Antialiased 2D vector drawing library in Rust for Android, Web, Desktop



Vector anti-aliased graphics renderer for Android, WASM, Desktop in Rust, using miniquad.

This library started as a port of NanoVG for miniquad. Use this library if you want to draw graphics for a quick experiment (game, paint app, etc.) or if you want to build other libraries on top (e.g. UI library.)



I think this library is not good enough yet. I haven't worked on it for a while and not sure when I'll be able to again. I'm working on another app for note taking and wellbeing that I'd like to spend most of my time on.

I have a plan of making a very easy developer UI experience and interface for nona. However, at the moment I think it may be a mistake picking this library, unless you'd like to be a main contributor and help develop it further.

This said, please read below and see if any of the goals and ideas resonate with you:


  • small and fast executables for mobile, desktop and web.
  • safety
  • high-quality drawing: anti-aliasing in shaders, squircles, gradients, fast blur
  • 1-step or straight-forward build on all platforms
  • ease-of-use
  • minimal dependencies

Supported platforms - same as miniquad:

OS Platform
Windows OpenGl 3
Linux OpenGl 3
macOS OpenGL 3
WASM WebGl1 - tested on ios safari, ff, chrome
Android GLES3

Not supported, but desirable platforms

  • Android, GLES2 - work in progress.
  • Metal


Located in nonaquad/examples.

Start with: cargo run --example drawaa

nona.rect((100.0, 100.0, 300.0, 300.0));
nona.fill_paint(nona::Gradient::Linear {
    start: (100, 100).into(),
    end: (400, 400).into(),
    start_color: nona::Color::rgb_i(0xAA, 0x6C, 0x39),
    end_color: nona::Color::rgb_i(0x88, 0x2D, 0x60),

let origin = (150.0, 140.0);
nona.begin_path();, 64.0);
nona.line_to((origin.0 + 300.0, origin.1 - 50.0));
nona.stroke_paint(nona::Color::rgba(1.0, 1.0, 0.0, 1.0));



Screenshots produced from above example.





WASM size before size stripping 754KB. With basic stripping (see below) 391 KB


APK size: 134KB


(not yet ready)



# ubuntu system dependencies
apt install libx11-dev libxi-dev libgl1-mesa-dev

cargo run --example drawaa


# both MSVC and GNU target is supported:
rustup target add x86_64-pc-windows-msvc
# or
rustup target add x86_64-pc-windows-gnu 

cargo run --example drawaa


First time setup:

md examples
copy ./nonaquad/examples/index.html ./examples 
rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown
npm i -g simplehttpserver

Build and run:

cargo build --example drawaa --target wasm32-unknown-unknown --release
copy ".\target\wasm32-unknown-unknown\release\examples\drawaa.wasm" ".\examples\drawaa.wasm" /y

cd examples

Then open http://localhost:8000

To reduce WASM size further

  1. Install binaryen toolkit, then run:
wasm-opt.exe -Os -o drawaa.wasm drawaa.wasm
  1. Run cargo install twiggy and check out the twiggy docs: E.g. you can run twiggy top drawaa.wasm to see where size is used most.
  2. Set environment variable RUSTFLAGS="-C link-arg=--strip-debug". WARNING! This will remove debug info from all cargo build-s. Make sure to revert RUSTFLAGS to "" (empty) after. Twiggy will also not report function details if you strip debug info.
  3. Also check


Recommended way to build for android is using Docker.
miniquad use slightly modifed version of cargo-apk

Note: on Windows if you see git error during cargo apk build --example drawaa, update your .git folder to be not read-only. See related Docker issue #6016

docker run --rm -v $(pwd)":/root/src" -w /root/src notfl3/cargo-apk cargo apk build --example drawaa
docker run -it -v %cd%":/root/src" -w /root/src notfl3/cargo-apk bash

APK file will be in target/android-artifacts/(debug|release)/apk

With feature "log-impl" enabled all log calls will be forwarded to adb console. No code modifications for Android required, everything just works.


See build example for miniquad


The goal of nonaquad is to have a stable, high-quality vector library on mobile, web, and desktop from the same source code.

I will use it as a building block for a general purpose cross-platform app framework.


  • anti-aliased lines, circles, rect, rounded rect (signed distance field), curves
  • polygons - convex and concave
  • gradients
  • clipping
  • AA text
  • [Work in progress] image and textures
  • high-quality fast drop shadows and blur
  • gradients - high quality dithered
  • squircles


This is how the pieces fit together:



See TODO-s in source code or anything else goes


MIT or APACHE at your convenience

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  • Panic when drawing >222

    Panic when drawing >222

    A panic is thrown out if >222 iterations.

    for i in 0..223 {
       as f32, 0.), 32.);
                nona.fill_paint(Paint::from(nona::Color::rgb_i(255, 0,0)));
    thread 'main' panicked at 'assertion failed: size <= self.size', /home/sergey/.cargo/registry/src/
    stack backtrace:
       0: rust_begin_unwind
                 at /rustc/53cb7b09b00cbea8754ffb78e7e3cb521cb8af4b/library/std/src/
       1: core::panicking::panic_fmt
                 at /rustc/53cb7b09b00cbea8754ffb78e7e3cb521cb8af4b/library/core/src/
       2: core::panicking::panic
                 at /rustc/53cb7b09b00cbea8754ffb78e7e3cb521cb8af4b/library/core/src/
       3: miniquad::graphics::Buffer::update
                 at /home/sergey/.cargo/registry/src/
       4: <nvg_miniquad::nvgimpl::Renderer as nona::renderer::Renderer>::flush
                 at ./nonaquad/src/
       5: nona::context::Context<R>::end_frame
                 at ./nona/src/
       6: macroquad_vector_render::amain::{{closure}}
                 at ./src/
       7: <core::future::from_generator::GenFuture<T> as core::future::future::Future>::poll
                 at /home/sergey/.rustup/toolchains/stable-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/lib/rustlib/src/rust/library/core/src/future/
       8: macroquad::exec::resume
                 at /home/sergey/.cargo/registry/src/
       9: <macroquad::Stage as miniquad::event::EventHandlerFree>::draw::{{closure}}
                 at /home/sergey/.cargo/registry/src/
      10: <macroquad::Stage as miniquad::event::EventHandlerFree>::draw::maybe_unwind
                 at /home/sergey/.cargo/registry/src/
      11: <macroquad::Stage as miniquad::event::EventHandlerFree>::draw
                 at /home/sergey/.cargo/registry/src/
      12: miniquad::frame
                 at /home/sergey/.cargo/registry/src/
      13: sapp_linux::_sapp_call_frame
                 at /home/sergey/.cargo/registry/src/
      14: sapp_linux::_sapp_frame
                 at /home/sergey/.cargo/registry/src/
      15: sapp_run
                 at /home/sergey/.cargo/registry/src/
      16: miniquad::start
                 at /home/sergey/.cargo/registry/src/
      17: macroquad::Window::from_config
                 at /home/sergey/.cargo/registry/src/
      18: macroquad::Window::new
                 at /home/sergey/.cargo/registry/src/
      19: macroquad_vector_render::main
                 at ./src/
      20: core::ops::function::FnOnce::call_once
                 at /home/sergey/.rustup/toolchains/stable-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/lib/rustlib/src/rust/library/core/src/ops/
    note: Some details are omitted, run with `RUST_BACKTRACE=full` for a verbose backtrace.
    opened by GeTechG 6
  • Do not store miniquad Context in nonaquad renderer

    Do not store miniquad Context in nonaquad renderer

    This change removes the ownership of miniquad::Context by nonaquad's renderer. This allows the integration of nona and nonaquad in other application as a canvas painting layer.

    See modified drawaa example for the largest API change.

    opened by smokku 3
  • Incorrect paths

    Incorrect paths

    Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, but for some reason the path is not correct.

    my Снимок экрана от 2021-08-26 01-07-49

    Actually, I wrote my own library for converting svg to commands, but I made the commands manually for you.


    nona.move_to(nona::Point::new(1.7442753, 16.985759));
    nona.bezier_to(nona::Point::new(1.7442753, 16.985759),
                       nona::Point::new(-15.181887000000001, 82.239445),
                       nona::Point::new(-15.878773, 83.770915));
    nona.bezier_to(nona::Point::new(-16.575664, 85.302375),
                       nona::Point::new(167.51577, 84.85253300000001),
                       nona::Point::new(42.469333, 65.66409900000001));
    nona.bezier_to(nona::Point::new(11.052757, 60.84321100000001),
                       nona::Point::new(71.785288, 30.93693100000001),
                       nona::Point::new(71.785288, 30.93693100000001));

    inkscape Снимок экрана от 2021-08-26 01-08-32

    opened by GeTechG 1
  • upgrade to latest miniquad

    upgrade to latest miniquad

    The latest recommended version of miniquad 3.0-alpha has a couple of API changes that breaks nonaquad.

    Specifically, ShaderMeta.images field is no longer &'static [&'static str] but Vec<String>, and UniformBlockLayout.uniforms also went from &'static [(&'static str, UniformType)] to Vec<UniformDesc>, breaks the const shader::META structure.

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