Plays back videos in your terminal in an insanely slow and inefficient way.

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Since this project is built using Rust, install its toolchain first, for example using rustup.

git clone
cd term-video
cargo build --release

After the build process has finished, the executable is located under target/release/term-video. You can then copy it to a location that is checked by PATH:

cp target/release/term-video /usr/bin


term-video [OPTIONS] --input


--help: Prints help information

-V, --version: Prints version information

-c, --cache : Where to save temporary frame data [default: split_frames]

-f, --fps : Playback frame rate [default: input video FPS, or 30 should ffprobe fail]

-h, --height : Vertical playback resolution [default: current terminal columns]

-i, --input : Input video file, can be any format as long as it's supported by ffmpeg.

-w, --width : Horizontal playback resolution [default: current terminal rows]


Runtime dependencies:

ffmpeg, ffprobe

Build dependencies:

image-rs 0.23.14

walkdir 2.3.2

clap 3.0.0-beta.2

Pascal Puffke
17 yr old Java soydev from Germany with a terrible username. Trying to learn Rust, but I keep failing terribly.
Pascal Puffke
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