Gone Fish - A Rust Game


Gone Fish

A game created for GitHub Game Off 23 - Scale.

Fish, upgrade, repeat.

Catch fish to upgrade your equipment, and catch the biggest fish you can!

Take a play through the other games submitted at https://itch.io/jam/game-off-2023


Left/Right Arrow - Move boat Down Arrow - Cast rod Spacebar - Reel-in rod Escape - Pause the game

This game was created using Bevy Engine as a means to learn Rust.

We dedicated roughly 1.5 days/week to this project.


Tylah Kapa Brook Jeynes Sam Wagner Luke Parker Gordon Beeming


  • Hook - @awildshun
  • Lazy River Tileset - Critters
  • Character, boat, fish, trash, fishing hut, and backgrounds - Craftpix
  • Font - Pixellari


Background Music

  • Bevy Book ECS

    Bevy Book ECS

    • [ ] JK
    • [ ] LUKE
    • [ ] SAM WAGGLE
    • [ ] BROOKo
    • [ ] KAPA

    On Thursday we will start making the real thing :)


    opened by tkapa 2
  • Add screen shake

    Add screen shake


    Looking for opinions on DepositFishEvent and CatchFishEvent.

    It feels like instead of the OnCollisionEvent doing everything that we want, we should instead pass event parameters into a separate event, and then perform actions that we want from there?

    Adds a CameraShake component that can be applied to the Camera2D Entity. shake_camera will then shake the camera until the time is finished, and remove the component.

    opened by tkapa 1
  • Fish spawn positions

    Fish spawn positions

    Solves #45, #42, #40

    • Fish now spawn at varying heights based off their type
    • Fish now have varying weights based off their type
    • Camera now follows rod off screen
    • Rod has smooth movement when pulling
    opened by BrookJeynes 1
  • Add bgm

    Add bgm

    I requested permission from the person that made these free tracks, they only asked for attribution :)

    Currently we don't use the 2nd track, but I think we could implement some kind of simple playlist

    opened by tkapa 0
  • Adding audio.rs

    Adding audio.rs

    Adds audio.rs


    • Create a background music player
    • Add Foley players based on Event Triggers
      • These players will play the sound that they were asked to, and then remove their entity from the game.
    • Add AudioSettings resource
    • Add some basic foley that I recorded
    • Various events that we can eventually use to add animations

    NOTE: In this I reference /assets/audio/bg-1.ogg I haven't added this to the repo just yet, as we should all approve of the BGM we put in and get the proper licensing for it.

    opened by tkapa 0
  • Added rod variants for upgrades

    Added rod variants for upgrades

    Closes #47

    • Rods now come in different variants with different stats
    • Added 5 new fish types
    • Balanced rod pulling and fish depth spawns
    • Added fish hook asset
    opened by BrookJeynes 0
  • ✨ Config - Variable rod decent speed

    ✨ Config - Variable rod decent speed

    As a player I'd like to be able to increase or decrease my hook's decent speed so that, when I CAN catch the deeper fish. It doesn't take 800 years to get there.

    opened by SamBWagner 0
  • ✨ Game Loop - Win State

    ✨ Game Loop - Win State

    Currently, the player only wins the game once they feel they are done playing.

    • [ ] Should we have a win-state?

    If yes:

    • [ ] What is it? e.g., the player catches THE MEG

    Split into PBIs:

    • [ ] UI - Win State Pop up
    • [ ] Juice - Win State
    • [ ] Gameplay - Implement Game Win State
    opened by tkapa 0
  • πŸ§ƒ Juice - Fish + Trash (Non-MVP)

    πŸ§ƒ Juice - Fish + Trash (Non-MVP)

    Something nice to have would be to have the objects in the water leave subtle trails as they move.

    This is something that a shader could to really well, but I'm a silly lil guy and don't know how to do it properly.

    We could also have some particle effects.

    opened by tkapa 0
  • πŸ§ƒ Juice - Depositing fish

    πŸ§ƒ Juice - Depositing fish

    Depositing fish is when we get to upgrade our player it should be obvious that they did something good here!

    • [ ] Triumphant noise
    • [x] Subtle camera shake on depositing
    • [ ] UI flashes + scales briefly
    • [ ] An object should physically move from the boat to the dock (there are some little bag sprites that we could use)
    opened by tkapa 0
  • πŸ§ƒ Juice - Catching fish

    πŸ§ƒ Juice - Catching fish

    Catching fish is our whole game, it should feel GOOD!

    • [ ] Particles on fish catch
      • Big splash out of the water (proportional to weight)
    • [x] Small camera shake (optional)
    • [x] UI flashes + scales briefly
    • [ ] Triumphant tune (audio)
    opened by tkapa 0
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