الرصيد للبطاقة مجددًا"; "wl_return_tip" = "إشعار رد المال للبطاقة"; "wl_return_info_tip_3" = "‏3. سيتم تقديم معلومات الحساب إلى مقدم خدمة البطاقة بغرض رد رصيد بطاقتك.";

    vsCode show:


    why show the [U+200F] string? how remove it?

    opened by taoyali 0
  • Add switch_to_persian_key and switch_to_english_key

    Add switch_to_persian_key and switch_to_english_key

    Converts English chars to their equivalent Persian char on keyboard.

    "sghl ]i ofv ?".switch_to_persian_key(); // "سلام چه خبر ؟"

    Converts Persian chars to their equivalent English char on keyboard.

    "اثغ صاشفس عح ؟".switch_to_english_key(); // "hey whats up ?"
    opened by sina-devel 0
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