Rootin’ Tootin’ Spaceman Shootin’

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Rootin’ Tootin’ Spaceman Shootin’

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A zero-gravity first-person shooter (FPS) game with recoil-based movement.
Shoot the other players and avoid getting hit. The last player standing is the winner! 🏆

💻 Installation

  1. Clone the repo
    git clone
  2. Install Rust and CMake
  3. Open terminals for server and client(s), cd into the respective dirs
  4. Run the server then the client(s), using this command in the terminal
    cargo run

Start playing in the client window. Enjoy! 🎮


See the open issues for a full list of proposed features (and known issues).

❤️ Team Members

  • Alexander Berryhill-Williams
  • Victor Chen
  • Jackson Conte
  • Katie Hsieh
  • Sophia Klueter
  • Farnia Nafarifard
  • Allen Weng

📄 License

Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for more information.

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  • Sprite renderer improved

    Sprite renderer improved

    Added transforms and more utility functions for easy manipulation. Transforms can now be set at the beginning instead of having to setting them every frame.

    Also flipped image bug is fixed.

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  • Window resizing

    Window resizing

    addressing this:

    tested only on my (Farnia's) personal laptop. need more people testing please :-)

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  • Client health and death

    Client health and death

    • [x] add a new health component
    • [x] update health in fire function
    • [x] handle death in receiving inputs on server's end
    • [x] communicate health info with client
    • [x] reset state upon game end
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  • Maximizing window causes stretching

    Maximizing window causes stretching

    After maximizing window, there's still minor stretching. Might be due to the bottom Windows taskbar squishing the window so that the aspect ratio is different from the monitor aspect ratio. image

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