Bot for the Devbook Discord community

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Community discord bot for Devbook discord server

No build time optimisation

Space: 8.7M target/release/devbook-bot
CPU: 0.2% (of 8192mb)
Memory on RAM: 2.3 MiB

Build time optimisation

Space: 6.0M target/release/devbook-bot
CPU: 0.1% or 0.0% :O (of 8192mb)
Memory on RAM: 2.3 MiB
Extra's in Cargo.toml:

lto = true
codegen-units = 1
panic = "abort"
Search engine for developers
discord bot for uwuifying text

uwubot This crate defines a discord bot using serenity for uwuifying text via uwuify. Installation You can install uwubot from source or from crates.i

Jane Lusby 32 Apr 1, 2021
🦀 The ultimate search extension for Rust

Rust Search Extension 简体中文 The ultimate search extension for Rust Search docs, crates, builtin attributes, official books, and error codes, etc in you

Huhu 608 Jun 13, 2021
🤖 Just a command runner

just just is a handy way to save and run project-specific commands. (非官方中文文档,这里,快看过来!) Commands, called recipes, are stored in a file called justfile

Casey Rodarmor 3k Jun 15, 2021
7-day Roguelike, 2021 (Success)

SecBot - 7 Day Roguelike Challenge (2021) Play in your Browser. Chrome, Firefox or similar recommended. It's also published on A tutorial ser

Herbert 20 Jun 2, 2021
The Curly programming language (now in Rust!)

Curly Curly is a functional programming language that focuses on iterators. Some of its main implementation features include sum types, iterators, lis

Curly Language 25 Jun 14, 2021
Rust Code Completion utility

Racer - code completion for Rust RACER = Rust Auto-Complete-er. A utility intended to provide Rust code completion for editors and IDEs. Maybe one day

null 3.3k Jun 9, 2021
⚡️Lightning-fast linter for .env files. Written in Rust 🦀

⚡️ Lightning-fast linter for .env files. Written in Rust ?? Dotenv-linter can check / fix / compare .env files for problems that may cause the applica

null 948 Jun 14, 2021