Basically a KrabsETW rip-off written in Rust


FerrisETW 🦀

Basically a KrabsETW rip-off written in Rust, hence the name Ferris 🦀

All credits go to the team at Microsoft who develop KrabsEtw, without it, this project probably wouldn't be a thing.


Since lately I've been working very closely with ETW and Rust, I thought that having a tool that would simplify ETW management written in Rust and available as a crate for other to consume would be pretty neat and that's where this crate comes into play 🔥


You can find a few examples within the Examples folder. If you are familiar with KrabsETW you'll see that is very similar In case you've never used KrabsETW before, the examples are very straight forward and should be easy to follow. If you have any issues don't hesitate in asking.

The following snippet shows the basic usage of the library

fn wmi_callback(record: EventRecord, schema_locator: &mut SchemaLocator) {
    // We locate the Schema for the Event
    match schema_locator.event_schema(record) {
        Ok(schema) => {
            // We filter the event by EventId
            if schema.event_id() == 12 {
                // We obtain the Parser for the Schema
                let mut parser = Parser::create(&schema);
                // We parse the data from the Event based on the names of the fields of the Event
                // Type annotations or Fully Qualified Syntax are needed when calling TryParse
                let op: String = parser
                    .unwrap_or(String::from("Operation missing"));
                let provider_name: String = parser
                    .unwrap_or(String::from("ProviderName missing"));
                // Could also use String as type
                let provider_guid: Guid =
                    "WMI-Activity -> ProviderName {}, ProviderGuid: {:?}, Operation: {}",
                    provider_name, provider_guid, op
        Err(err) => println!("Error {:?}", err),

fn main() {
    // We first build a Provider
    let wmi_provider = Provider::new()
        .by_guid("1418ef04-b0b4-4623-bf7e-d74ab47bbdaa") // Microsoft-Windows-WMI-Activity
    // We enable the Provider in a new Trace and start the trace
    // This internally will launch a new thread
    let mut trace = UserTrace::new().enable(wmi_provider).start().unwrap();

    std::thread::sleep(Duration::new(20, 0));
    // We stop the trace


I'm having some trouble to get to build the documentation for the crate so at the moment is being hosted on my domain. FerrisETW Doc


  • The project is still WIP, there's still plenty of things to evaluate/investigate and things to fix and do better. Any help would be greatly appreciated, also any issues you may have!

  • The types available for parsing are those that implement the trait TryParse for Parser, basic types are already implemented. In the near future I'll add more :)

  • I tried to keep dependencies as minimal as possible, also you'll see I went with the new windows-rs instead of using the winapi. This is a personal decision mainly because I believe the Windows bindings is going to be the "standard" to interact with the Windows API in the near future.

  • Although I encourage everyone to use Rust, I do believe that, at the moment, if you plan on interacting with ETW in a production level and the programming language is not a constraint you should definitely go with KrabsETW as a more robust and tested option. Hopefully in next iterations I'll be able to remove this disclaimer 😃


  • First of all, the team at MS who develop KrabsETW!!
  • Shaddy for, pretty much, teaching me all the Rust I know 😃
  • Implement TryParse for SID type

    Implement TryParse for SID type

    A SID is a pretty common field within ETW events so providing a way to parse it into a String is a must. See KrabsETW implementation KrabsETW - parser.hpp#L368

    opened by n4r1b 1
  • Fix ‘rip-off’ typo

    Fix ‘rip-off’ typo

    ‘rip off’ is a phrasal verb, ‘rip-off’ is a noun. Similarly to how ‘set up’ is a phrasal verb and ‘setup’ is sa noun.

    opened by mina86 0
  • Make KernelProviders proper const, no lazy_static

    Make KernelProviders proper const, no lazy_static

    lazy_static makes for some fairly messy documentation as it generates custom types and other noisy content. It's also fairly unnecessary: we can totally build KernelProviders in pure const fn simply by taking the guid directly as argument. Those GUIDS themselves can be built in pure const fn through from_values, at a small ergonomics cost.

    opened by roblabla 0
  • Allow cross-compilation with msvc-wine

    Allow cross-compilation with msvc-wine

    Using the full windows crate as a build-dependencies makes it impossible to cross-compile ferrisetw from linux to windows, as the windows crate tries to link on kernel32.dll and other similar libs that don't exist on linux. By instead only relying on windows_macros in the build script, we can avoid this problem.

    opened by roblabla 0
  • Implement event filtering

    Implement event filtering

    Info ETW allows filters to be defined for a Provider in a session. MSDN - Defining Filters. KrabsETW already provides a mechanism to do filtering either by events_id or by using more complicated predicates


    TODO [] Research best way to introduce filters into Ferris [] Implement a basic filtering based on events_id [] Research and implement a filtering based on more complex predicates

    opened by n4r1b 0
  • Improve Error logging

    Improve Error logging

    At the moment there's pretty much no logging for errors, this has to be improved A LOT.

    Consider using crates like:

    opened by n4r1b 0
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